When Calls the Heart, Season One - Episode 3 (2014)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Janette Oke is one of the premiere authors of her time not to mention she was instrumental in bringing inspirational fiction into the recognition it now enjoys. In case you missed it, the Hallmark Channel has produced her Canadian West series into this scripted, nice-week, hour-long series and so far, any fan should know, if you’re missing this, then you’re missing a fabulous production. Here are some thoughts on the next episode, “A Telling Silence.” Hardships or no, Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) has proved she has some mettle no matter her city upbringing. With the women of Coal Valley finally understanding that Elizabeth is more than a pretty face, she sets about teaching their children and is troubled by the lack of communication from young Rosaleen. Not only does she refuse to speak, the girl won’t color or express any emotion. When she goes missing, the town learns new things about its members.

Meanwhile, life for the handsome Mountie posted in Coal Valley, Jack Thornton (Daniel Lissing) is beginning to get difficult. With his job come new suspicions when it appears the church burning down was the result of arson.... at the hand of a respected community member.

Out of the episodes I’ve seen thus far, this one has been my least favorite though not because it does anything “wrong,” rather it just seemed lacking in importance as a 40-something minute long story. As a “bigger” piece of the puzzle in the 10-episdoe order, it fit very nicely. Some of these episodes I suspect won’t work as attractively as individual episodes though viewing them in the bigger puzzle will likely reveal a wholesome series that any fan of the Love Comes Softly series or CBS’ Christy will find beautiful viewing. Last time we chatted about this series, I do believe mentioning the scenery escaped me and really it’s a shame since the camera does scan some gorgeous countryside and fortunately unlike some of its counterparts even during scenes at the school house or elsewhere, the settings always seem authentic and believable to the period. Some characters aren’t in episode four though we get to see individual interaction between Elizabeth and one student which is nice lending some personalization to the relationship she has with them as well as the affection she has for them as humans and not just as minds to be crammed with knowledge.

 Of course, the moments between Lissing and Krakow continue to be fueled by fabulous chemistry – swoon – and if the next episode synopsis is any indication, we’re finally going to get an episode that focuses on that. Of course the fact that the hero is in uniform doesn’t hinder anything especially when it’s a man like Jack – something about a uniform does seem to appeal to us, girls, right!? And here ends my fangirl-ing. Uh-huh, moving on. What does start to build in this story is a mystery possibly surrounding one of the women who was left a widow as a result of the mining accident and if it plays out a bit – the script teasing us as to the truth behind it, I think it could make for a great plot line. There’s nothing like hints of mystery to keep even the best guesser curious.

For those of you who haven’t tuned in to see When Calls the Heart, be sure to check your listings – due to popular ratings the show is enjoying encore viewings or find the episodes on iTunes. For those of you who are watching the series, what do you think?

Be sure to catch ‘A Telling Silence’ tonight, January 25th on
The Hallmark Channel!  
Take a look at the preview for tonight’s episode:  


  1. Replies
    1. Check them out on iTunes or I think you can maybe watch the episodes on hallmarkchannel.com, Juju. :)

  2. Those costumes are absolutely gorgeous.

    1. That they are, Lauren! I totally agree.

      Glad you dropped by! It's grand to "see" you again. :)

  3. FANGIRLING over this show!! Perfect cast, spots of mystery, and very soon a swoon worthy romance. (hopefully) And I'm hoping for at least 1 kiss between Jack & Elizabeth before the season ends. I am very much looking forward to purchasing Season 1 on DVD!!

    1. Same here, Alyssa. I think the show is going to work best as a "bigger picture" scenario rather than individual scripted stories but still... I'm very much invested in the show and am glad Hallmark is producing it.

      *Swoon* I love Jack and Elizabeth together - they're so cute and the moments between them? Aww... I love that they're subtle moments rather than "sultry." And I suspect a S1 kiss will happen. :)

      Yay for a DVD - here's hoping it goes up for pre-order soon.

    2. Just saw a promo for episode 4!!! Ahhhhh.....Jack & Elizabeth's romance is gonna start heating up! :)

    3. I know, right!? I had to have a peek at it too the other day and yay! Cannot wait to see what else is to come for them. :)

  4. Haven't watched yet, but I'll probably binge watch when all the episodes are out. Haha! I grew up on Janette Oke so I'd feel WRONG not watching it eventually. LOL!

    1. I know what you mean, Melissa - and I like the way you think! Just wait and watch it all together. There's NO wait that way and hooray, that's always a plus. :)

  5. Jordan PondApril 01, 2014

    Rissi, I have to agree with you that I found this to be one of the least interesting episodes. Perhaps the subject matter of someone being so silent is a difficult one to convey in an interesting way. That is, if she's not talking, we're missing some of the dialogue. And I think the episode was also hurt by the absence of one of the 3 main leads, Abigail. Further, I found the scene of Elizabeth carrying Rosaleen home was a bit over-the-top in its corniness.

    But, as with all epsiodes of this show, there were some great highlights. The scene of Cat Montgomery leading Sunday services out in the woods was great on many levels.

    It was in this episode that I first picked up on a rather amusing pattern of Jack and Elizabeth that was repeatedly shown throughout the season. It occurred here when Jack approached Elizabeth at the end of class when a Latin saying was on the blackboard. After demonstrating his knowledge of the word "bella," clearly a compliment to Elizabeth, he immediately followed by joking about a boy who remained sleeping at his table.

    Jack and Elizabeth often follow a tiny step toward admitting romantic feelings by either suddenly being overly formal ("Ma'am", "Constable") or retreating into adolescent teasing. I think the teasing works because it is balanced by their mature and focused attitudes toward their respective careers. (By the way, I think it was in episode 2 where they had a great scene in which they showed Elizabeth working late at night dowstairs in the saloon, while Jack was upstairs in bed, reading a book about liability law by candlelight.) Mature at work? Deifnitely. but at romance? Not so much for either of them. That's part of the fun for me.

    1. Yes! That whole ending scene with Elizabeth bringing back Rosaleen was over-the-top silly; it was meant to be touching, inspiring and help Elizabeth since she blamed herself, however it didn’t quite come across as that. (Sadly, Abigail is missing from more than one episode… I think! My memories of these episodes are lacking… ugh.)

      The sparring between Jack and Elizabeth as regards education is always cute. These scenes mainly take place in the schoolhouse and were quite adorable. Especially the later scene when she’s miffed at Jack over learning about Rosemary and calls him a name he doesn’t know, then pertly tells him to “look it up.” ;)

      Romance does bring out a bit of the immaturity in this pair doesn’t it!? Gotta’ love it!

      Great thoughts yet again.


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