The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014) - RomCom Cute with Festive Charm and Brandon Routh

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Even with all the cozy comforts of the familiar, the 2014 Countdown to Christmas has gotten off to a rousing good start. Last weekend started it all rolling with the bright captivity of One Starry Christmas and this weekend with not one but two all new original movies. 

Zach (Brandon Routh) may be a hero, but he isn’t exactly the happy ending kind of guy. His girlfriend (Chelsea Hobbs) is the spoiled daughter of a pet store owner, who though beautiful is a shallow woman. Then there is Marilee (Kimberley Sustad). She’s a ragged veterinary student, whose friends and sister has made it their mission to find for her the perfect man. 

When her path coincidentally continues to cross with Zach, Marilee may discover, her ideal match is not all that far away.

This movie – or what I saw of it, is absolutely darling. In comparison to some of its peers, the writing is really quite good with some great bits of dialogue between Zach and Marilee (primarily the scene when they first meet - like, how cute is this moment – appropriately awkward) and the sweet way Zach talks about his impressions of Marilee then there are the fun scenes of Zach at the firehouse where he manages to get some much-needed counsel from his captain (played by familiar face, Gregory Harrison). 

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Just to be upfront, I will say I did not see this film in its entirety due to some skipping (for no reason other than by choice) coupled with some minor technical issues, however I am comfortable with my review. Needless to say, this is one package any avid Christmas movie fan will enjoy discovering. The characters themselves seemed fresh (perhaps because of the newbie Hallmark faces playing them – they lend something “new” to the story) and I liked them all the more for this. 

One of the movies I didn’t expect to enjoy as well as some of the others I was eyeing, ‘Nine Lives’ definitely surprised me. Don’t miss it – really, it’s the purr-fect, cozy kind of flick. (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.)

I’ll leave off with this bit of dialogue from Zach and Marilee’s meet-cute. (If you guys know what movie that last phrase is from, you’re awesome.)

 “What kind of cat do you have?”
“Uh… well, he’s sort of orange-ish. With stripes.” 
“That’s a very rare breed.”


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  1. Oh good, you did see it! I absolutely adored this. I don't think I've ever liked a Hallmark movie this much--not even The Christmas Card, which is, I think, the ONLY Hallmark movie we have on DVD at our house :)

    walking in the air.

    1. That's awesome, Hannah! I have a TON of Hallmark DVD's at my house though I totally "get" they're sappy in terms of production, still, if you can't enjoy these at the holiday, what can you!? ;) I heart Christmas Card (as well as this one - it was so cute) along with several of the Hallmark Hall of Fame titles, which are often a step better than these in terms of production. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I LOVED this one! I was a little nervous because sometimes the animal movies don't come off so well (see: My Boyfriends' Dogs). I think this one succeeded because the cats were a part of the story but not the focus. It's one of my new favorites (and I do love me some Hallmark movies!), and I'm thrilled that they're releasing it on DVD right away. I agree with you on the writing--it's a step above the normal Hallmark fare.

    1. Well said, Becky - I'm not usually a big fan of stories that prominently feature animals either, like you said My Boyfriend's Dogs or really my least favorite kind are live action films with talking animals. Yeah, not a favorite. Glad you liked this one too - and YES! I'm eager to snatch a copy on DVD too. :)


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