Launch Day: Corral Nocturne by Elisabeth Foley

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Morning, friends and happy Saturday to you all! I'm excited today to be taking part in Indie author Elisabeth Foley's launch day/introduction post to her upcoming novella, Corral Nocturne. It's a fairytale retelling set in the old west, which of course sounds fabulous am I right!? Without further ado, check out all the details about the book including the synopsis and links where you can find Elisabeth.

Life on her brother’s ranch is lonely for Ellie Strickland. Ed’s ungracious manners and tight-fisted habits keep visitors away and his mother and sister close to home. But when Cole Newcomb, son of the wealthiest rancher in the county, meets Ellie by chance, he is struck by an unexpected impulse to rescue her from her solitude—and Ellie’s lonely summer is transformed.
When Cole asks her to go with him to the Fourth of July dance, Ellie is determined that nothing, from an old dress to Ed’s sour temper, will stand in her way. By the time the Fourth of July fireworks go off at midnight, will they herald only more heartache, or maybe—just maybe—a dream come true?
Novella, approximately 21,000 words.

Author bio:

Elisabeth Grace Foley is a historical fiction author, avid reader and lifelong history buff. Her first published story, "Disturbing the Peace," was an honorable mention in the first annual Rope and Wire Western short story competition, and is now collected with six others in her debut short story collection, The Ranch Next Door and Other Stories. Her other works include a series of short historical mysteries, the Mrs. Meade Mysteries; and short fiction set during the American Civil War and the Great Depression. A homeschool graduate, she chose not to attend college in order to pursue self-education and her writing career.  
Find Elisabeth Elsewhere:
The cover:
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Giveaway Information:

  The giveaway includes: Prairie Cinderella Prize Package

Corral Nocturne ebook
mp3 of “After the Ball”
 Pink cameo ring (in the style of the cameo brooch in the story)
 Custom-made Corral Nocturne bookmark
Best of luck, Elisabeth! Wishing you good things with your newest release.

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