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Saturday, January 19, 2013

In the latter part of 2012 (and just this month), I was honored that some of my readers picked this blog as a part of their award "nominee" list. All of your support, friendship and readership means a lot so I wanted to take the time acknowledge the readers and thank them for these blog awards. These were the awards:
Best Blogger Friend // Commenters Award // Kreativ Blogger Award
Liebster Award // Seriously, What a Great Blog Award! // Sunshine Award

The ladies I need to thank for all of these is Lydia, Juliet, Gwendolyn and Sierra - thank you so much, girls! Your readership and sweet comments are appreciated and I am honored that you have picked 'Dreaming Under the Same Moon' as one of your "favorite" reads. If I've forgotten to thank anyone who awarded this blog, my sincere apologies - you are all great, and I can assure you, I am not snubbing you!

Instead of tracking down all of the questions for the "tagged" bloggers or sharing "11 things" as many of these awards ask, I am going to answer the questions asked by Sierra when she awarded the Liebster Award (which I had saved in a document) - plus she always asks fun questions.  
  1. Who is your favorite Disney princess? Do I have to pick only one!? Hmmm... well, though she's not a "traditional" choice, I like Merida. She's spunky and a little bit of a brat. Have to love that about her. *smile*
  2. What was the last book you read? The Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow by Olivia Newport. Such a sweet story.
  3. What was the last post you read? Gosh, probably a Femnista interview or a Friday Finds post, and... who knows what else! There have been so many great ones.
  4. What was the last song you heard? "Innocent" by Taylor Swift (it's what is playing as I'm writing this).
  5. What color (if they are painted) are your toenails? For the first time ever, they are black! Believe it or not, I've never painted my nails black but I went a bit "Goth" this time.
  6. Have you ever been confused after a nap, thinking it was morning? Hmmm... most likely, yes. It's rare for me to take a nap although sometimes on Sunday afternoons if there's a football game on, I'll snooze. Probably because I find it so boring. (If your team was the one "mine" is, you'd be bored too! *grin*)
  7. True or false: You get little kid excited whenever you get to ride the escalator. False. Although sometimes I feel a bit "nervous." Weird, I know.
  8. Pen or pencil? Both - for practical reasons, pencil is always best.
  9. Salty or sweet? Salty! Love my French fries and BBQ chips.
  10. Least favorite subject? I'm no longer in school but I hated math - and still do! Nowadays, I don't even try.
Want movie do you really want to see right this minute? Umm... well, I'm curious about the second HG film (as well as some of the other "teen" adapted films releasing this year!) but mostly the new Nicholas Sparks movie. Does that sound horrible?! *smile*

Thank you again, ladies! I appreciate it. Now... you are all awarded! If you want to share any or all of these awards on your blog, please feel free to do so. (And, don't hesitate to take Sierra's questions to post along with it.) Wishing you all a happy-faced kind of day.


  1. Loved getting to know you better! I'll have to look for your review of "Catching Fire". I liked the "Hunger Games" book, but the movie kind of fell flat for me. :-)

    1. Thank you, Gwendolyn - I appreciate your kind words and friendship! It means a lot. :)

      My goal is to read the book prior to seeing the movie but I've got lots of time to do that. Though I'm in the minority, I think I liked the film best of the two. It seemed to be more... "human." Perhaps I'll give the book another shot. Sometimes first impressions are wrong. :)

  2. Love that NCIS pic, Rissi!!

    I am also curious to see Catching Fire. I've read all the books and thought they stayed true to the book in the first film, but we shall see. The movie I really want to see is the new Star Trek coming this summer... :D

    1. Isn't it the CUTEST ever!? Love the joy on those three friends faces. :)

      Oooo! Are you a "trek" fan!? Never have seen any of those but I'm totally becoming a sci-fi fan (don't think I'd call myself a geek... yet!). Just the other day my friend told me (on here) that the first one was possibly the best sci-fi movie. Ever. So... perhaps when the Super Bowl is on (never watch it with my family), I should rent that one. :D

      Catching Fire has my interest. Maybe it'll be one I'll talk my cousin into seeing.

    2. Yes!! I'm really happy with the season so far, save for a few minor bad things lately.

      Yes, ma'am, I am! I confess I haven't watched the entirety of the original series but I do love the '09 reboot... a lot. Super, super, excited to for the sequel. I don't generally watch the superbowl, but I'll be watching the Elementary episode after! :D

      Out of the three, Catching Fire was my favorite book, followed by the first. :)

    3. AWESOME! Cannot wait to see season ten. It was saddening to read the most recent spoilers but selfishly I'm glad it didn't involve killing off any of the team members!

      To be honest, the only 'Trek' film or series I'd be apt to watch would be the re-make. I like old shows but prefer modern when it comes to special effects. Yeah, the Super Bowl isn't my "thing" - you've got it right: Enjoy what comes "afterwards." It always amuses me to see them schedule something since the game is NEVER over by nine at night. :D

      Glad to know you liked Catching Fire. Many say that the final book was a huge let-down.

  3. Awwesome answers.

    So bummed that I haven't seen Brave yet. I was just eyeing the doll at the Disney store.

    I LOVE black polish. It's a little rebelious.

    Escalators make me feel like doing something naughty. I've always wanted to ride the rail.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, Juju - Sierra always has fun questions.

      Aw! You've not seen Brave yet!? It was adorable! I found a few minor flaws but loved it. Hope you enjoy it!

      Black nail polish is definitely a little rebellious. ;D

      LOL! Never had felt that urge on an escalator. :)

  5. You're welcome, my dear! You definitely deserved all of them! :D

    1. Thank you - again, I really appreciate it, Lydia! :)


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