Blind Trust by Sandra Orchard

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

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Publisher: Revell
Source: Publisher Provided
Publication Date: 2014
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Series: Port Aster Secrets, book 2
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 out of 5
Kate Adams had no idea she was carrying counterfeit money, and she can't believe that it came from her sweet neighbor. Or that it lands her in the middle of another one of Detective Tom Parker's investigations. Determined to prove her neighbor's innocence, Kate stumbles into a pit of intrigue that is far deeper than a two-bit counterfeit operation--and strikes too close to home for comfort. As family secrets come to light, her world – and her budding romance with Tom – begin to crumble. To Kate, it's clear that she won't be safe until she uncovers all of Port Aster's secrets. But is it too late for her and Tom?
Award-winning author Sandra Orchard draws readers into a world of rogues, red herrings, and romance as she unfolds the continuing story of amateur sleuth Kate Adams. - Goodreads

Sandra’s writing isn’t hard to get caught up in. She has a natural talent for telling stories and keeping the pace tight without constantly being because someone is in danger. Instead there are fabulous uses of clues that need to be fitted together in order for the reader to further along the mystery the characters are on the hunt of solving. Some of the twists turned out to be ones I guessed prior to the reveal – or had an inkling of, and some I didn’t imagine. No matter what, it was a fun read that will keep its reader on its toes and pulls various aspects from its first series book.

Mystery aside, what I really liked about this story wasn't it's mystery or the pace, it was actually, the dialogue, which is crackling with chemistry and wit. Tom’s flirting was darling (what else can I say, that is the best word for it! *wink*), which sets him apart from the average detective. His protectiveness of Kate is sweet as is his patience to wait until she’s ready to date (come on, doesn’t this guy sound as if he deserves his own “aww… kind of reaction??). Kate’s cute fact-spouting self makes for a unique persona a-la Dr. Maura Isles and her work with plants is one of the more interesting fictional vocations I have run across. In this novel, Sandra Orchard has created a fun, “fresh” premise that is interesting to be a part of. Though everything is obviously, connected, the puzzle pieces almost fit together as if the mystery were two parts as opposed to one long, sweeping whodunit, there’s more than meets the eye and like any good three-book, same-person mystery, Sandra ends this at just the right moments! How on earth are we supposed to wait until book three arrives June 2015?

Like, seriously, that’s too long.
Note: sincere apologies to the author, Sandra Orchard and the publisher, Revell for the delay in posting this review.

Sincere thanks to the publisher for providing a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes.


  1. Hey Rissi! I know I've been quiet lately--I just posted an update post on my own blog explaining my blogging absence--but don't be surprised if you see a whole bunch of comments from me on all the posts that I skipped ;) I miss reading your blog posts and participating in the comment discussions!

    I own the first book in this series but haven't gotten a chance to read it yet. Can this one act as a stand-alone or do you need to read the first one? This sounds like such a fun mystery read. I do love when books have cute dialogues between characters…it sounds like a Pride and Prejudice type banter :) I'll be sure to add this to my summer reading list!

    1. Hi, Jillian! You have been missed as well, girl. I saw your great update post and am glad to know you'll be back to blogging. (And am happy you were part of the INSPYs, too.)

      I'd say this one can stand on its own. There are references to the first book (things that happened or part of the mystery being referenced), but overall, it was an easy read that wasn't hard to follow. Fun. Hope you enjoy Blind Trust, it was a good one.

      ...and thanks for all the comments. You know, anytime, any post, you're most welcome. :)

  2. Ahh! Happy you liked this one as much as I did! It was a pretty fun read. :) I totally agree though...June 2015 to see what happens next?! :(

    1. It was indeed a fun read, Bekah! I enjoyed it and will like to revisit it since I confess, there were moments I didn't read it as well as I should have. That being said, it's a great mystery and like you say here, I'm anxious for book three! Sandra certainly left us hanging. :)

  3. Sounds kinda cute. I was just wishing yesterday that this series was available on audio.

    1. It was cute, Juju. It didn't seem as "tense" as most in its genre and that was a nice break because the book was a quick read, which was what I needed at the time. :)

  4. I would read this!!!

    1. It's cute, Maria, so I hope you like it if/when you do read it. :)

  5. My favorite books have excellent dialogue and so I'll just have to read this one. I am all for wit and chemistry when it is handled well. :) Thanks for the review!

    1. This one was really fun early on in terms of the dialogue, though it did seem to cool down a bit later in, that being said, it's still a light, easy read. And I enjoyed it. :)


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