A Bride for Christmas (2012) - Christmas Romance in the Style of 'Runaway Bride'

Monday, December 16, 2013

(…I know, I know, there has been a plethora of Christmas-y material around here lately, but well, this is the one time of year when I cannot seem to overindulge in the simple joys of the season enough. Watching Christmas movies is part of that. ) 

When this wasn’t released on DVD this year, I was a bit disappointed because the photos and plot gave this one away – it was going to be one I’d like. Fortunately I got to prove that theory true.  

Instead of a phobia of spiders or crazy superstition, Jessie Patterston (Arielle Kebbel) has a phobia of… weddings. She can run a successful interior design company with her sister, just not a life with a man. Just before Christmas she falls into an old pattern; she is about to walk down the aisle for the third time, and like the two times before that, the pressure is starting to get to her. She makes it down the aisle, but runs out on her fiancé before the I Do’s can be recited. This is why she’s sworn off men… until she meets the charming, successful Aiden (Andrew Walker). Even though she’s just come off of her botched wedding, Aiden makes Jessie believe that love is real – that nerves shouldn’t be what a person feels when they say yes to a proposal.

Unbeknownst to Jessie, the entire time she and Aiden are getting to know each other, he has made a bet with friends… a bet that will again leave Jessie running.

Seriously, this script is one of those that make its viewer go, “aww…” throughout its entirety. Putting aside the fact that it’s got a bad case of the coined term “insta-love,” this seriously, instantly scaled my “list” of favorites in the litany of contemporary-made seasonal movies. Usually none of the actors ruin the televised Christmas movies, still, there is normally one of the leads that could have been cast better, however that was not the misfortune of this flick; for once I adored the leads together – there was some nice chemistry between them and Aiden will remind any rom-com fan of a young Michael Varten (Alias, Never Been Kissed, Monster-In-Law); Arielle has a nice bubbly personality that brands her as one of those girl-next-door types. 
Watching through this, I “get” why it’s went unreleased under Hallmark’s branding; I’m not entirely sure I like that moviegoers cannot purchase a DVD, however given its storyline and an “add-in” PC character, it’s easy to understand. That being said, unless you are troubled by a script that devises to put its leading couple together after a convenient (or foolish) bet is made, then A Bride for Christmas is an adorable way to spend 80-some minutes. Like any good moment of truth, Aiden of course realizes that he loves Jessie and panicked, he refuses to follow through on the original “plan,” which eventually paves the way for the love birds. Like most movies, there is an annoying 5-minute break-up before things wrap up with a pretty bow yet the overall story was worth it because underneath the clichés, this is definitely one of the better produced Christmas films and for that I couldn’t resist its charms.

Take a peek at the promo video:
(Parental concerns: one character is homosexual – she goes on a date once and we learn it’s been a long time, though we see or hear no details and there’s a couple other minor quips about this. There's some immodest clothing. The film is rated PG.)


  1. Reading that plotline made me think of Runaway Bride. Sounds a little similar but with a Christmas feel. I'll have to check it out...sounds cute! :)

    1. Definitely! You pegged this one exactly, Melissa... except I don't think Gere's character had the same kind of "bet" as this leading man. ;)

  2. I would love to see this one!

    1. Cool, it's REALLY cute, Dawn. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed. It's got a Runaway Bride vibe going for it plus is one of the better Hallmark Christmas flicks. What could be better!? ;)

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