Little Letters: Edition Five

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear Amazon, you have a lot of nerve. To think that you continue to tempt me to visit your overly-stocked, overly-plush “shelves” is just not playing fair. At the click of a button, any of your goodies can be under my Christmas tree but I do have to par down that list. So… the question: Why don’t you make it easier?
 Dear Auntie, it was sure fun spending the morning with you and Jon decorating the tree and hanging lights. So glad we were able to come up – even if we were acting silly, tapping our feet and blasting the Christmas music. Even one that may have had something to do with chipmunks.  

Dear Castle, for five years you made us wait for a Christmas episode: Holy candy canes, was it worth the wait! We saw commitment, fear, redemption, the jolly guy …and a kiss. I could have done with more humor though the combination of the promotional material and a love of the show prompted me to “break the no-TV rule” and watch this episode so complaints hardly seem warranted. Thank you for being so jolly. (Oh, yes! And for putting Beckett and Castle together: It’s about time!)

Dear Christmas, December, where did you come from!? Golly, it’s already to the point of “counting down” until the 25th is here and I am not even half prepared for it. Remind me again why I let you sneak up on me… EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

Dear Christmas Cards, this year you are being particularly annoying. I don’t mean to hurt your creative sensibilities but it had to be said. Just so you know: I will defeat you!

Dear Christmas Checklist, why do you persist in getting longer!? It hardly seems appropriate given this is the most wonderful time of the year. You will please refrain from piling on more tasks.

Dear Christmas Tree, you are looking good. Your branches are adored in white lights and all kinds of pretty baubles. Stay beautiful because you are looking fine.  

Dear Felicity and Nikolai, your picture arrived from your mommy and daddy a week ago. You two are growing up way too fast – how am I supposed to recognize you on the already rare occasion I see you?  

Dear Femnista, another year is over and our editor has put together a passel of great-sounding themes. Thanks for being so great and introducing me to a new aspect of writing – and thank you, Charity for your patience. I look forward to seeing what 2013 holds for the most awesome webzine around. *smile*

Dear Paint Colors, though I was nervous about making the “right” color choices, I kind of like you all together.  On the wall, you look stupendous and that makes me giddy. Thanks for looking so grand together – better than even I gave you credit for. I approve of the new look.

Dear Person of Interest, wow! That one descriptive word seems the only one appropriate to even begin describing your brilliance. If there is any comfort in the knowledge that we are being watched, it’s that Reese and Finch are the ones doing that watching. They’re kind of awesome. *wink*

Dear Taylor Swift, I may not think you are the vocal talent by which everyone else must measure up to, though to your credit, you can write! Your Christmas song is exquisite with all of its poignant truths. Thank you for sharing it with your fans those many years ago.

Dear Strings of Lights, did you have to go bad – all in the same season? The fact that either half of your bulbs or in some instances, the entire string was out was not cool forcing me to buy new lights. Did you have a pact or something!? Your refusal to shine brightly has been noted.

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  1. It's hard to believe that Christmas is only six days away!!!
    Oh well; there's nothing we can do to slow Christmastime down.

    1. I cannot fathom it either, Ella! It's just insane. We anticipate this time of year the whole year long and then, *poof* it's gone. Nevertheless, you are right: We cannot slow time so we might as well enjoy it!

  2. Haha, I like this!

    I see my list getting shorter and other people that I'm buying something for getting longer! AAAHHH!!! I'd like to pull all my hair out right now!

    Where did you come from December!? I ask myself the same question! Why did you have to come so quickly? I wasn't anywhere near being ready! I'm just now ordering gifts online! Please grant me with more time :)

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Carrie! I really appreciate your comments. :)

      Aw! I can totally sympathize with you - isn't that always the way it is with lists!? I don't mind in the end because I do love giving. Sometimes, it is more trouble than its worth though.

      December sneaks up on me every single year and I am always unprepared for it. Ah, well! It all works out. Hope you get those packages in time! This time of year, postal deliveries are so busy.

