When Sparks Fly - Romance that Sparkles with Meghan Markle!

Friday, June 27, 2014

When Sparks Fly (2014) - Romance that Sparkles with Meghan Markle!

Hallmark films are like a warm fuzzy sweater – or any comforting thing you can think of. You can sit down to their latest original movie knowing that even if it’s a story you don’t relate to as well as some of them, you’ll laugh and be able to feel all swoon-y in the end. 

Known for their outstanding line of Christmas films, as we watch When Sparks Fly, we also learn the network  knows how to do other holidays – and do them up right. 

When Sparks Fly Hallmark

This story follows small-town Washington girl, Amy Peterson (Meghan Markle) who has dreams of becoming a well-respected journalist, but instead of taking an intern position closer to home, she accepts a position that will enable her dreams. In Chicago.  

Seven years later, Amy is feeling lost in her work, and still hasn’t been able to settle into her boyfriend's world. A life all about parties, and dining out at French restaurants serving food she can't pronounce. The timing seems perfect for her to head home again when she gets the go-ahead to write a story related to her family’s pyrotechnics business, and then discovers her ex, Hank (Christopher Jacot) is still living in their hometown. The romcom catch? He's about to be married.  

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When Sparks Fly Hallmark

This film immediately wraps its viewer up in a sweet premise and the charm of the small-town setting. Despite the familiarity with the script, I did like that there were a few twists and turns to this set up and it was one I’ve not seen often. Normally if a wedding plot is included, it doesn’t involve a best friend and an ex, and while I was skeptical about this, it did work out well enough. If there is a fault in this, it’d be the ending being just a bit “too perfect.” The teasers we are left with needed to be scaled back so that the story that had been told felt more realistic. But, of course, like all of the films on this network, When Sparks Fly (also known as Oh Say Can You See) is darling.  


What was most interesting for me was seeing Meghan Markle in a different role than that of her weekly gig on USA Network in Suits which is, by all accounts, a much more “provocative” (as Hallmark aptly put it) role than her small town character of Amy. She plays this role well. What is developed well about the rekindled romance is that the writers don’t make the characters immediately pull away (Hank) or lean on (Amy) each other in a “needy” kind of way. It’s after Amy has been home that she realizes Hank is more than her past, and it’s seeing Amy with Sammie that makes him realize his heart may not have healed as well he thought. 

Despite the tricky subject, there isn’t an instantaneous “spark” between the two, which allows for an awkward stage and eventually the realization that there is not some sort of gap between what Amy and Hank want. Bottom line, it was nice to see less of an “insta love” connection (or one of those heroine/heroes who is pining after an ex) and more of a “grown-up” kind of rekindling.  

When Sparks Fly Meghan Markle
If you enjoy sweet love stories or are in the mood for something that sparkles with festive fun, you’ll enjoy this cheerful original from the network known for being the “Heart of TV.” Its wedding shenanigans go a teeny bit over the top (albeit, sadly, they have a ring of truth to them), but like the tagline of its network, the film has heart and spunk. That's a winning combination any of us can get behind.

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  1. LOVE Hallmark films, you know how I posted I was off to set my dvr to tape Color of Rain? I found out that uverse doesn't have Hallmark channel :( so bummed and sad! Guess I'll have to get them from my library. Will add this one to my must see list.

    1. Me, too, Gidget, which is why I enjoyed seeing this one so much. It's cute and full of holiday charm, so I hope you can see it. As well as The Color of Rain which was really sweet, too. Enjoy. :)

  2. Great post, Rissi! I noticed this one was premiering yesterday and since I love Hallmark movies and Meghan Markle in Suits I really wanted to see it. Unfortunately I forgot to record it on our DVR and my sisters are a bit mad at me now... ;)

    1. Oh, dear! I hope they've forgiven you, Bekah... ;)

      You know, I'd keep checking Hallmark Channel this week. I bet with the July 4th holiday coming, they'll be replaying it again. It's quite cute and is fun to see Meghan in something so different. :)


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