Little Letters, Edition Nine

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dear ABC,
Dear Amber and Charity,
congratulations! You are now officially authors with beautiful, shiny new novels on Amazon! I am happy for you both. Now enjoy the outcome – relax.
Dear August,
hello! It seems like July moved at a slower pace than the first half of the year did – perhaps you could do the same? And would it be asking too much to request the cooler weather stick around?  

Dear Awkward Moment,
clearly my mind is already in decline. When you realize you just ordered a book on-line and then, not even a week later, also buy it at the book store.

Dear BBC,
thank you for finally bringing The Paradise to the U.S.

Dear Brigadoon,
that was fun - thanks for reminding me why I love old-school musicals
...but rarely watch them.
Dear Goodreads,
please implement the half-star rating. Sure would be cool to see that feature.
Dear Hollywood,
if it’s not too much to ask, could you please stop making so many end-of-the-world-chaos movies? Much as I like a good action flick, requesting some variety at the box office isn't horrible, is it? I don’t think so. 
Dear iTunes,
you rock! Like, really. 
Dear JMS,
seeing you again was lovely. Thanks for suggesting it. You are one talented lady. We’ll have to have lunch again real soon.  
Dear Sherlock,
where are you?
Dear Starbucks,
I seriously love your new Mocha Cookie Crumble.
Remind me again why you have to be so temptingly good…?  
Dear To-Be-Read Book Pile,
I like you. I dislike you. Wanna’ go on an adventure together?
Dear Warm Bodies Adaption,
have I mentioned how much I am in like with you?
Dear Wordpress,
when you prohibit me from commenting on friend’s blogs, would you please have the courtesy of informing me of the reason why? That seems reasonable.
Happy Friday, everyone! 
Wanna' join in?


  1. Relax?! HAH!

    I was starting to wonder if PBS lied to us about The Paradise. =P

    Hollywood is all about CGI at the moment. Looking forward to the autumn and winter, when they roll out all the "serious" movies so as to get in the Oscar race.

    Sherlock is shut up in my house. Sorry. You can't have him. ;)

    1. Yes. RELAX! (Note the use of caps lock.)

      Nope, PBS didn't lie - it's set to start airing October 6th and a DVD release will follow in November. Yay! :)

      Don't get me wrong, I love a good action flick but golly! Each trailer I see before a movie these days is either about zombies or we're-bored-so-let's-destroy-the-world flicks. Where is the variety!?

      Say what?! You are hosting Sherlock while he's in hiding! That is hardly fair - all this time... and you didn't say a word! I may be rethinking our friendship. ;)

    2. I... I can't. You might have to kidnap me, tie me up, and lock me in a closet to get me to relax. With Zanex. ;)

      Hmm, I wonder when the second season will air? Seems like there hasn't been much news for awhile! But at least PBS is FINALLY getting around to airing it. (I may wait to buy it until the entire series is out. I want to see how it ends up first.)

      Really, I'm very bored with the sci-fi glut of movies in theaters these days. Give me something nice -- like that movie about making Mary Poppins, out in December. Heck, I might even see "Diana," even though I can't stand the real one. Just... something with more plot than CGI would be nice.

      Bwhahaha, he's miiiiinne! We diss the world in general and compare our lists of "things we hate" together. It's awesome.

    3. Hmmm... well on second thought, perhaps I'll leave you to your regular work schedule.

      I've been wondering when S2 will air also - so cannot wait for watching what comes next. Makes me happy that PBS is finally getting it as Ruth and Renee and another girl are excited to finally see it. My aunt would likely enjoy seeing it also. (I have a region 2 set and don't regret purchasing it - full sets are so expensive.)

      Bored with sci-fi except for Star Trek, right...? ;) That Disney movie does look cute. I won't probably see it in theaters, but will rent it. Not a fan of Tom Hanks.

      It's still up in the air how I feel about you keeping such a monumental secret...

    4. That might be wise! Although I do plan to take it relatively easy this weekend... ;)

      I thought I heard something about December for season two, but that was awhile ago. (Nooo... that's too long to wait! MEAN!) I should rewatch the first season. It's good! Maybe I'll schedule that when it airs in the US, so I'll have something to talk about with the newbie fans.

      Yeah... pretty much. I saw the trailer for Thor 2 and went "Meh." I'm kind of over my comic book movie phase. But Star Trek 2 will be out on DVD in THREE WEEKS!! YES!! GIVE IT TO ME NOW! =D

      I'm not wild about Tom Hanks either (especially as Disney?! Wut?!) but I do like him in "You've Got Mail." Such a great romcom.