  3. Replies
    1. As do I, Juju - thank you so much for reading. :)

  4. Right there with you, Taylor Swift may not be the most perfect singer, she is still just so talented with her writing. And she seems like an incredible person :)
    xo TJ

    1. Her Christmas songs are kind of awesome, TJ - especially her 'Christmas Must Be Something More' tune. It's poignant and festive. What could be better!?

  5. You cheated and watched a current Castle episode?!?!?! That is my Christmas present =P Seriously, though, aren't Castle and Beckett the best together...and yet it hasn't taken anything away from the show.

    About Femnista, are you writing in the new year? I have missed your articles =)

    1. I did, Ella! Can you believe it?! This year, I've actually cheated and seen two! It must be a record plus I watched a HFO episode. Seriously, Castle and Beckett are fabulous together and I loved the ending of the Christmas episode - good for Beckett. She let go of her past just a little bit more. You said it right: Putting them together has taken NOTHING away from the show (it's created a whole new set of dynamics) and I hope when all is said and done that they remain a couple.

      I am writing for Femnista this year. I've not chosen a topic in every issue but am excited about the few I'm writing for - I cannot wait to see where it goes and look forward to continuing to write with all the fabulous writers. It's been a wonderful experience to be a part of the great "team" Charity has. :)

  6. I hear you on Amazon. It just tricked me into buying "Mirror Mirror"! (It was only $9... how could I resist?) =P

    Thanks for writing for Femnista. I always enjoy your input. =)

    1. Why, the nerve of Amazon to trick you like that, Charity - I hope you've given it a good scolding as a result! Unfortunately for me, I will be ordering again in January to finish up for our last post-Christmas get-together. Hopefully I'll know what I need and won't stray too far from my list. :)

      Thank you for putting organization to the disorder that is my writing. It's been a blast to work with you and be a part of Femnista. I cannot wait to see what 2013 holds for it.

    2. I have a pattern of not buying anything for months, and then buying a ton of stuff all at once. I'm not sure if this is a good thing, or a bad thing. =P


    3. Tell me about it! Gosh, it's horrible, isn't it!? My take: It's a good thing at the time... but then those things have to be paid for. ;D

  7. Love the idea behind this post :)! I agree with miss taylor, not necessarily gift with the most amazing voice, but she relates to girls, is fun and can obviously getting me singing in my hairbrush :) all that matters to me!

    1. Thank you for reading it, Alycia! Glad you stopped by.

      Taylor writes some fabulous material and yes, she relates very well to her prime audience. It's what makes her such a great artist. I'd agree: Her songs are fun and I am far too addicted to them also despite her voice not being Martina McBride. :)

  8. Oh, Amazon, I totally know what you mean xP

    I can't believe Christmas is just mere days away! It seemed like it was only yesterday I was planning who to send Christmas cards and what to buy for everyone in my family...

    Great list Rissi! I look forward to your articles for Femnista in the coming year =D

    1. Isn't it just awful, Lianne!? It's not cool of Amazon to be so darn tempting - I am most definitely NOT IMPRESSED with them... or am I!? Hmmm... I have to figure that one out.

      Oh, my gosh! I am in awe that Christmas is a matter of days away - it actually kind of scars me. *sigh* Nevertheless, I plan on having a good time with family and enjoying some good food. What else matters, right!? :)

      Thanks bunches for linking up - I am also looking forward to seeing your articles in 2013! It's shaping up to be a fabulous year already!

  9. Awww hahaha this is so cute! It's so true about the Christmas lights. It seems no matter how many times you check the lights before you put them away by the time the next season rolls around half of the lights don't work. When I was helping my mother put her lighted candles out there were a few that weren't working and we finally figured out that it wasn't the bulbs but the fuses....SUCH a pain! Hahaha oh well. Even though it's after Christmas we still have their lights up and they all seem to be working perfectly. ;-)

    Renee C.

    1. Thanks for reading, Renee! It's always a blast to put these posts together. :)

      Ugh! The strings of lights save for one or two that I finally dug out refused to work this year! I had one set that was a 3-hundred strand to string on the tree and halfway though, part of them quite working. :/ It was not cool! Glad you figured out that it was fuses for the candles - that is a pain to get working again. Those things are so darn tiny!

      Hope you had a nice Christmas. :)


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