Little Letters, Edition Eight

Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear America, I am proud to be a red, white and blue girl. Happy Independence Day!

Dear BBC/ITV, you are awesome. Have I mentioned this before… no? Well then, you are – I wouldn’t lie about such things. I am “in like” with everything I’ve seen in 2013 and am anxious to see what 2014 will bring to the world of petticoats, motor cars and ballrooms.  

Dear Burn Notice, I am crushed. How could you leave!? Seven seasons isn’t near enough – you’d better give us one heck of an impressive end. You were warned, Michael Westen.

Dear Deadlines, stop looking at me like that.  

Dear Denise Hunter, thank you for Barefoot Summer 

Dear Doctor Who, why do you have to be so darn cute!? It seems an unfair advantage to the unsuspecting viewer.  

Dear Femnista, I missed you.  

Dear Foyle’s War, thank you for being vintage awesome. That’s all.  

Dear Henry Cavill, there may have been flaws in Man of Steel. You were not one of them.  

Dear INSPYs, you were fun! Thank you for the experience and wonderful opportunity.  

Dear Lady Antebellum, you are awesome! ‘Golden’ is beautiful; from one avid fan, I am glad you shared it with the world. 

Dear L, where has the year gone? My word, you are a year old and all I know about you is you’re adorable and I like your name. Bet you're as sweet as your sister. Looking forward to finally meeting you, you little sweetheart. xo

Dear Lena and Amber, the cover for Bleeding Heart turned out nicely. Amber, thank you for letting me be a part of the “reveal” – my sincere congratulations! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you, Amber – you are a lovely person, inside and out. Don’t change.

Dear Matt Smith, don’t ever speak to me again.  

Dear Monday, why are you so far from Friday and why is Friday so close to Monday? – Author Unknown

Dear Rachel Hauck, thank you for giving contemporary romance fans a beautiful romance that was everything real romance should be with faith that impacts its reader. What more can be said except… where is Regina’s story?  

Dear Royal Pains, aw! Well that was cute. Well done on the season four finale. I adored it. And it was just what fans needed before being plunged into a potentially life-threatening situation. Thank you.                

Dear USA Network, three cheers for your summer time line-up! My summer crushes are back for me to drool over the spoilers and get caught up on last year’s DVD sets! You rock.
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  1. That was adorbs as usual. I'm proud to be red, white, and blue too.

    I need to get my hands on Barefoot Summer.

    I've been trying ITV and liking it.

    1. Which ITV shows should I look up? :)

    2. Thank you, Juju! Always enjoy these - because they are quick and easy! :)

      You do need to read Barefoot Summer, it's a gem. :)

      Yay for ITV! They have some grand stuff. If you like mystery, Foyle's War and The Bletchley Circle are both good. If you like a more "gritty" drama, Call the Midwife is quite wonderful (it gets much better after the first two episodes) and Lark Rise to Canfleford is really sweet though it's no longer airing on TV. Plus, there is always Downton Abbey which I am sure you watch. :)

      What are you enjoying on ITV?

  2. What a cute idea for a post. I just might join you :-).

    1. Please do Grace - anytime. :)

  3. This post made me smile--especially the shout-out to Rachel Hauck as she is one of my favorite people. :)

    1. Love putting these together, Melissa - and Rachel Hauck is a lovely lady as well as author! Enjoy her books very much. :)

  4. USA Network has some of the best shows on =) Have you seen Psych or Monk?

    1. You can say that again Natalie! Love their line up. I have seen some of Psych which I enjoyed quite a lot - it was so fun.

      Haven't seen Monk although my cousin talks about it a lot.

  5. I absolutely love this series. I'll be linking up!

    1. Thanks, Hannah - I have fun with it. Loved reading yours - and thank you for linking up! :)

  6. Hahaha, I love this! Super cute!

    1. Hey there, Micah! How grand to see you around again. :)

  7. Lovely and sweet and fun, as usual! :)

    Love your note to "deadlines," haha! I know that look... ;)

    I am so, so excited to read Barefoot Summer - perhaps I should start that one next?? Can't wait to read it!

