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Friday, May 23, 2014

Morning, friends! Fridays are meant to be about fun (I'm right about this, aren't I??), so I figured that it was appropriate to answer this fun book quiz meme that I was tagged in by Lianne this past week (thanks a million, Lianne!), and since I've talked more than enough in the following answers, I'll quit talking now.

What are your top three book pet hates?
This is a tough question because there are certain things within books that bother me as a reader. But I’ll try to come up with general answers…

  • Most of the time, I don’t like “too much” of any one thing in a book – especially if it’s as if the author has tried “too hard” to incorporate it into the storyline. When there is constant reference to something, it makes the book more irritating than enjoyable.
  • Books in the same series that aren’t “matching” – design, size, etc. Silly, maybe, but there you have it. (Echoing Lianne on this one.)

 Describe your perfect reading spot.
I cannot say that I have a “perfect” reading spot. Some days I’m comfy in my corner of the couch, other times it’s on the front porch on a cool evening. There have been places that I’ve drifted away in the story and enjoyed being – in fact, I just visited Whisper Shore, Michigan (Here to Stay by Melissa Tagg) and Alaska (Silenced by Dani Pettrey), but I’m not a girl who has that one spot where I can be found. It’s really more about the book than it is the place.

Tell us three book confessions.

  • I’m not a reader of classic literature.
  • Silly confession: When I get frustrated for not getting to select books on my bookshelf that are anticipated, I’ll pull them out, reread the synopsis and am (usually) satisfied. (What can I say? This girl is easy to please.) Why? Because I like to save the best for last despite the anticipation - it gives me something to look forward to, this is especially helpful if I’m reading something that is boring. Motivation  is sometimes needed.
  • When I was a teen, I used to be able to read fast. Maybe because I didn’t like being outside or maybe because, my reading tastes have changed, but today, I am slower than a turtle. Part of this is because, as a book reviewer (who also happens to be passionate about writing), I want to be able to give my best attention to a book – particularly to those novels that have been generously sent to me for the purpose of reviewing. As a result, unless the book is a quick “chick-lit”-like read, no matter how I’ve tried, usually I *cannot* skim read – I miss too much!
  • And bonus, a fourth confession: I don’t own an e-reader.

When was the last time you cried during a book?
Good question. Because I’m more an internal feeler, I am not sure if I could remember the last time I cried while reading a book… *thinking*

How many books are on your bedside table?

This is a list that could constitute an entire quiz entry all on its own – the first list are must-read review commitments, the second are books I’ve been reading in-between and sidelined because of reviewing, or *really* want to be reading.  Here’s visual proof and a list with Goodreads links.

What is your favorite snack while you’re reading?

I’m not a reader who snacks while reading. But if I do have something, it’s usually a cup of Café Mocha.

Name three books you would recommend to everyone.
How to answer this question? Seriously, this is something I don't feel is easy to answer because we all have such different opinions of what makes a book great which I love, but I recognize this as making it hard to know what to or how to recommend books to everyone. That has to be done on a more personal level - by considering what the person has liked in the past or sharing honestly what you thought of a book, then you let the person decide whether or not it's right for them. 

There is really only one book I can think of that I’ve actually read that I’d say “everyone” should at least try to read.

Show us a picture of your favorite bookshelf
on your bookcase.

Um, I’m sorry but all of my bookshelves are favorites – there’s no favoritism here (*grin*), especially now that I’m in the “cleaning house” stage of my book life. Meaning, I’m busily sorting out books that a.) I’ve had for 5-10 years and never read or b.) I’m never going read again. Hence, here is photo of one of my bookcases.

 Write how much books mean to you
in just three words.
Adventure. Inspiration. Journey.

What is your biggest reading secret?
Well, I'd tell you, but… *wink*
No, really, I don’t think there is a “secret” in the traditional sense of the word though I will say, I’ve found it very helpful to know what I like and what just doesn’t work for me. That’s why I’m in full on bookshelf “spring cleaning” mode, and why I’m selective in what I read. There’ve been times when that instinct hasn’t failed me and times when what I had in mind wasn’t at all what the book was about. Most of all, I don’t like feeling bored in a story or as if I have to force myself through a book – first and foremost stories are meant to be entertaining, charming, enchanting, transforming, and if there is depth or an underlying theme of faith that touches our heart then that makes the book all the more beautiful.

Thank you - again - for the tag, Lianne.
Now, anyone else what to join in? If so, please do as I would love to read some of you book bloggers replies to this fun quiz - you know who you are, and be sure to drop back by with your link if you participate as I'd love to read your post!
Happy Memorial Day weekend, friends. Hope you have a good book at hand. 


  1. How fun are you!?! Love all of these! I might have to do this to post next week :) It helps Monday I can just relax, so I'll have some free time :) It makes my heart happy you picked Narnia as a must read too, because let's be is! And your bookshelves are so orderly..I'm jealous!

    1. Isn't this fun, Jamie?? I love being able to do Q&A things like this. Makes you think. :) If you do have the time, you are one of those bloggers whose answers I'd love to read, so please, do join in if it works out.

