Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade (2012)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

At least one Christmas movie a year spins such charm that it pulls me in and I am reminded why I hold such a fondness for Christmas movies. This year, Love at the Thanksgiving Parade wins the pick for “new favorite.”

Emily Jones (Autumn Reeser) loves her life. Every day she gets to go to a job she loves – one that is perfectly tailor made for her, and sneaks in Skyping time with her marine biologist almost-fiancĂ©, Brian in-between his travels and busy work schedule. A Chicago native and cop’s daughter, Emily thrives on being the best at her job as a coordinator for the annual parade with a specialty in knowing all the historical details and this year, it seems nothing could ruin her happiness… that is until Henry Williams (Antonio Cupo) comes along. Henry’s job is to close out places that aren’t earning the city any revenue and despite their less-than-cordial encounter, Emily and Henry are about to be paired off as working colleagues since part of his job as an independent consultant is being tasked with figuring out if the parade is still worth the resources and time it demands.  

You already know that I really loved this movie from the opening comments so I suppose now what I’ll ramble about is the “why” behind loving this telefilm… although other than saying this film was superior, I’m not sure what more to say! Judging by its seasonal genre, I am not sure when the last time was that I fell head over heels for a Christmas flick. Certainly up until now nothing has topped the sweet stories of The Christmas Card or A Princess for Christmas however this film held its own and one viewing later, I knew that again Hallmark had scored another winner. Too many films – particularly televised ones, rush their story and leave the audience feeling (partially) cheated out of a full circle concept. This one had a nice pace and the progression seemed very “easy”– both for the story line and the characters.  

This script was really fantastic. It added in some unique quirks that sought to blend the worlds of contemporary and vintage and fortunately, the filmmaker’s vision worked just right. Many of the scenes do a stupendous job of putting us in mind of the 40's/50’s era with its taste for vintage fashion, settings – Emily’s apartment and her determination that books are far more original than a download (see, this girl is awesome) and an adorable heroine whose goal for living in the past is to feel close to her mother, which brings me to the characters. They were so delightful… and fun… and special. Henry’s wealthy businessman persona was portrayed convincingly well by Antonio whom I’d not seen in anything before, yet thoroughly enjoyed as a leading man (he reminded of a young Peter Gallagher). Autumn pulled off a beautiful vintage look and with exception to one or two ensembles which looked horribly misplaced, she sported all of the cloths with snazzy style – and I applaud designers for putting together such a complimentary wardrobe. These two were also adorable together (did I already mention this?); I mean, their chemistry is infectious – they made fighting fun with plenty of sparks and it was sweet seeing the care and time Henry took to help Emily overcome some of her fears, basically, we find ourselves waiting for their next moments together.

Though filmed in Canada, the Chicago setting was different, making the location somewhat unique to most films that are either in a small town or the big cities of the west and east coasts. Adding in the conflicting personalities of the characters (modern world vs. the old soul) was also something that added a memorable back-and-forth proving that cute “flirting” doesn’t always have to entail a bad vs. good scenario. Eventually, the conclusion may be one of those things that viewers have a hard time accepting as realistically satisfactory, however speaking for myself, this film is possibly the best holiday script I’ll watch this year. It sparkled (with so much personality) all the while retaining a special kind of genuine feeling than most Christmas movies manage to compel and that’s why this one dazzles.


  1. Replies
    1. ...I think you'd really enjoy it, Juju. Soooo sweet! :)

  2. Oh, my goodness; this is one of my family's (the girls of the family that is) favorite Hallmark movies! It is hilarious and Henry is soooo handsome!
    My mom and sisters say that I dress like Emily.

    1. Neat! This film is definitely one of Hallmark's best, Livia. So cute and happy-go-luck plus the actors create FAB chemistry and that's important in a movie.

      Aw, that's fun! Emily does have great taste so that's a nice compliment. :)

  3. I adore this one! Oh gosh.....need to rewatch it. Probably tonight which I think is fitting!

    1. *HIGH FIVE*

      Yes, perfect choice for this night-before-Thanksgiving, Ella. Hope you enjoyed - it's definitely one I'm going to relish re-watching each year. So sweet - and these two actors? They were delightful together. :)

      Happy Thanksgiving! :)


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