Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Season One - Time to Start Livin' (2014)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Following in the footsteps of When Calls the Heart, another series is hoping for similar success only this time instead of a trip to the old west, we’re visiting the dead letters department of the U.S. Post Office. 

A stickler for professionalism and details, Oliver (Eric Mabius) is the man in charge of a group of four postal workers that make up the team for the dead letters office in the USPS system – these are the letters that get lost in the system because of mishandling or mistakes in the addressing. Today he and his fellow workers – including the newbie, Shane (Kristen Booth) who has firmly made herself an important fixture to their team with her tech skills – are welcoming a new and legendary supervisor (Valerie Harper). Distracting from her flamboyant arrival is their latest letter which offers a story of a young boy missing his grandmother and reveals plans to leave his home and travel miles just to see her. Worried over what this could entail, the gang along with fellow co-workers, the big-hearted Norman (Geoff Gustafson) and the old-fashioned, Rita (Crystal Lowe), set out to find the intended recipient of the letter only to uncover more than they bargained for.  

The Hallmark Channel to some of us may be only “one dimensional” in that they consistently put out the same programming over and over again but I have to say, I admire them for the difference they are making in television. Graduating from original movies, the network is now on its third seasonal program and golly, this one is darling. Until it’s presumably released to DVD, I’ve not had a chance to see the telefilm that this was spun off of, however this pilot has some great moments (particularly in what it says about our society – whether its intentional or not) and is a promising start opposite what When Calls the Heart was. As a girl who enjoys cozy mysteries, I liked the script taking some cute turns that required the gang to solve a mystery, using their specialized areas of expertise to work together, helping whoever needs it.

Though unfamiliar with everyone save for its leading man, Eric Mabius – loved him in How to Fall in Love, the entire cast is unquestionably going to bring us a fun bunch of characters. Oliver’s stricter, rule-following manner countering against Shane’s sassier personality will be an interesting dynamic albeit one we’ll always know will end with smiles. If I had one minor gripe with the personalities it’d be Norman. Don’t mistake me. He’s a nice guy and in fact, many of his scenes speak to a society that young people don’t want to be a part of, however his shyness sometimes (painfully) comes across as “child-like.” Meaning that he can seem too “silly” for who his character really is. That notwithstanding, everyone has personalities ripe for more growth as writer’s discover who they all are and I’ve a feeling like any show, we’ll experience some crushes blossom between certain of our quartet.

While I probably won’t keep up with this one here, on the blog, I am definitely keen to keep up with the show and watch each new episode. If you like light-hearted productions with hints of the “cozy mystery,” give this one a shot. It had a nice “rhythm” going even in its pilot and hopefully not unlike what When Calls the Heart experienced, it will enjoy similar ratings and success. It’s not hard to be attach oneself to something that is likely to be a clever series.  

Will you be tuning in to this one?

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Catch the premiere, Sunday April 20th on the Hallmark Channel. 

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  1. Sounds like a cute series and as the daughter of a letter carrier, my interest is especially piqued. :) And did you say Valerie Harper is in it? She IS legendary!

    1. It is, Melissa! Such a fun cast of characters. Ooo, how neat that you had a personal interest in this storyline. It'd be fun to get your take on this one. :)

      Valerie Harper was indeed in episode one! Wonder if she'll stick around, legendary lady she is. :)

  2. So looking forward to the premiere of the first Episode of Signed, Sealed, Delivered on Easter Sunday! I, too, loved Eric Mabius as Harold White in "How to Fall in Love"!

    The pilot movie for SSD was sentimental and heartwarming! I'm so thrilled they were able to keep much of the original cast and create this on-going series.

    1. Hi, Net! Cannot wait to know what you think for this series - knowing the film/pilot was a hit in your reviewing makes me glad. For sure, I'm going to snatch it if/when it comes to DVD as this first episode was loads of fun. Happy watching! :)

      How to Fall in Love is still a fave.

