Megan and Liz: Bad for Me EP

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

About the EP:
Tracks: 7
Writing Credits: Elizabeth Mace, Megan Mace, Martin Johnson, John Feldman
Release Date: 2012
Rating: 4 ½ out of 5 

Review: Blending their well-matched vocals and harmonies, sisters Megan and Elizabeth Mace are a duo whose music may have started out humbly with their fantastic covers but have evolved into compositions of their own, iTunes singles and now, a 7-track EP that is quite enjoyable – full of summertime feel-good songs that are difficult not to like. Getting their start on YouTube, the girl’s sang some covers of well-known hits like ‘Just a Kiss,’ ‘Want U Back’ or my own favorite ‘Enchanted’ (which sounds better than the original recording in my opinion). It is their YouTube following that has earned them a name and subsequently this EP. The first song is the title track. Its sassy realization of indulging something that is “bad” is reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” in the message even if the arrangement isn’t quite as catchy, the tune was released prior to ‘Trouble.’ Following that up are four less memorable albeit finger snapping songs in ‘Dare,’ (a great beat overrides a typical lyrical story about taking a chance on love) ‘Boys Like You,’ ‘Closer to You’ and the song which just barely passes inspection in a almost-word-confusion (the word "beach" sounds like something entirely different) and is still a  perfect summertime, breezy song, ‘Sunset Somewhere.'

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what genre Megan and Liz are in. This EP is proof of that - they're a little country, with some great portions of pop and sass mixing in. Most of the songs do tend towards pop tunes that generally stay upbeat with some great instrumentals and complimentary vocals (even if they are break-up songs) plus the writing is actually quite good, and then they turn around and surprise the listener with a moody Miranda Lambert-esque song in ‘Like I Would.’ It’s lyrically a wonderful story as it ponders what may have happened had a girl with a past and emotional baggage accepted her popular, “basketball” star boyfriend instead of leaving him to marry a cheerleader type – the kind of “girl you marry.” It’s a sweet little song that leaves wishes to chance and is full of wistful memories and pretty musical arrangements.  

If you are fans of Taylor Swift or any popular pop sensation, give a listen to Bad for Me. It’s a great collection of songs that is really too short for its own good. I, for one am a fan of these ladies who cannot wait for that full-length album – and a new single coming in the next month. Check out some of their songs in these cute lyric videos!  


  1. I love Megan & Liz! I've loved their covers and Bad For Me is a pretty cute and catchy song :D Plus I just love that they became popular through their own covers on youtube and stuff :) It just shows they have talent and that people see it! <3 Great post!

    1. Agree, Sierra! It blew me away to realize that Megan and Liz's popularity is based off of Youtube and essentially, two sisters just having fun recording covers of popular songs (LOVE their version of 'Enchanted'). That's pretty great. It shows just how talented they really are. :)

      Anxious have a listen to their new single - it promises to be great. :)

      As always, thank you for reading and commenting. <3

    2. Yes, definitely very cool :D Hmmm...I'm not sure I can quite remember what their version sounded like, I'll have to go and relisten to it! Welcome!

    3. For some reason I liked 'Enchanted' the best of the ones I've heard, Sierra. I think I also have 'Skyscraper' and 'Want U Back' maybe plus have heard some of their others ('Just a Kiss').

      Excited to see what comes next for these two! :)

  2. At first, I like your blog :)
    And I like Megen & Liz. I love their music and their outfits!
    My favorite song is "Like I would".

    1. Thank you, Vanessa - I appreciate your comments and kind words. :)

      Megan and Liz do have a unique style - they always look very put together and that's nice to see.

      Great pick - that's one of my very favorite songs by Megan and Liz also. It's easy to listen too. :)

  3. My fav song from them is Run Away. Love it!


    1. Oh, thanks, Nine! Not sure if I've heard that song or not; will have to look into it.

      I do know that I'm anticipating their new single in a couple of weeks. Exciting stuff. :)

  4. *begins listening to them*

    1. Oh, yay! Happy listening then, Kellie. :)


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