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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good afternoon, friends. This is a first for me to put together a kind of "month in review" which is set to chronicle some of the blog's content and I'm also going to be talking about some of my favorites from this month or new finds. First up the new finds, then we'll discuss the blog's month and some of the content yet to come.


1.) 1989, Taylor Swift: I know, technically this one came out in October, but whatever, it was late October and this is my first month in review, so I *had* to share again (even though I know I've gushed about this album at lot. I'm really liking Taylor's second single, 'Blank Space' and the music video? Wow. Quite creative.

2.) Cinderella (2015): have you guys seen the full-length trailer for Disney's Cinderella? Oh, my, please tell me you have guys!? I sure hope so because it's awesome. The colors, the sights, the magic, the cast... just everything is beautifully rendered in this trailer.

3.) INSPYs 2015: conversations for the 2015 INSPYs season has begun. It's just some here and there thoughts, but I think I speak for the entire advisory board when I say we're excited to see what comes of this year. At the end of December the nominations will open (yay!), which means you guys get us started by nominating your 2014 favorites and leading up to that, the plan is to post some blogs about nominating and all we'd like you to consider when trying to decide which categories you should nominate those books in. Whether it'll appear here or on I'm not sure, but there'll be lots of tweeting and information about any updates no matter where the news appears.

4.) Gotham: what a dilemma this show has been. I really am loving it as one of the best of the 2014 TV season, but golly, it tests some things for me. That being said, I'm fascinated by the world (it's blend of past and present) and of course, love seeing the characters before they became superheroes - Jim Gordon in particular is a brilliant character and I'm enjoying Bruce's younger self too; he's really not much different as an adult. So far. Are you watching this one?

5.) Sally Hansen: I've only recently decided that I love Sally Hansen's complete manicure nail polishes. Just recently I picked up two more in AWESOME, rich, dark colors and I'm loving them. Do you have any nail product favorites?

(My) Blog Favorites:

1.) Belle: this was one of my favorite reviews to post this month - because, seriously, this movie is quite good, especially for those of us costume drama buffs!

2.) My True Love Gave to Me, edited by Stephanie Perkins: despite some gripes here and there, I so enjoyed this collection of Christmas stories! If you've read it, let me know your favorites.

3.) Top Ten Tuesday, Booktube: lastly, this was another favorite post for me to put together. Always have fun being a spectator in the Booktube world - these are a few of my favorite channels.

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Silver Petticoat:

This past month I had the opportunity to begin contributing to Silver Petticoat Review and excuse me a moment while I express excitement over this opportunity! These ladies have been one of my more recent finds since beginning to blog, and I so enjoy the content and style they have so it's a pleasure to be able to contribute to their classy site - one that's full of fabulous writing and information. Right now I'm recapping the CW show, The Flash and if you guys watch it, I'd love to chat about it with you!

That's the month in review here at Dreaming Under the Same Moon.
It's been a good month and one FULL of Christmas reviews, and just in case, those of you that are weary of the reviews, my apologies, there are more coming along with some book-to-movie adaptation reviews I recently watched.
Have any thoughts or favorite finds from the month? Share if you'd like!
Hope you're looking forward to ushering in December - it's almost here!


  1. I literally JUST watched the trailer for Cinderella--looks SPLENDID! I might even convince my little sister to go ... she's not a huge fan about movies she's never seen before (the scary factor, you know) and she's never been to the theater either--but I think she'd really enjoy this. I can't wait to see it for myself. There are just far too many good movies coming out in 2015 ... Into the Woods, Insurgent (still debating over whether this is worth me going to see in theaters though), Avengers: Age of Ultron, Cinderella, and Star Wars 7. Not to mention the 3 other movies I want to see in December (The Imitation Game, Night at the Museum 3, and The Hobbit)!

    Regarding Gotham ... I watched the first several episodes and then quit. Not only did I just not like it that much, but I was also concerned about the level of violence and the homosexual references/innuendos. I like that it portrays Bruce's earlier life and Detective Gordon is really great, plus I know that Gotham City is just disgusting in general (it almost reminds me of Corinth or Sodom and Gomorrah) but it still isn't my favorite. I like "feel-good" shows much better, haha ;)

    dance a real

    1. Doesn't it look wonderful, Hannah!? Cannot wait for this invasion of Disney awesome-ness that is fairytales - both with Into the Woods and Cinderella. Several that you list for 2015 are films I also would like to see though in all likelihood I'll only see a few on my list, the rest will be left for DVD. Hope you enjoy the December releases you're anticipating! :)

      I TOTALLY get your reservations about Gotham. I'm rather disappointed as to the regards you mention as well. I detest the innuendoes and have fallen behind on it. I DO love the world, as well as Jim's noble fight and intentions - he's one fabulous character and seeing a young Bruce is awesome; he's so studious! :)

  2. You did a month in review post! I love it, Rissi! I haven't done one myself in a few months now, but your post is definitely giving me some inspiration.

    Love your favorites of the month: TSwift always, the Cinderella trailer looks whimsical and beautiful, and YAY for Inspys! I don't know if I'll apply for judging this time around yet, but I'm excited nonetheless. And nail polish is so fun. I personally favor OPI... one of my favorite colors for the fall is Skyfall from the Skyfall collection, which is a deep maroon color.

    And congrats on your new writing venture on The Silver Petticoat! New writing opportunities are always thrilling, don't you agree?

    By the way, did you get a chance to see Hallmark's Matchmaker Santa yet? It's still my favorite Christmas movie this season! I'd love to hear your thoughts if/when you see it! (unless I missed your post about it??)

    1. I did indeed, Cassie; it was a quick/fun thing to put together and hopefully I'll keep it up in future - there are so many formats to do these and it's always fun to draw inspiration from the many versions out there! I love your idea of sharing favorite reads/posts in the blogging world. I'll have to try and do that at times as well. :)

      Thanks! Yay for favorites or new finds. We'd totally understand not planning to reapply for judging, though if you do, you're most welcome. :) OPI isn't one I've tried (that I remember); I'll have to look into it - Skyfall sounds beautiful. I'm going for darker shades this time of year.

      Thanks again. I'm loving this chance and yes, new writing ventures are THE best. I'm quite excited about any I am given a chance to join in and thankful for this one. :)

      I haven't seen Matchmaker Santa yet. Though the plan is to see it. I'll try and get a hold of a copy this week - I don't have cable so I have to go looking online and the like. :) I'm excited when someone recommends Christmas movies because, well, I do so enjoy them.

  3. Hope you have a nice December, Rissi!

    1. Same to you, Ganise; hope your December is merry! :)


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