The Flash, Season One Pilot - Episode 2 (2014)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

It’s no secret that I’m a Marvel fangirl. Not the kind that owns comic books or knows any and all trivia to spout off at a moment’s notice, but certainly the sort who knows when there are new blockbusters set to arrive in theaters and then promptly collects said movies upon their release to DVD. Along with that, I am also aware of any new superhero adaptations making it to the small screen. This is one of the latest to find its way onto our television screens. 

As a child, Barry Allen was the kid who was picked on by those bigger and faster than him. That’s okay because at home, he feels safe and loved with his parents. That all changes when his mother is murdered and unable to believe Barry’s claims of what he saw that night – right before his father told him to run, his father is arrested for the murder. Years later Barry (Grant Gustin) is a police forensics tech and is still running. Working with the man who took in Barry and raised him, Det. Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and his daughter Iris (Candice Patton) are the only two people left who are like family to Barry – and Iris is the only girl Barry has ever loved.  

Following an unexplained explosion powered by an accelerant, Barry is struck by lightning and left in a coma for nine months. When he finally wakes up, it’s in Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) STARR labs and under the care of Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) and Cisco (Carlos Valdes). Unsettled over the way life moved on during those many months he lost, Barry is just trying to accept these changes when he begins to realize what damaged his city with crippling results left him with something – a metahuman superhuman ability that will allow Barry to stand out in ways he never has… if he wants it.  

As a girl who counted Arrow as one of my most favorite new shows, I was thrilled to see CW take on another comic book hero and even more so when I saw Oliver Queen (Stephan Amell) himself pop up in the pilot – I confess I probably grinned in that scene no matter the cheese factor; you give a girl two such heroes together in one scene and happiness is bound to happen, after all why do we think The Avengers was so epic!? *wink* The scene between Barry and Oliver was an important one and I suspect if you’re current with the goings on in Arrow (which I am not), you’ll find this scene even more “important.” Now that I got the Arrow references out of the way, we’ll move on to the awesome-ness that is The Flash, which is a very strong start to what I hope is an entertaining story. One thing many of these origin stories give us is a tragic event that sets into motion the future of these superhero's lives. That is obviously also the deal with this pilot and to be honest, that can wear thin. Beyond that, it’s all upward from there.  

Despite having read the synopsis back while this was in production, I’d forgotten Barry worked for the police department, which means that it was a fun “twist” to realize he was part of the good guys before he gained superhero status and wasn’t a vigilante-in-the-making. Early on, all indications are Barry is a better hero than any writer has introduced us to in a too long. He’s not of the bitter sort and instead is the kindhearted guy we all wish we’d meet and would feel safe with because he does the right thing; makes those moral choices. I liked how the actors portrayed all of their respective characters though I’ve read that some viewers don’t care for the chemistry – or lack of, between two supporting characters, which could put a damper on any potential romance in the making. What I liked best in terms of character interactions in these first two episodes was the relationship between Barry and Joe. It’s complex and contrary to what Barry attempts to tell himself, is very much the typical father/son relationship that is actually going to be cool to follow. Here's hoping it doesn't end tragically.

Two episodes in, and I am loving this show. It’s got a lighthearted vibe that’s a breath of fresh air while still playing to our love of solving a mystery. Both episodes solve their mystery with the "bigger" picture being the death of Barry's mother not to mention each has ended on one of those, “wait! My hour can’t be over yet” kind of cliffhangers and I applaud the writers for doing such a grand job with this. It may be the CW, but anyone who gets excited about the recent influx of Marvel domination at the box office or comic books in general would be well rewarded in checking into this latest superhero to crash onto the small screen because this DC Comics adaptation has some chops – cheesy superhero costume and all. 
Your turn friends: What do YOU think of The Flash...
Are you tuning in or do you plan to?
What's your favorite part?
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  1. I am absolutely loving The Flash! I watched Arrow for a bit, but I tuned out because it was always so dark. The Flash, though, is just fun! I'm sure there will be moments of darkness, too, but in both episodes so far I've laughed out loud and various times ... and Grant Gustin is just so darn likable :-) This is definitely my favorite new show.

    1. I'm glad you think so, Becky! You know, I read in a review that someone felt the same about Arrow as you do - it was just too dark in comparison. However, I'm still enjoying it - particularly since Felicity is now a primary character. Like you, I hope this one stays "lighter" and yes! Grant is darn adorable - I love that his character is so "good." Makes it easy to root for him. :)

  2. We've been watching this one and enjoying it. It doesn't have any of the more trashy things that some of the CW shows tend to sometimes. Yet. It's also nice to see how much room Flash has to develop. He's got to figure things out and learn some additional skills besides just being fast. I like how they're honest about that. He isn't a trained fighter at this point or completely used to his ability. I'm also curious about the head scientist and thinking maybe he's the one who killed his mom. What a dangerous twist that would be. I hope we both continue to enjoy this one! :)

    1. I agree, Tressa; so far this one is clean and I love that. It will probably not stay that way (I know, that's being a downer, but I've seen it happen ALL too often), but I'm rooting for it to.

      Barry is an awesome character. I like that he's the good guy in the best, most genuine sort of way, and I'm hoping he doesn't become embittered like so many do.

      YES! That scientist has me curious too - I haven't figured the dude out yet - is he good, bad, somewhere in-between!? Keeps me guessing and wondering what will come next. Glad your family is enjoying it. I think it's one I'll keep up with since CW is putting the episodes on their site. :)

  3. I haven't watched it yet! Surprisingly I am interested in it even though I'm not really a DC Comics fan (well except Batman! He's awesome and I so want to watch Gotham)! Will have to tune in since you all said good things about it! :) Happy Saturday!

    1. Hope you enjoy when you see it, Laura; it's a lot of fun and manages to incorporate CW's other DC Comics adaptation, Arrow, which is what this was spun off from. Ooo! Hope you like Gothom, it's dark but really quite good! :)

  4. Oh my, I agree with every word of this fantastic review!! I watch this show with my little sister and we are really enjoying it so far, especially since Barry is such a cutie. Also love what you said about that scene with Arrow. Despite some cheesiness, this is probably one of my new faves as well! :)

    1. Hi, Bekah! Thanks - as always, for reading. I'm super excited about this new show... ;)

      Barry IS a cutie and I love that about him; he's a noble kind of hero, and thus far, isn't embittered, which I like. I was probably grinning like a goofball when Oliver showed up in the pilot - especially since I'm WAY behind with Arrow. I have season two, but haven't watched it just yet. *sigh* Ah, well, I'll get to it. :)


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