My Boyfriends' Dogs (2014)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Even though the concept of Hallmark’s productions is consistently the same (I’m not complaining mind you, since I adore what the network offers us) – family-friendly, the boy-meets-girl comingled with the "perfect" meet-cute (and on the list could go), they do come up with some scripts that have a “twist” and this latest original is based off a book.  

On this wet, rainy night Bailey (Erika Christensen) is the picture of what it means to have “cold feet.” Or that is how she appears to the folks inside the diner where she takes refuge on that cold night, entering the diner with three dogs in tow – and she’s all dressed up in a wedding gown, no less. There, with the gentle prompting of the long-married owners she recounts how she arrived at this point in her life and how she wound up the owner of the dogs... from her three boyfriends (Jesse Hutch, Jeremy Guilbaut, Oliver Rice).  

I do have to confess, this film wasn’t the same kind of favorite as titles such as How to Fall in  Love or some of the Christmas programming from Hallmark. There are others in this line of original movies that held my attention more readily or I enjoyed the quick banter of the cast and chemistry better. However this film is still cute in its own way for one of those cozy Saturday evenings in, it’s ideal. The flashbacks were – much to my surprise, more seamless and easy to watch, breaking in and out of past vs. present nicely. Most of the time, this aspect is tough to conquer or at the very least not the most pleasant to watch, but this film does it nicely. Overall, for me, the script isn’t as convincing as even some of the previous titles I have seen from this same network, enjoyed and have subsequently purchased. Something was missing from this story that most of Hallmark’s movies have – what I cannot put my finger on, but a definite “spark” was absent. Maybe it was the awkwardness with the character and their respective scenes, which is often full of “cheesy” excuses from them (as characters) or characters (aside from the heroine), who don’t seem genuine, and are thus difficult to take seriously.  

Also something of an annoyance was the scope of the story. It just wasn’t offset by enough time or realism to make the idea and ultimate ending plausible. The idea is cute enough, but in the limited time box of 80+ minutes, the film isn’t given the right kind of time or attention to “feel” acceptable – and as mentioned, that ending doesn’t help. That being said, please don’t just take one opinion as the only one. I did still enjoy My Boyfriends’ Dogs – I promise I really did, and definitely had some laughs from the story.  Plus, I’d wager animal lovers will adore the four-legged stars of the film. 
Do you have any favorite films from Hallmark this year - or are you planning on watching this one? Share any Hallmark love (or anything!) below.

Catch the premiere of My Boyfriends’ Dogs tonight on Hallmark Channel at 8/7c.; until then, have a look at the promo trailer.


  1. I have to admit, though I've only seen the trailer for this movie, I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head in your statement that it lacks some kind of 'spark'. The tremendous ability of trailers to make the person watching decide from just those few minutes whether or not a movie is worth watching is very interesting, and can also be quite misleading. Nevertheless, I could tell straight away from this one that 'My Boyfriends' Dogs' is not a film I am eager to experience, while I was so taken with the trailers for A Princess for Christmas, In My Dreams and The Memory Book that I downloaded them.

    Question time: Have you ever heard/watched 12 Dates of Christmas, Catch a Christmas Star or Midnight Masquerade?

    God Bless
    Eleanor Rose

    1. Thanks, Eleanor Rose! I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt this way about My Boyfriends' Dogs; I mean, this one was cute, it just wasn't my favorite. That being said, for a staying-in Saturday night flick, it's fun. Well said about trailers - sometimes they're VERY misleading.

      Oo! You have good taste - those Hallmark films are lovely and unique and cute and all that jazz. So glad you enjoyed them.

      As to your question: Yes, I'm seen "12 Dates" as well as the first half of "Christmas Star." The first one was really cute; "Star" was DARLING or what I saw was (you've reminded me, I need to finish it), but no, I've not yet seen Midnight Masquerade, though that's one I really would enjoy watching. I'll have to check it out sometime. How about you? :)

    2. '12 Dates' has definitely earned its place into my top five favourite TV movies; it's quirky and sweet, wraps everything up wonderfully, and something is always going on to drive the plot forward. I agree that "Star" was indeed darling; even though the production values and acting were a bit less impressive than 12 Dates in my opinion, it still had a quality about it that I loved, and is one I would absolutely watch again.

      I look forward to hearing your opinions on Midnight Masquerade, a movie I unfortunately have not seen..yet. Oh yes, and have you also seen A Very Merry Mix-Up (which incidentally takes top place in my list of favourite Christmas TV movies), or The Other End of the Line?

      God Bless
      Eleanor Rose

    3. That's awesome, Eleanor! I should rewatch "12 Dates" sometime and am holding out for its eventual release to DVD as well - when I saw it, it was an online video that wasn't the best quality, though I remember thinking it was cute. Glad you liked "Star" as well; it's one I have to finish yet, because I thought the matchmaking aspect was sweet.

      Thanks - I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts on "Midnight" as well; it looks great and I have liked Autumn in everything she's starred in. No, not yet for A Very Merry Mix-Up, but I have a copy waiting for me and cannot wait - especially now with your thoughts added to the mix. Oh, and yes! I love the Other End of the Line; it's different but that's what makes it so fun. :)

    4. I've seen Midnight Masquerade and really enjoyed it. It followed the much loved Cinderella story line (modernized and reversed genders) without pushing it too far. I would put it up there w/ 12 Dates of Christmas and I think it's way better than Catch a Christmas Star. The acting and plot are really good even if you're partially blinded my the male lead's teeth. It has a similar vibe to those movies you've mentioned so I'm sure you'll love it (as long as you don't mind spending a large portion of the movie feeling horribly for the poor mistreated main character. Don't worry, though. Hallmark of course delivers on the happily ever after).
      Happy watching!
      Sarah (Australia)

    5. Hi, Sarah. Thanks - I'm glad you shared your thoughts on all things Hallmark! You know, I think part of the charm of their productions is the ability to also give us characters that seem genuine and therefore are people we can relate to. Even if some of the acting comes across as "awkward" or cheesy, it's still a fun night of TV and I'm all ready for the Countdown to Christmas, which I'll be taking part in by reviewing movies - cannot wait!

      As for Midnight Masquerade, I did watch some of it and aww... it's really cute! I just need to finish it and am trying to find "Star" again; I was watching it online, and cannot find it anymore. Ah, well. Have you seen Autumn (Midnight Masquerade) in Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade? That one is cute too. :)

      ...and thank goodness for happy endings; those are always my favorite. :)

  2. I do love a good (but horrible at the same time) Hallmark movie, especially when I am home sick!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. LOL, I know just what you mean, Missie. Hope you like this one if/when you watch it. :)


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