A Boyfriend for Christmas (2004)

All right... I'll admit it, I love Christmas movies. Every passing Christmas season prompts me to again re-watch my growing collection. Sound a little odd? Well maybe, but Christmas is my favorite time of the year, so visiting it through film is always entertaining.
Thirteen-year-old Holly Grant is the only one in her circle of BFF’s that doesn't have a boyfriend. Acting on an impromptu impulse while hanging out at the mall, she whispers her wish to Santa. Come Christmas morning, a small snow globe tells her between now and the end of her twentieth year then shall “two hearts meet.” To her young teenage mind, twenty years is a long way off leaving Holly to soon forget about her Christmas wish going unanswered. Twenty years later Holly (Kelli Williams) is a successful lawyer who puts her heart and soul into pro-bono cases, working mostly on cases involving foster-care kids. Unable to help a mother of two get her kids back in time for Christmas all thanks to the woman's high-powered, incompetent attorney, Holly decides to have a scathing letter written to the oh-so-mighty Ryan Hughes for his thoughtless behavior, not realizing that Mr. Hughes is overhearing her conversation dictating the letter over the phone. Later Holly learns from Santa Claus (Charles Durning) that Mr. Hughes has gotten Miss Denning's kids back for her. Going home pleased at the news for Sheila, Holly is awakened Christmas morning by a knock on her door. Opening it, she finds a man holding a tree proclaiming he's a “special delivery” from Santa. A little cautious about it, Holly demands to know why he's on her doorstep and where he really came from – after all, he could be some Christmas serial killer...  

Douglas Firwood (Patrick Muldoon) and Holly decide to play boyfriend and girlfriend for the day, so her sister-in-law and mother will stop annoying her about her ex. But as Holly and Doug get to know one another, both feel a connection neither can deny. Holly begins to share with her potential soul-mate about her trust issues… and Doug finds himself unable to keep up his ruse of lies about who he really is. He will either lose Holly or gain much more than just a one-day acting job.

Another big two thumbs up goes to Hallmark for making this family-friendly film that is just adorable. A Boyfriend for Christmas is something of a sappy title, and while it does have its goofy scenes, this is one of the cutest Christmas comedies to be made available on DVD. Every year I read up on the cable channel movies and because I only have local channels, I can only anticipate that the cutest of them will eventually be released to DVD. Hallmark has made a host of them and for the most part, all that I've seen have been wholesome entertainment – maybe they aren’t particularly endearing where the story is concerned but nonetheless, each are a good bet for families. Nothing spiritual is portrayed like some of the recent Christmas films have but the script does knit together a family that is supportive of one another, which is something I always appreciate coming from such a family myself. Unfortunately there are some regrettable themes… but then, as my family always says: what movie has nothing disagreeable in it?

Doug easily lies to Holly about his real identity. Viewers are aware from the beginning that Doug is really Ryan and much to Holly's dismay, he doesn't tell her. Early on in their relationship, Holly makes it clear she wants complete trust in a dating relationship and he misuses her trust – something that does eventually start to nag on his conscious. Conscious is a powerful thing, isn't it? It’s distressing that in so many of these “types” of movie, someone deceives someone else.  While it sometimes is just a small deception, it’s still untruthful and there's no way around the truth. If you've seen countless romantic-comedies in which the leads break-up before the final moments of the movie then, no doubt you can guess what Ryan decides to do.

Kelli Williams and Patrick Muldoon play off each other really well and I also got a chuckle out of Holly's sister-in-law, Karen and the Grant Parents – they were down-to-earth and made you feel as if they were “real” everyday people, not actors walking around without a care about the person they're playing. (And a bit of movie trivia for you all: the actress who plays Mrs. Grant is Kellie Williams’ mother in real-life.)  A Boyfriend for Christmas isn't perfect, but it’s a fun Christmas flick to add to your rotation of yearly films. Favored scenes come during a spontaneous family game of football in the snow (albeit, it’s a total cliché), an ice skating sequence and in general, the series of scenes when Ryan and Holly join the Grants for Christmas. If you can get your hands on this sweet film, I would encourage you to watch it. As long as you don't expect it to be a perfect Hollywood film, you may actually find you're ready to re-watch it as the final credits roll – just don't forget to have the twinkle lights on and a big buttery bowl of popcorn at hand.

(Content concerns: the theme of lying is prevalent as are a few innuendoes. Holly asks Ryan about sex, to which there is a brief answer. A man remarks about forgetting his ex's “bed hair” and it’s suggested that he cheated on Holly during their relationship. Girlfriends get drunk at a New Years party.)


  1. This is one of my fav made-for-TV Christmas movies!! :)

    1. Mine also, Ruth! I kind of adore it - sappy romantics and all! :)

  2. Oh.My.Word.
    This is one of our favorite Christmas movies--ever. It's a tradition for my sister Sara & I. We saw it first at least 3 years ago, & aim to watch it every year. =D

    1. It's one of mine as well, Meghan! I can still remember being up at my aunt's house for our family Christmas and watching it on its premiere(my family doesn't have cable) - it was adorable, and still is! :)

      What a great film to pick for your "sister's night." Love it. I haven't watched it yet this year but hopefully I will yet. :D


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