The Good Witch's Wonder (2014)

Saturday, October 25, 2014


The seventh title in a long-running, beloved – and popular ratings recipient, Hallmark Channel again invites us into the magical world of Cassie Nightingale (Catherine Bell). Life is feeling a bit restless for Cassie as it shifts to change her happy family. Lori (Hannah Edicott-Douglas) is in college busy with homework, dating and fitting into her schedule the work she does on the school paper. Brandon (Matthew Knight) too is becoming successful in his career and has a fiancée he’s planning a wedding with. Then there is her daughter, Grace who has special talents of her own - talents that just may have something to teach her grandfather (Peter MacNeill) who is feeling very out-of-place in Grace’s world.

Jake (Chris Potter) is currently dealing with the changes that the town’s new mayor, Martha Tisdale (Catherine Disher) is putting in place, leaving Cassie with little but her shop to occupy her time. When a stranger appears in town, Cassie is again needed to help along a situation that isn’t healthy – and to hopefully, bring about some much needed happiness.

These films were starting up during the time I was enjoying binge-watching of JAG, so naturally it was entertaining to look up its female lead's credits and see what else Catherine Bell has done. Following that, there was a gap between when The Good Witch premiered on television and when it came to DVD, though you can be sure once it showed up on a favorite retailer’s site, I snatched a copy and have been under the spell of this charming character ever since - plus multiple viewings. What I’ve loved so much about the evolution of these stories and the characters that live in them is how from first script to this seventh film, there is not only a story within the movies, but each one continues to further Cassie’s own life. From her first coming to Middleton to now finding a family of her own, it’s been a kind of nice journey for fans to follow along with.  

This installment is just as memorable and in some ways bittersweet as the very beginning. I confess if I’m being picky I wasn’t fond of certain minor casting choices, but am thrilled that everyone is still in their primary roles from Jake and Cassie to their children (makes the camaraderie all the more genuine), it’s a joy to see the familiar faces playing characters fans have come to love rooting on and wishing only happy endings for. Changes do take shape, which I can only imagine is setting into motion the transition into the 2015 premiere of the television show set to come to Hallmark Channel – a series that will retain some of its primary cast (or that’s what I believe is right) and also gain some new faces, one of whom will be Bailee Madison. Since some of the movies in-between were just put out on DVD, I very much look forward to watching the interim stories I missed in skipping past to be sure and have this latest in the series watched for its big debut and if this along with the earlier films are any indication, fans of this series are going to again fall head over heels for the charms that are the Good Witch - it's really the sweetest kind of family movie.  

Have you seen any of these films in The Good Witch series? If so, do you like them?
Let’s chat.  

…and then catch the premiere of The Good Witch’s Wonder tonight,
Saturday the 25th on Hallmark Channel.


  1. I reallllly want to see this. I wish they were on Netflix instant.

    1. I know, me too! It'd make watching these much simpler for most viewers. Since nearly all of the movies are on DVD now, hopefully this one will follow suit. *fingers crossed*


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