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Monday, September 29, 2014

Good afternoon, lovelies. So I was sitting here, catching up on some Twitter goodness, thinking about what needs to be published this week right here on the blog (sometimes that's a tough call) and mainly hoping my hands didn't still have a sticky substance on them after a day full of more apple pie filling shenanigans. But that's beside the point. We're here to discuss the giveaway winners - and my past history suggests that sometimes I do miss publishing the announcement here. Not today! Woohoo. We had three winners in the past week and with exception to today's winner, both ladies claimed their books.

Without further ado, here are the deets and where we stand - and in case you missed the Twitter announcement, first up....

Winners of the Can't Let you Go, by Jenny B. Jones Kindle book giveaway are:

- Bonnie

- Heidi M.

Both Bonnie and Heidi have claimed and received their books.

Winner of the Not in the Script, by Amy Finnegan + author swag giveaway is:

- Kara B.

Kara, you should have an email in your inbox that has some questions as to your format preference/address, etc. Once a reply is received, your book will be on its way to you soon after its October 7th release date arrives.

Congrats to all of the winners! Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway and tweeted about it. I appreciate you joining in the fun and be sure to return again later this week because, yes, there just might be another giveaway happening.

Happy Monday, all. Stay happy.

*and if you're wondering why there is a photo of Leap Year stuck in this post, it's because I watched it again last night and relived its adorableness. Plus, does anyone make bickering cuter than Amy Adams and Matthew Goode!? *wink*


  1. Thank you!!! And Bonnie was so sweet to friend me on Goodreads and let me know that the first book in the series is free on kindle! I thought that was so nice :)

    1. Aw, how fun! I'm glad you and Bonnie met - and that was awesome of her to let you know about In Between! I didn't realize it was still free on Kindle, so what a fab deal! Enjoy both books, Heidi. :)


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