A Royal Christmas (2014) - Lacey Chabert Stars in Charming Seasonal Romance

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ever since The Princess Diaries (a childhood favorite), and if I'm being honest, probably before, I have been a fairy-tale movie kind of girl. Furthering that feeling are cute, cozy television productions such as this.  

Life for Emily Taylor (Lacey Chabert) is perfect. She’s working with her father at their generational family seamstress business, has dreams and sketches that could lead to designing, and to bring it full circle she is dating the greatest guy, Leo James (Stephen Hagan). Things couldn’t be more perfect. After nearly a year of dating, Christmas is nearing and the two of them are looking forward to their first holiday season together only Emily’s idea of a quiet, traditional Christmas is shattered when Leo is forced to admit to her that he isn’t just some British guy who came to the States to study, no in fact he is the crown prince of the small kingdom of Cordinia and his mother, Queen Isadora (Jane Seymour) is expecting his return for Christmas. Emily’s Christmas is suddenly all about manners, ballrooms and meeting the impossible standards of the queen.  

That is the gist of this latest Countdown to Christmas premiere and of the ones I’ve seen during this 2014 season, I do believe this one is my favorite to date. It’s sweet, romantic and airs on the side of caution when it comes to clichés – particularly with the whole breakup-ten-minutes-before-the-credits component. Is there still a separation? Of course, but it’s not as the result of a fight – or worse perceived cheating or lack of love. This alone is enough for me to completely gush over this, even if there wasn’t countless other attributes, which let me clarify: there are. Can we just run down a few now – castles, royalty, pretty gowns, and beautiful snowy landscapes. That seems reasons enough to fall head over heels for this festive production.  

Bringing this all together is the cast which is quite good. I liked Lacey and Stephen together and in particular respected how their characters were written. I never doubted that Emily knew that Stephen loved her (which was partially a factor in her later decision) nor did I question that Stephen loved Emily 100% wholeheartedly – in spite of a certain someone’s attempts to turn his head. Then there is well-known actress, Jane Seymour who adds some fun to the film and in particular her role. There are lots of cute moments with Emily and the servants, something that brings to mind the film A Princess for Christmas (this one mirrors that charmer in many ways) and of course, there’s an ending worthy of a wide smile and satisfied sigh of happiness. 

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  1. This reminded me of A Princess for Christmas. :)


    1. It is similar to that, SW. Very sweet and just fun; hope you enjoy if/when you see it. :)

  2. Lovely review, Rissi! I enjoyed "A Princess for Christmas," so I'll have to keep this one in mind. :-)

    1. Thanks for reading, Grace - and I hope you enjoy this one. It's on DVD at WalMart tomorrow! :)

  3. I absolutely love Princess Diaries, so this looks like it's up my alley. =)

    1. You should enjoy this one then, Maria. :)


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