Little Letters, Edition Ten

Friday, September 27, 2013

Dear Akismet Dude, you know your stuff! Thanks for fixing my Worpress comment problem.

Dear Alaska, why aren't you closer?

Dear Apples, if I never core another one of you, it will be too soon. Just sayin’.

Dear Auntie, happy birthday! xo 

Dear Austenland, well…. Weren’t you fun!? 

Dear Autumn, can I hug you?

Dear Brad and Carrie, clearly the powers that be know what they are doing in bringing you back to host another CMA award show. We welcome you back for a sixth year – happily and with eagerness to see what you’ll do this year!

Dear Downton Abbey, not long now.

Dear Friday, welcome. It’s about time you got here.

Dear JMS, thanks. Again, it’s been fabulous fun to get together with you and enjoy some laughter and reminiscing.  

Dear Kiera Cass, the cover art for your third novel? It rocks. Please, please don’t ruin the story – let it mirror its lovely outside.

Dear Liz, this may be selfish but... I'm glad you are staying closer to home than you planned. xo

Dear Melissa Tagg, this is going to be fun! (Meaning your debut novel.) Thanks for being one awesome lady with an equally awesome sense of humor!  

Dear Michelle Madow, love the new book cover! Thanks for letting bloggers share in the fun.
(Reader's what do you think of Michelle's new cover and story?)

Dear NBC, I am thrilled for one of the productions airing in your December programming. All I ask is don’t ruin it! 

Dear Readers, I’ve said it before but… not for a while. Thanks for being you. For sticking with this blog and for inspiring the content on the blog – it has come a long way since it first opened two years ago and those first few friends who followed along (you know who you are). It means a lot. 

Dear Star Trek, halfway through you are awesome - how is that fair!?

Dear Tomatoes, you may taste good during the year of making yummy homemade soups, but any time now, you can be done. I’m tired of having tomato pulp under my finger nails.

Dear Twitter, again you inspire a letter… what is the deal with you. First you were simple, and then you changed things up. Now I am actually used to the new look and again you put forth a new format. *sigh* Does your quest to be cooler ever stop!?  

…and as always, you are all welcome to join in the fun!

Put your own spin on this meme and stop by anytime to add your own link,

we look forward to reading your letters.  

Happy Friday!



  1. Oh, thank you bunches for the shout out! And I love your little letters posts. I second your desire to hug autumn. It's so my fave. :)

    1. Right there with you, Melissa - this season rocks! Wish it lasted longer, it seems by the time Indian summer comes and goes, it's time for winter! Boo.

      Not very far into Made to Last girl and already I'm lovin' it! Hoping to spend some quality time with Randi, Matthew and (*squeal*) meet Blaze this weekend. :)

  2. Can't wait to join up! These are favorites of mine :)

    1. Hey, there, Hannah - thank you bunches for always joining in! Off to read your post next. :)

  3. I've never done this, but I enjoy reading yours so much I'm think I'm going to give it a go!

    1. Feel free to do so anytime, Evelyn! I know mine aren't very regular but I don't want to bore you all, so I just bring them around once in a while. :)

      Thanks for reading!

    2. I decided to do it today, and it was fun! haha, you could never bore us!!

    3. Awesome! Thanks for joining in, and for your kind words; you, the readers are a large part of the inspiration for this blog, so thank *you*.

      Off to read your version! :)

  4. Who's counting down the days till Downton? This girl here!

    1. Me, too, Natalie. Me, too! :)

  5. I love it. I'm so with you on fall and Alaska. :)

    1. We should be able to give autumn a great bit hug, right!?

      Loved Alaska at this time of year. Someday, I am going back! :)

  6. Great letters Rissi! Awesome that we both watched Star Trek Into Darkness recently *high fives* And yay for autumn, I'm so happy we're getting cooler temperatures, finally xD

    1. Hey, Lianne! Thanks for stopping by.

      It *is* awesome we both saw 'Star Trek' - it sure was a great film YES! Autumn does rock - gotta' love this season. *high five* Me, too. Those cooler temps are my friend.

      Off to check out your "letters" and ST review. :)

  7. Love the letters -- little thanks! And I agree with Star Trek (amazingly good), fall, Downton Abbey, Twitter... so much.

    I would also add a note to super sharp pencils (call me old school:) that sound great as they scratch across the paper and a shout out to the dark chocolate that helps me get through long writing days. And to avocados .. I know I will be sad when you're gone, but like Rissi and tomatoes, I am tired of having you under my fingernails when adding you to salads.

    1. Hello, Katherine; thanks for dropping by.

      - Star Trek was the best sci-fi to come along in a long time. SO good.
      - Fall is my favorite.
      - Downton Abbey is epically beautiful
      - Twitter is fun.

      I've tried writing longhand before and while it works in a pinch, I think I prefer typing - that being said, to get the job done, there's nothing better than a well sharpened pencil! For me, a guilty pleasure are Reese's; love those. ;) Oh, yes! Those pesky tomatoes and apples are under my nails all the time - and my mother would agree with you; she LOVES avocados on her salad. It's one of the rare things we don't like the same. ;)

      Thanks for joining in the fun, Katherine - loved reading your comment. :)


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