Best of Team USA Olympics 2014, Part 2

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Good morning, friends. I promise this will conclude my Twitter and blogging ramblings about the 2014 Winter Olympic games but I couldn't let them go without sharing the favorite moments of the next weeks of competition - especially after sharing favorite wins from the first week.

Perhaps the two "best" moments from the latter half of the Olympics was seeing the wonderfully talented Meryl Davis and Charlie White bring home the gold as well as the two-man bobsled team of Steve Holcomb and Steven Langton bring home a medal making Olympic history while doing so. Though I didn't watch it, it was fantastic to also hear that the young 18-year-old American skier (Mikaela Shiffrin) took home a gold and of course, to watch Ted Ligety earn a win. Also exciting was Alex Deibold's win - especially in a sport that is SO unpredictable (snowboard cross). I'm be remiss not to mention the excitement the American's gave us when they won the first gold medal's in new sports (like new snowboarding events - Jamie Anderson and Sage Kotsenburg - or the skiing disciplines) and finally, while they didn't medal, I'm excited to now be "in the know" of who is a rising star in women's figure skating - cannot wait to see two or all three of these women make a splash four years from now.

No matter what, I'm super proud of the athletes that represented the red, white and blue! Go, team USA!

...any favorite moments or events from the latter half of the Olympics you want to share?
Comment away.


  1. I didn't watch much of the Olympics, but I did watch Davis and White's ice dancing which was just perfection. Yay team USA for representing us through all the games!

    1. I didn't watch much after the figure skating (ladies) short program either, Faith. After that, things slowed down and I basically just kept up via the Sochi website. For a spoiler-crazy girl like myself, that worked just as well.

      Meryl and Charlie's skates were charming - so excited they captured that gold to end their career, and I'm excited about the rumor they'll be on Dancing with the Stars this season. More opportunity to see them dance - even if it is in a ballroom instead of ice. :)

  2. Loved Meryl and Charlie. Probably my favorite moment of the entire Olympics. Like Faith, I didn't watch too much.

    1. Same here, Dawn! Big moment (Davis and White) for team USA! After the short program for the ladies figure skating, I basically skipped out on the televised programming, too. Instead I kept up with the wins on the website and it worked just peachy! :)


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