  3. Hi, Rissi. Nice review! I came here after viewing the 2-hour movie, and I really enjoyed it. Although I agree with you that Hallmark seems to give a lot of "one note" programs, I find that I thoroughly enjoy them, simply because "niceness" seems so rare on TV these days. It's a refreshing change: I'll take Hallmark's somewhat predictable programming, because it is so relaxing and enjoyable to watch the stories of people who are kind to each other. Niceness can be interesting, too!

    If you get a chance to see the movie, you'll find out why Shane is so much more of a rule breaker than Oliver. In fact it gave some good back history on both of them. And to be honest, the story invloved behind the missing letter of the movie was so emotional, I had to stop crying before I was able to start typing my post. There were a few twists and turns that made the resoultion far from predictable.

    I found this movie to be a really well-balanced mix of "feel good" optimism and sadness about the realities of life for the individuals involved.

    Enjoy watching the rest, Rissi, and if you change your mind and decide to blog about any later episodes, I'll be reading your thoghts for sure!

    1. Hi, Jordan - thanks for reading. Always fun to help bring people information about Hallmark programming especially as I agree with you. Predictability is what I love most about this channel's programming because it can be too rare in TV. It's nice to know that no matter what, the end result is going to be happy. Most network TV doesn't give us that luxury - instead they kill off our favorite characters. Not cool, writers. Not cool. ;)

      I'm pleased to get an idea of the film - thank you! Based off the pilot, I've no doubt the movie is good too, and suspect Hallmark will put the film on DVD (which I'll promptly snatch - I have an entire shelf full of Hallmark Channel DVD's because they're SO cute) in the not-too-distant future.

      Thanks, Jordan - I plan to enjoy the rest. And for the thoughts about the reviews. I may review some... after reviewing every episode of WCTH, I figured, readers would enjoy a break from the repetitive. ;)

  4. Hallo Rissi!

    I only have a half second to write a quick note right now, as I'm blogging a few posts myself right now, but ooh! How exciting that you & I are blogging about "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"!! :) I must say, I had a suspicion you were a #POstables girl like I am! I will be back lateron tonight if I can and write you a proper reply, but I simply wanted to say, I smiled seeing your tweet go out into the twitterverse about this post! I tried to insert the trailer myself last night but could not find the right option to get the codes to work! Laughs. Therefore, I included the link instead! Wicked sweet we both are enjoying Hallmark Channel so much right now! And, I am not sure why the naysayers are so up in arms over their programming! I find it a nice lift of spirits to see the joy on tv these days as so much programming &/or films are bent towards the violent, the negative, and/or the depressing! I'll take a heap of heart, joy, and light over that any day of the week! Three cheers for the #POstables!

    1. Jorie, hello! Glad you visited - no matter how quick. :)

      Love what you say about this program and Hallmark. Their programming does bring such joy - no matter what, I'm always grinning silly by the time credits roll, whether it's a movie or one of their shows (When Calls the Heart was sweet too). It's a blast blogging about (and in a small way, supporting them) these new TV shows, and reading everyone's thoughts on them - what fun is fangirling if it's there's no one else to chat with?! ;)

      I am indeed enjoying this series, and cannot wait to watch more. Already I can easily tell the POstables are going to be a gang of characters I'll fall in love with. Glad to get your thoughts on this series.

  5. Hi, Rissi. Just today my sisters and I watched the movie and the first episode. We thought it was adorable! Love your review, I agree the show is very clever and I am looking forward to more cute mysteries. I love that Hallmark is starting more clean series like When Calls the's nice to watch some wholesome tv with the whole family. Great review!

    1. What fun. I feel like this is really a sweetheart of a series even not seeing the film yet. The first episode was sweet, the second wow and I have high hopes for episode three. Wonder what will come with this one!? :) It's certainly got a great set-up plus I really like that it's a dash of mystery, comedy, drama and romance. Something for everyone.

      Glad to know you and your sister's thought this was sweet, too - keep it coming Hallmark! Hope you continue enjoying, too. Thanks for reading!


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