A Ring by Spring (2014)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

With a title that rhymes, the latest from Hallmark Channel has no choice but to be cute… right!?
Her past is full of unsuccessful relationships and disillusionment over her peers “allure” of the Romeo and Juliet bard and today, in her present, Caryn Briggs (Rachel Boston) is still a girl focused on one thing – the details especially in her business and in her personal life, she is again repeating that past. When her boyfriend dumps her because he wants a family and he doesn’t see Caryn as the kind of girl as the marrying type, Caryn begins to take to heart the destiny read to her by fortuneteller (Stephanie Powers) at a work event she attended – if she doesn’t have a ring by spring, Caryn will never marry!
Skeptical, Caryn sets about revisiting her past to find out what went wrong with her relationships and when a new client – CEO of a popular company, Tom (Kirby Morrow), shows interest in her, Caryn will have to change her cynical perspective on marriage if she’s ever to find her happy ending.
Ever since seeing her in a recurring role on a now-ended television show, I’ve liked the bubbly personality Rachel Boston brings to her roles and again in this wholesome romantic-comedy she brings another bout of sweet effervescence. Her character is an interesting one compared to most leading ladies in the rom-com and for that alone, I enjoyed the movie – I mean, come on! The girl likes British things (hello, British movies!) and she isn’t fond of Romeo & Juliet for which, really, I cannot fault her. Additionally being a girl who watches classic television, it was also cool to see Stephanie Powers (Hart to Hart) on screen again no matter how small the role. The friendship that blooms between Caryn and Tom is a fun relationship that’s kept more about finding commonalities than anything and for anyone seeking family-friendly entertainment, you couldn’t ask for anything better.
If there is anything that really rubbed me the wrong way it was the antics of Caryn’s parents. It has a place in the story – to counteract against Caryn’s cynical attitude but with the depiction of marriage with her best friend (who was a fun character), I didn’t think that so much redundancy was necessary. At the risk of contradiction, I will say that I admired the old-fashioned values especially poignant was a conversation between mother and daughter. Best of all, what this movie does is give us characters who “felt” very genuine and real. If you like romantic-comedies with evidence of quirk, then you may enjoy A Ring by Spring. For me, I don’t think it was my most favorite in the repertoire of its genre I’ve seen but still, I respect it being a wholesome script and  a heroine who didn’t conform to the usual mindset of young women.
Catch the premiere of A Ring by Spring tonight, Saturday 8th then be sure to stay tuned for an all-new episode of When Calls the Heart! Take a look at the promotional video for Hallmark’s new original movie.


  1. My three sisters and I love watching Hallmark movies on the weekend, they're cheesy sometimes but so cute. We saw the trailer for this one and were thinking about watching it. Now that I read your review I'll be sure to check it out! :)

    1. I'm of the same mind, Bekah - the movies can be too sappy for their own good, but seriously, I admire Hallmark for actually producing family-friendly entertainment where other networks rarely do and because of that, I do enjoy their movies. Sure, I have favorites and while A Ring by Spring isn't one of my most favorites, it was cute. :)

  2. This was a cute movie! What is the name of the British movie Caryn and Tom both liked?


    1. Glad you liked it, Donna. :)

      ...you know, I don't remember know which British movie it was, but since I'm a costume drama aficionado, I do remembering thinking it was fun reference. :)


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