      Narnia is just beautiful. I can still remember reading it, then seeing the movie (the best option) and being impressed at how close the script kept to it. Wonderfully done - and clearly C.S. Lewis was awesome. :)

      This picture was taken not long after I'd done some organizing... so... well, I'll confess, they probably aren't usually quite so orderly. ;)

  2. This was so much fun! I really love seeing pictures of other people's bookshelves. :) Yours looks awesome and I've been picking out familiar book spines. I might try to do this tag on my blog soon. I really enjoyed your answers!

    1. It IS fun to sneak a peek of other's shelves, I must agree, Kristin. :) I wondered how many familiar books you'd all see; it's always interesting to find shared love over awesome books!

      Please, do join in, Kristin! I'd love reading your answers. Thanks for reading the post. It sure was fun. :)

  3. Fun post!

    How I understand the "want to read" and "have to read" books. I have been able to cut down on the review books, choosing books that I really would like to read, and it has helped make my pile of review books smaller. This gives me more time to read the ones I just have to read for fun.

    Love your bookshelf. :-D I'd like to get my hands on some of the books on it!

    1. Hi, Grace! Thanks for reading. :)

      It's nice to know you all can relate - we will conquer these books, won't we?? I've cut down some also on what I request (because I've learned better what works) but I'm still behind from way back when, and somehow, I've not managed to come back. Clearly, I'll have to step it up.

      LOL, I feel the same way when chatting with people about the books they have - gotta' love shared book love. I'll know where to send some of these if I ever get rid of any. :D

  4. Fun! Books make me cry all the time.
    I feel ya on being slow and wanting to really digest books. I'm that way too.

    1. ...I did cry in something not long ago, however I haven't been able to think of it...!

      Depending on the book, I do find myself "skimming" it, though most the time, I am reading everything and carefully paying attention to things I want to talk about. Guess it's a good thing. ;) Thanks for visiting, Juju.

  5. Hi Rissi, I love your bookshelf!! It looks a little like mine with all the books overflowing! It's always fun to see others bookshelves!

    I love Narnia too, though I still have a couple in the series to read, 'The Horse and His Boy' and 'The Last Battle.' I really need to get to those. Which book was your favorite? So far, 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' is mine.: )

    Happy reading this weekend!

    1. Hi, Cathy! How great to see your comment. :)

      Overflowing bookshelves are the best! Mine usually are fuller than this to be honest - and I do have a stack of books off to the side of it that still need to be shelved. Somewhere - I'm not sure they'll fit. ;)

      I've not read all of the Narnia books yet either. It's something I want to finish because what I did read were excellent. My favorite is probably tied, it's between, 'The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe' or 'Prince Caspian.' Both were beautiful! Cannot wait to see what else is ahead. :)

      Same to you - happy reading!

  6. This was a really fun post! I may have to do it myself. :)

    1. Please do, Alyssa! Would love to read your answers - and give me a shout-out if you do. :)

  7. Fun, fun post!! I just bought a new bookshelf that's going to go in my bedroom, hung on the wall, for all the books that keep piling up next to my bed. Lol! It's so tough to be a book blogger. ;)

    1. I thought it was fun too, Tressa! But then participating in these kinds of memes is always a blast.

      It IS! Our book blogger life is just... tough. So much so I wouldn't trade it for anything. ;)

  8. Hi Rissi! So sorry for not dropping by sooner, I seem to have fallen behind on commenting in general these past two weeks *thud* Great answers to this blogger test, I'm glad you have fun filling it out =)

    Books in the same series that aren’t “matching” – design, size, etc. Silly, maybe, but there you have it. (Echoing Lianne on this one.)

    Not silly at all! We want our bookshelves to look aesthetically pleasing and organised to the eye, that's all =D

    Silly confession: When I get frustrated for not getting to select books on my bookshelf that are anticipated, I’ll pull them out, reread the synopsis and am (usually) satisfied. (What can I say? This girl is easy to please.) Why? Because I like to save the best for last despite the anticipation - it gives me something to look forward to, this is especially helpful if I’m reading something that is boring. Motivation is sometimes needed.

    I love this! I totally understand it too, sometimes reading one's current books is a slow one and it's like "Gah, need to finish this read so that I can read these equally awesome books also waiting on my shelf..." but then you want to savour what you're reading too. Sometimes I flip through some of the books on my TBR list, just to get a feel of what's to come (if that makes any sense whatsoever).

    Love the photos of the books and of your bookshelf! I have to admit, I never got around to The Chronicles of Narnia. I don't know why, I almost started back in elementary but then got sidetracked and never returned to it...

    1. Hiya, Lianne! No apologies necessary. I know how busy life can get - I often feel bad how long I go in-between stopping by your awesome blog! *sigh* Sometimes, it just happens no matter our good intentions. Thanks for visiting now - and thank *you* for tagging me. Answering these Q's was SUCH fun. :)

      - That's right! We want our bookshelves to be organized and not so mismatched. Is that too much to ask publishers? I don't think so! ;)

      - That makes perfect sense! Some of my TBR are tempting me, sitting on the shelf, just waiting to be read, and it's hard not to give it. ;) You know, especially when, as you say, the current read is slow going. *sigh* Guess that should teach us to speed read. LOL.

      It was fun taking some random pics. I should do that more often because I love pictures and of course, books. As for Narnia, someday you should give it a try again. The ones I read were excellent and I'm still anticipating reading the rest! :)

      Happy reading.


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