Lucky in Love (2014)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Running with the theme of April Fools Day, this cute romantic comedy is yet another example of why we girls keep returning to this network for our “fix” of chick flicks. 

Working as a lower level creative design employee at a major social networking job, Mira Simon (Jessica Szohr) is about to get everything she ever dreamed of. Brushed aside consistently by her immediate boss, Mira grows increasingly frustrated with her work environment and getting nowhere with her ideas which prompts her to give in to partake in an April Fools trick of her own by sending a random text to her best friend and fellow co-worker, Jonah (Ben Hollingsworth) that exclaims she just earned an anticipated promotion and the next day starts to change Mira’s reality. Quite literally. 

Following being stuck in the elevator with her boss (Deidre Hall), Mira gets a chance to show her new web site design and ultimately she is named the head of a position her former boss was expected to get. From here, things rapidly start to happen. Mira moves into the town house owned by her company, meets the perfect guy (Ryan Kennedy) and tries to manage her new responsibilities all of which are the things Mira’s dreams were made of – this is exactly her envision of the perfect life, but is it the life she really wants?

As chick flick scripts go, this one is super fun, cute and really more inventive than most. It went in opposition to its competition – twice! – and made me glad to have chosen it for a night of relaxation (ironically, I just happened to watch it on April Fool’s Day). Experiencing a stereotype boss (Mira’s immediate boss) didn’t wind up being the bad guy was a great elimination as it drew more from the script – it showed that through Mira’s success and eventual mistakes, not one but two people benefitted. Then there is the lack of a self-sacrificial, radical change of life for its leading lady. I cannot tell you how frustrated this subject often makes me – it’s meant to show that its leading character finally understands what is important and for fear of ever letting material pursuits come between them and what’s important again, they walk away. I am sorry but seriously? No matter what happens, a person still has to work and just because you lose yourself for a time doesn’t mean that once you find yourself again you have to give up your dreams. We all lose sight of what is important in life from time to time, it’s how we react to realizing that lesson – giving up on everything we love isn’t the answer in my opinion. Lastly, when this one started, there was a fear it was going to be one of those alternate universe flicks that fortunately, never materialized for which I’m grateful!  

A fabulous cast helps this one shine too – including Jessica Szohr who made Mira always likable even in her worse moments and of course, I thought Ben was adorable. (When did I develop a soft spot for geeky heroes (and I mean this in the best way)!? Should I blame Clark Kent…!) It was nice seeing him in something again after a Christmas flick from last year and many may recognize him from the Signed, Sealed and Delivered franchise. The script kept a running gap throughout the film about Jonah’s crush on Mira that was sweet and even more endearing; I will say that his side story took some wrong turns in that it developed far too quickly. In an 80-something long movie though I respect that developing things does have to move swiftly and since Lucky in Love (which some of you may also recognize as Nobody’s Fool – really, that was a better title likely switched out to appeal to its target audience) is one of my favorites, all’s forgiven. If you have liked past titles from Hallmark’s large selection of romantic-comedies, don’t miss their latest. It’s an engaging treat - and that's no joke! 

Be sure to tune into Hallmark Channel on Saturday April 5th to catch the premiere of
Lucky in Love! Watch the promo video:


  1. So fun! This is one channel I definitely miss from having cable (we haven't had cable for about 2.5 years). I just need to figure out how to subscribe to just that channel.

    1. Right!? I'd love packages that allow you to just pick and chose selections too, Tressa. We have never had any form of cable so I tend to go on hunts for movies I cannot see on anything that's not on ABC, NBC or CBS. ;) Hope you can see this one - it was really cute.

  2. This looks kinda cute! I have always kinda liked the hallmark chick-flicks, the maybe corny at times but they are also kind of fun! I have that soft spot for geeky heroes too though I don't think I have anything to blame it on since I think it's always kinda been there!

    1. It was indeed cute, Abbi! Hope you can see it at some point. I know what you mean about these being "corny" (a term I always use with the utmost endearment), they usually do fall into that, though the "cute" factor always wins out. I know, right!? I'm not sure when I developed such a soft spot for geeky heroes (again, I mean that with respect) but well, there it is! I think there was another Hallmark with a geeky hero who needed to be transformed (How to Fall in Love, I think) and I loved that one too. ;)


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