Along Came a Nanny (2014)

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Each time Hallmark debuts one of their many – and charming, originals we have come to expect a kind of consistency from said production. Some of those things include the assurance that the film will be family-friendly and certainly a happy ending will ensue or sometimes it’s merely enjoying the frequency of seeing familiar faces in our favorite TV films. The latest Sunday night premiere stars Cameron Mathison (My Gal Sunday) as Detective Mike Logan, whose district is being plagued by robberies, specifically a well-to-do subdivision. Only trouble is, there is very little the police can do without clues, but the mayor is getting worried over seeing this case closed which puts pressure on Mike’s captain - and there is only one elite group of people that might offer an in for the job: the nannies. This means Mike becomes a nanny and he manages to snag a job taking care of siblings Ava and Lucas (Jena Skodje, Valin Shinyei), and strikes a friendship up with the neighbor’s nanny, Jessie (Sarah Lancaster).

Who doesn’t love a fun mystery to solve – particularly one that premieres on a Sunday night when staying in and cuddling under your favorite blanket are the Sunday night plans you have in store? That is the picture perfect notion for this cute and fluffy mystery, which is just what this title is made of. It’s got a nice cast (many of whom you’ll be able to recognize from prior network movies) and a story that evokes memories of movies like The Nanny Diaries or ABC Family’s Au Pair (there are plenty of nanny – ahem or is it "manny," gags) and this one is no less cute albeit a little tougher to take seriously. There is more “silliness” to the sleuthing than I expected, however the premise is too cute to dwell on the minor flubs that I may have had with the script. 

The cast is fun; in particular the scenes with Mike and Jessie are entertaining since they
weren’t of the average “romance” relationship. He tried to be charming and she was less receptive than usual towards him, which set up some cutesy conversations in true Hallmark format. Also a reason to be grateful is the lack of a traditional “break up” of the romance and the addition of the fun banter between Mike and his co-workers, especially when a certain picture of Mike in a Tiara is used as a joke in the office – and of course, if that makes this sound like something you’d enjoy watching, tune into the premiere tonight.  

Along Came a Nanny premieres on Hallmark Movie Channel tonight, October 12th. Watch the preview video!


  1. Sounds like a great, sweet movie! Thanks for the review Rissi! Also, I love your blog set-up. I've been on here several times but I'm always glad each time at how easy to navigate, professional and absolutely fun your blog is!

    Tell the World

    1. It was, Funto! Hope if you ever see it, you enjoy.

      Thank YOU for being a reading and for letting me know this is easy to navigate - I always strive for that as well as making it inviting. :)


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