      Yeah, well... a girl's got to have her secrets.

    5. Thank you. I think I am going to abide by that. Or try to. ;) Hope you did take it easy and had a lovely relaxing weekend.

      Really!? That's more than I've heard. Here's hoping December will bring S2 of The Paradise around. It'd be lovely winter viewing; I should rewatch the first season also as it's been too long. :)

      Saw the new trailer for Thor 2 the other day and thought it looked way better than the first movie, which was actually kind of laughable albeit fun. Ooo! Star Trek 2 is going to be out that soon!? Cool. I was thinking the wait was longer than that. Kirk and Spock, here I come...

      Yeah, I am not even a fan of Hanks in You've Got Mail. I mean, I love the movie in spite of him but... even his humor doesn't make up for it.

      True. I forgive you. But, I mean... girl, that was a BIG secret. ;)

    6. I spent half my day yesterday MBTI typing characters for my MBTI fiction tumblr. I now have a backlog of Victorian ladies and gentlemen, Edwardian figures, and a few modern faces. I suspect I'll wind up doing that on Sunday mornings, as a "shift" from my usual daily chores.

      That's what I heard awhile back. I hope it's true, although I'm frustrated we still have to wait another six months. *sulks*

      Star Trek, I think, comes out on Sept 9th... or right around then. Give it to me! Give me Khan now! ;)

    7. Sounds like you accomplished a lot! I like to have several posts typed and ready to go also. Alas, usually I get distracted. ;) Sounds like a bunch of fun characters are to come - I'll be on the lookout.

      Here's to hoping - gotta' love those winter time period dramas when the snow forces everyone inside - what better way to spend some free time!? Like you, I am anxious for the second season - it'll be interesting to see how long (or if) they keep the shop owner and Denise together. I am betting against it since writer's always like to tango with our emotions.

      Awesome! I had it fixed in my mind that it was later (like November or something). Now I'll get to see the sequel sooner! *cheers*

  2. Ahhh, Sherlock! I heard Cumberbatch was pushing for it to be aired over here in America at the same time that it's aired in Britain. That would be so nice... I can wait semi-patiently for it to be released, but I don't think it makes sense that we have to wait a few extra months after it comes on it Britain!

    1. No way?! Really, Lizzie!? This would be epically awesome. Never did understand why we have to wait several months - now if only Downton Abbey would get in line, that'd be awesome. :)

      When it comes to BBC drama, I have zero patience.

    2. Yeah, it was a couple months ago, though, and I haven't seen anything more lately (here's the article:

      I think we should get everything British immediately. ;)

    3. Sadly, I suspect this won't happen. Wish it would though. A girl can dream.

      Ditto. Why should the British get all of their superior programming first?! ;-)

    4. I know, probably not. It would be great, though, wouldn't it? And it makes me like Cumberbatch all the more since he tried for us. ;)

      Exactly! How dare they tease and make us wait!?! =P

    5. Yes! Good going, Cumberbatch. Since the air dates seem unknown in the U.S., perhaps we will get a surprise and see it at the same time as those across the pond. Again, we can hope. :)

      Where do we sign up to change this!? ;)

  3. This post made me smile. :) Especially the Sherlock line. AHH I'm so impatient for the third season!!

    1. Right on, Melissa. Cannot wait for S3 of the duo of Holmes and Watson adventures to return. (Did you see the teaser video this week?) Patience is not a virtue for me when it comes to BBC drama. ;)

      Thanks for reading! :)

  4. You bought a book twice? Ooops. :-) Thanks for this post, it added some cheer to my day.

    1. Ugh! I know, right, Grace!? It was pretty embarrassing when I realized my faux pas - made me question my memory. :)

      Thanks for reading.

  5. I do so love unique posts like this! Starting my day with a smile is a good thing. =)

    I so agree with the 'To-Be-Read Book Pile' comment! I have so many I want to read, but can only read one at a time. =D Love the Dear August one too.. can't believe it's almost September!

    1. It's "scary" how fast this year has gone, Evelyn! 2014 will be here before we know it.

      Thanks for the understanding about the TBR pile - it's my own fault for "over booking" blog tours, but heavens, it sure has power to overwhelm! ;)

      Glad this made you smile. Have a great rest of the day!

    2. Indeed it has! Summer's almost over and I'll have to start school. :P Though I'm looking forward to cold, crisp fall days, with apple cider and big coats. *sigh* so lovely.

