Be My Valentine (2013)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ideally, a chick flick needs two key elements to be successful. First it needs a good sense of humor that will not just make us giggle but really laugh the good kind of joy. Second – and perhaps, the most important – it needs a good hero. Fortunately, this darling movie got both right. Twenty years into his marriage, Dan Farrell (William Baldwin) said good-bye to his wife. The years he had with his wife, Dan counts among the best – the two had a good life together, but he has come to terms with his life as it is now. Dan is happy with his work as a fireman and keeps busy raising his twelve-year-old son Alex (Christian Martyn) who is experiencing his first crush in the pretty Rebecca. Then he meets Kate (Natalie Brown).
The business partner of an old high school friend, Dan’s interest in Laura takes him by surprise but when Laura too is interested in pursuing a relationship, things get complicated when Laura’s ex turns up leaving everyone questioning what it is they really want.

Honestly, I expected nothing but an average story based on first impressions. I assumed it’d be cute though certainly not among my favorite tele-films. Much of my bias came from the actor playing Dan and low expectations of his ability to make a likable leading man. Little did I expect to fall head over heels for this adorable Valentine-day themed piece of candy. With exception to its twist that “breaks apart” its would-be romancers (yet even at that, there is no big disagreement, which is nice), the film works its script differently than its peers. It uses all it has at its disposable to be a charmer and then some. I liked the focus on Alex and his crush, the conversations he and his dad have about love yet never felt cheated out of “enough” time with Dan and Laura’s scenes as well as the fact that there is immediate interest between Laura and Dan instead of hate-turning-to-love or a dance about for 70-some minutes before someone makes the first move. Though, the fact that both characters have had love in their grasp excuses this version a bit.

The laughs are frequent with the angle of old school clashing with new (dad and son) and of course, the scenes at the firehouse add some light-hearted moments. Anyone who loathes the break-up blow up near the climax can also revel in a lack of one in this production. Sure there is a kind of “break up” but what I liked best was that Dan doesn’t flip out, there’s no yelling or accusations and in the end, as expected the right decision is made. If you’re looking for a new flick to watch on Valentine’s Day, make sure to look into Be My Valentine. It’s a sweeter story that capitalizes on the holiday than the Garry Marshall star-studded Valentine’s Day and is worth a watch, even if only for a one-time viewing while enjoying a quiet, cozy evening at home. 
The movie is now on DVD (Amazon, Walmart) or you can purchase it on instant download on iTunes or Amazon. Have a peek at the promotional video.
What are some of your favorite Valentine themed books or movies?


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    1. Isn't it cool? I like dresses that use asymmetrical hems/lines, so long as it's not "too" drastic. :)

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    1. It sure was cute, Maria. :)

  3. I saw red suspenders and knew immediately that I had to give it a try. ;)

    So, Arrow S1 went on sale at Target for $15 this week (what a steal, even better than Amazon!) so I snagged it quickly (had to go to a different Target than the one that I work at, since mine was out!) and have been gobbling it up ever since! Just finished it this morning and can't wait for S2! :D

    1. ...seriously, that whole "red suspenders" sequence is ADORABLE, Kellie. ;)

      What a steal! Lucky you to work at Target and know the best deals. ;) I love it when, on the rare occasion, I can find deals like that and especially with TV sets that are SO darn expensive. Glad you were able to snag such a fun show (like you, I binge watch favorite shows, too, LOL) - that finale does make one want to see what's up in S2! Cannot wait. :)

  4. Would totally watch it ;)
    xo TJ


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