Anon, Sir, Anon by Rachel Heffington

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

About the Book:
Author: Rachel Heffington
Publisher: Ruby Elixir Press
Source: Author provided e-ARC
Publication Date: 2014
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Genre: Fiction; Mystery
Rating: 4 out of 5

Sadly I have not gotten around to reading either one of Rachel’s previous works – both of which sound as if they are likely charmers. What I did know is her writing has been praised in the blogosphere and I knew, sooner or later, I would be reading something from her poetic pen. It came “sooner” when I had an opportunity to read Rachel’s newest release, Anon, Sir, Anon. The story introduces us to the feisty, unmarried and clever Genevieve Langley who is unremarkable in her appearance but is a good hand at nursing, which prompts her well-to-do parents to send their daughter to care for an uncle suffering some health issues. Upon her arrival, Genevieve – or Vivi as she becomes, finds living among a crusty bachelor’s world to be a drastic difference to her own life, but the real excitement finds her when a popular actress is murdered – and along with Uncle Farnham, Vivi sets out to solve the case.  

In the world of Whistlecreig – a place I imagine as a small, quaint, Marple-like village and could certainly “see” Miss Marple walking the streets of, Rachel created a darling “cozy mystery” that has a unique quality all its own. I don’t think I’ve ever read a mystery quite like this one and because of that, I very much admired the narrative. There is plenty of danger to be found within the pages, only it’s not necessarily the most fast-paced kind considering the setting and the mystery. The (ARC) story text takes its time setting up the characters and the mystery they become embroiled with as does the solving of said mystery. Much as I enjoyed the camaraderie between the characters, I do think some of the relationships forged felt a little awkward or as if they weren’t well thought out. That being said, I do understand the purpose of the “bigger picture” story almost required these connections and as such, I cannot fault them too much. I’d be more specific in my thoughts on this subject, but… well, then I’d be giving away some pivotal plot points and somehow I don’t think Rachel would appreciate that overmuch.

If you’re searching for a fresh take on the quiet, quaint and cozy mystery genre, then Anon, Sir, Anon is one for you to add to your shelves. It’s definitely a unique and snappy read that is precisely and elegantly written from a budding Indie author whom I’m very pleased to know.

(Goodreads) Synopsis: The 12:55 out of Darlington brought more than Orville Farnham's niece; murder was passenger.

In coming to Whistlecreig, Genevieve Langley expected to find an ailing uncle in need of gentle care. In reality, her charge is a cantankerous Shakespearean actor with a penchant for fencing and an affinity for placing impossible bets.

When a body shows up in a field near Whistlecreig Manor and Vivi is the only one to recognize the victim, she is unceremoniously baptized into the art of crime-solving: a field in which first impressions are seldom lasting and personal interest knocks at the front door.

Set against the russet backdrop of a Northamptonshire fog, Anon, Sir, Anon cuts a cozy path to a chilling crime. – Goodreads 

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Sincere thanks to the author for providing a complimentary e-ARC copy of this book for reviewing purposes.


  1. This sounds cute! I love fall for the uggs and pumpkin spice coffee! Too bad it is SNOWING tonight :( POO! I am not ready for that!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Neither am I, Missie! Oh, no - snow go away! Hope it didn't last too long and they you enjoy this novel if you read it. It's quite cozy. :)


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