    I bet you were an awesome INSPY judge, my friend! Glad to hear it was a good experience for you. :)

    And that note to me and Lena...? Rissi, thank you from the bottom of my heart for always encouraging me and constantly supporting me in so many ways. ♥ I can most definitely say the same to you - I've loved getting to know you, and YOU are a lovely person! Grateful for your friendship. :)

    I sincerely hope you find Bleeding Heart to be a worthwhile read! Thank you, thank you for being willing to read it!


    1. Amber! Hey there - delighted you dropped by. :)

      Ugh! Those deadlines keep creeping up on me - I just got my Femnista reminder and I was like, "nooo!" Needless to say, I've not even started working on it yet. Guess I deserve this. ;)

      Yes! Do start Barefoot Summer - it's really sweet and selfishly, I'd enjoy your thoughts on it. :)

      Thank you, Amber - that encouragement means a lot. It was a blast being a part of the INSPYs and I'm am already anxious to see what comes of 2014. This is normal, right!? ;)

      Happy to assist everyone in sharing news about your debut novel Amber - it has been a pleasure. Grateful for and appreciate you also, my friend. Thanks for being you! worries... I think Bleeding Heart will be a lovely read - already it's very good. :)

  8. Oh my. I've never read those before. Tis nice. :) I like the idea. I want to try it... RIGHT after I've finished this post I'm writing, and published more reviews on my blog - and more posts- and reading a good number of the books in my TBR pile. :) But I do like the idea, Rissi.

    1. ...well, I've had way too much fun with you, Ganise!

      Anytime you wish to put your spin on the meme would be awesome. I plan to continue with it so long as readers don't get bored of the concept so maybe next time you'll be able to join in. :)

      Best of luck with this new journey and all those book reviews. Totally sympathize - I am in that same predicament right now. It's not always easy.

  9. I would say: Dear Monday, can't we abolish you? My weeks would go so much better if they started on Tuesday! ;)

    I'll add a fourth cheer for USA network! Their shows are always so much fun. They make me laugh and swoon a little bit and gasp at the twists and....yeah. You get the picture.

    And woohoo for fireworks and day's off of work in honor of Independence Day!! It also means I get a four day weekend this week, so yay for that.

    Love these as always, Rissi! :D

    1. I know, right!? Kara, may I just say, you are onto something! ;)

      Add as many cheers as you like for USA Network; they're awesome. Period. Which are your favorite shows?

      Fireworks are my favorite part of the day (weird since that's the end of the day and I love holidays, dreading their end) second only to perhaps the time with family. Wishing you a wonderful time off - lucky you to get the four days! :)

  10. Happy Independence day, Rissi!

    Oh, Burn Notice... In some ways, I'm going to miss the show but at the same time I'm glad it's coming to an end. The show isn't what it started out as.

    Squee! Doctor Who! Love that show. What series are you on? :)

    I wholeheartedly agree with your statement to Rachel Hauck.

    Great post as always!! :D

    1. Many fans are disappointed in Burn Notice. It grew SO much after those first few episodes (which were O.K. but nothing like what the show became), which makes me terribly sad that now, we no longer get to enjoy the company of Michael, Fi and the gang. My mom didn't' like S6 much. Personally, yes, I took some issue with parts of it, but part of me admired writers for the "risks" they took. And I get disgusted with everyone ragging on Michael all the time (it never ends!) that he does everything selfishly - I am sorry... but he was right - the CIA wouldn't have let Sam, Jesse and Maddie go, and Fi's reaction was unfair.

      (But I'll quit now - I got caught up in the moment! ;D)

      What are you thinking of season 7?

      DW is way fun! I started with series five and haven't made it past that. Yet! Plan to remedy that in the near future.

      Rachel's book was lovely - cannot wait for Regina's story. :)

      Thanks for reading - and I hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Independence Day, Rosie, my friend. :)


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