    3. That it is, Evelyn - I've been hearing all about grade schools starting up again and I think my cousin is about to head to college. My word! Where did the summer go!? ;)

      Right on! The autumn months are among my favorites. I love the crisp, cool air. The leaves and all the fun stuff that comes of the season. Wishing right along with you. :)

  6. 1/2 star? Brilliant!
    Cookie Crumble? I want one. :)
    Don't feel bad. I've done the book double buy thing before. It's hard to keep track when you love books as much as we do.

    1. Methinks so too! Please, Goodreads...

      It was tasty; good thing I live an hour away from Starbucks. ;)

      LOL, when I realized I'd bought the same book in less than a week, it made me question my mind!

      Thanks for stopping by, Juju. :)

  7. Thanks for the cute post/series, Rissi! This is one of my favorite things on your blog. . . .

    Just submitted my link!

    1. P.S. I wish I could watch Agents of Shield. . .but I'm afraid that might be a SLIGHT bit too much TV for me ;) I already have a problem with that. . . .

    2. Thank you for reading - and joining in, Hannah! Will be stopping by to read yours. :)

      Believe me I know what you mean about "too much" television. I am addicted to several also. It's fun though. ;)

  8. You are so funny, Rissi!!! Even better, I like Little Letters.... you're nuts too. ;o P

    1. Well, thank you, Ysa! I try to have fun with these. :)

      Glad you stopped by. Do so anytime.

  9. Hehe, I'm with Charity - not sure if you *can* relax after the book is out there, 'cause that's when all the publicity stuff and new projects begin! It's a crazy, ongoing process, but also lots of fun. :) I really appreciate the S/O! *Hugs*

    LOL about Brigadoon, and YES on Sherlock! Seriously.

    I like your note to your TBR pile - will have to tell that to mine, too! ;)


    1. My main problem is "aawww, I have to do publicity?! I just want to work on my next book!" I ... need to join Workaholics Anonymous.

    2. Amber - 1.) *throws up hands in exasperation* I shall leave you girls to being workaholics-who-don't-know-how-to-relax. Yes, that's what I'll do. ;)

      Though I know it's probably lots of work for you, your publicity seems to be going really well! Keep up the great work. :)

      2.) you know, I really do love oldie musicals but golly! It makes me smile considering how finicky we are about contemporary romcoms - seriously, Brigadoon is overflowing with silly romantics. :)

      Regarding Sherlock, CAN. NOT. WAIT. Is there need to say more!? ;)

      3.) please do! Perhaps it will shape up then. Perhaps it won't. Nonetheless, there is the promise of adventure, right!? ;)

      Charity - with help of those people who will read and fall in love with Claudia, I am afraid you do have to do publicity. Unless you don't mind her staying in the shadows. :)

    3. Hey now, be grateful to us workaholics -- you get good stuff because we're so dedicated. ;)

      I know. I'm just at a loss as to how to be a people-person. :P

    4. Oh, I am. I just think the two of you could use a little bit of rest before diving into the next chapter of your fiction career. Give yourself a little breather. I know you both worked really hard to accomplish this. :)

      Nah! No worries. You'll do fine - I don't think you have a thing to be concerned about. Already you have a great start and I've a feeling they'll be loads of awesome reviews before long. :)

  10. Edition


    1. ...because I've wrote this meme nine times, it fit. ;) Guess it matches your name, right!? LOL, that is ironic.

      Thanks for stopping by, Nine. :)

  11. Ugh, I don't understand why GoodReads won't implement the half-star system. I'm sure it's not difficult to encode it into the system--LibraryThing has it--and it would make review statistics more accurate. Not to mention it would save us time asking ourselves "Does this book feel more like a 3? Or a 4?" lol

    Yikes, that sucks about Wordpress prohibiting you from commenting! That's really weird =S

    Hope you had a lovely weekend Rissi! =)

    1. Neither do I, Lianne! It sounds silly, but seriously, sometimes that half-star makes the difference. Not long ago I was debating a 2.5 or 3-star rating for a book and the higher won out but oh, I wanted the lower. ;-) Since I recently saw a poll on GR asking users if they wanted the half-star implemented, I am crossing my fingers that feature is on its way. Novel Crossing and Litfuse (a publicity firm) offer it also.

      Oh, I know! I'm rather mad at WP just now. Hope it is fixed ASAP.

      Thanks - I hope you did also, Lianne; and for joining in the fun. Looking forward to reading your 'letters.' :)


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