Dear America, I am proud to be a red, white and blue girl. Happy Independence Day!

Dear BBC/ITV, you are awesome. Have I mentioned this before… no? Well then, you are – I wouldn’t lie about such things. I am “in like” with everything I’ve seen in 2013 and am anxious to see what 2014 will bring to the world of petticoats, motor cars and ballrooms.  

Dear Burn Notice, I am crushed. How could you leave!? Seven seasons isn’t near enough – you’d better give us one heck of an impressive end. You were warned, Michael Westen.

Dear Deadlines, stop looking at me like that.  

Dear Denise Hunter, thank you for Barefoot Summer 

Dear Doctor Who, why do you have to be so darn cute!? It seems an unfair advantage to the unsuspecting viewer.  

Dear Femnista, I missed you.  

Dear Foyle’s War, thank you for being vintage awesome. That’s all.  

Dear Henry Cavill, there may have been flaws in Man of Steel. You were not one of them.  

Dear INSPYs, you were fun! Thank you for the experience and wonderful opportunity.  

Dear Lady Antebellum, you are awesome! ‘Golden’ is beautiful; from one avid fan, I am glad you shared it with the world. 

Dear L, where has the year gone? My word, you are a year old and all I know about you is you’re adorable and I like your name. Bet you're as sweet as your sister. Looking forward to finally meeting you, you little sweetheart. xo

Dear Lena and Amber, the cover for Bleeding Heart turned out nicely. Amber, thank you for letting me be a part of the “reveal” – my sincere congratulations! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, Amber – you are a lovely person, inside and out. Don’t change.

Dear Matt Smith, don’t ever speak to me again.  

Dear Monday, why are you so far from Friday and why is Friday so close to Monday? – Author Unknown

Dear Rachel Hauck, thank you for giving contemporary romance fans a beautiful romance that was everything real romance should be with faith that impacts its reader. What more can be said except… where is Regina’s story?  

Dear Royal Pains, aw! Well that was cute. Well done on the season four finale. I adored it. And it was just what fans needed before being plunged into a potentially life-threatening situation. Thank you.                

Dear USA Network, three cheers for your summer time line-up! My summer crushes are back for me to drool over the spoilers and get caught up on last year’s DVD sets! You rock.
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