Femnista: Children's Literature

Happy Saturday, all! What a happy day it is! Again, It's time to reveal another issue of Femnista. This May/June issue revolves around only the best, children's stories - everything from classic literature and fantasy to modern re-makes of movies based on stories of our childhood are found within these pages.

Included in this issue is a piece of nostalgia in a re-visit to the wonder of The Secret Garden and Bridge to Trebithia or perhaps you'd rather read up on the charm of Little Women and yes, the classic realm of Narnia gets its own space. (Who else thinks Lucy is a dear thing!?)

There are some great new writer's contributing to this issue and as a result, some unique topics are covered. So, I invite you all to sit back, relax and get lost in childhood wonderment and dreams! I assure you, you won't regret the time spent. Click the link below to page through the issue and as always, I ask that fans of this publication retweet, pin it or re-blog on Tumblr; share anywhere (pretty please!) and everywhere, and let us know how we did!

Be sure to come back on August first for a look into some of society's most complicated and interesting fictional friendships - everyone from Sherlock and Dr. Watson to the will-they-or-won't-they couple commonly known on "Tiva" (or Tony and Ziva from NCIS). It'll be a great time - and who knows! Maybe you'll find some new friends. ♥


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    1. For sure, Hannah. Lucy is possibly my favorite childhood heroine. She's so sweet and kind. :)

  2. Something that might be odd about me is that when I was younger I did not care for reading books without pictures, so it was not until I was around twelve years old that I began to read quite a bit. I didn't read a lot of children's classics when I began to read, either, but I did read some of the Narnia books.


    1. That's not odd at all, Grace. Probably I was much the same. I didn't start reading "adult" fiction until I was twelve or so either. The first time I read C.S. Lewis was with my family in anticipation of the movie and that's the tradition we've followed ever since. Now the movies don't appear to be in line for more, I should finish the series because they are wonderful novels with strong messages of faith.

      Picture books are fun - don't tell anyone but I still smile at the adorable-ness of the Bernstein Bears. :)

  3. I LOVE Lucy! She is totally the best! But I think Edmund is always going to be my favourite Narnia character. This is such an interesting issue! Children's fiction is the best! I would much prefer to indulge in this genre than in anything else!

    1. Lucy won me over from the start and she's not let go since, Leah. That being said, I think Edmund has the most interesting story. His transformation and lessons are the most poignant and that earns a heart-wrenching reaction.

      Thank you for taking a look at this issue - that means a lot! Hope you are on the look-out for future issues also. :)

  4. Haven't had time to read this yet :-( but it looks like a great issue with many articles I'm so looking forward to!

    1. Neither have I, birdienl! That being said, agree: it looks wonderful! :)


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