A Sugar Creek Christmas by Jenny B. Jones

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

About the Book:
Publisher: Sweet Pea Productions
Source: Personal Copy
Publication Date: 2014
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Series: A Sugar Creek Novel, Book 1
Genre: Fiction; Contemporary Novella
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

After taking some time off from the title of author (one she owned nicely), one of the funniest ladies blessed with the gift of prose, is back. The second book to be published from Jenny B. Jones this year, this novel is the first in her brand-new series of novels that explore a new genre for the author. But, more on that later. First, the story goes… 

Emma Sutton is one of the rising stars at her morning TV gig. In fact she’s on the fast track for an anchor seat, only her chances revert to start after an on-air “bah-humbug” moment. This sidelines her, and she’s charged with trying to find a warm, fuzzy Christmas story to air at Christmas. She finds just the thing in small-town Arkansas where she accepts an event planning job, and runs into her ex, Noah.

Ever since reading this lady’s Save the Date, I’ve been a fan. Since then, I’ve wanted to read all her novels and in fact was surprised when realizing I had not. I’ve yet to complete her Katie Parker Productions series (something I feel badly about) and am prompting myself to do so in the New Year. No excuses. Until then, I was thoroughly swept away by Jenny’s darling Christmas story that is, yes, a different kind of book than we’re used to reading from her. 

Instead of infusing her stories – or at the very least drawing a distinct line, in Christianity, Jenny has gone outside the “safe” normal and amp up the chemistry between her leading couple. Emma and Noah are a great one to boot. I enjoyed their banter and romance. Emma was doing everything in her power to ensure she wouldn’t get hurt by love (stemming from feeling abandoned as a child) while ironically, Noah in many ways was too.

He was keeping his distance from Emma because of their past, a past he believed was going to repeat itself. If something didn’t change. Emma’s work ethic was a barrier between them and Noah’s disappointment in her inability to see how unimportant that life was (by her own admission, she no longer loved her work) is what pulls them apart. One of the best pros for this story is the characters having a history. Novella style tends to almost require that for a love story to feel authentic. Keeping true to her brand of funny while stepping outside the “safe” comfort zone we’ve come to love from Jenny is this sweet story. It’s one that is easily read (unless you read like I do) in an afternoon, and for those of you still wanting a Christmas read, consider making this sugary confection part of your holiday.

Content: there are a few “questionable” scenes and moments that are a bit suggestive, depending on the reader. Nothing is graphic though and would be a solid “PG rating” or mild “PG13.”

Synopsis: Sometimes all love needs is a second chance.

Morning television show darling Emma Sutton has just been fired. The only way to get her job back is to find a holiday story to warm the coldest heart. So when her hometown of Sugar Creek, Arkansas, needs a Christmas event planner, Emma moves back, sure her story lies in the town’s desire to become a tourist’s holiday wonderland. The plan is perfect—until Emma meets her new boss.

Charming, handsome Noah Kincaid isn’t just Sugar Creek’s newest mayor. He’s also Emma’s ex-fiancé. Ten years ago Emma left Noah her ring and a goodbye note, but it’s haunted her ever since. The last thing Noah wants to do is work with the woman who broke his heart, but Emma’s desperate to prove to him that her bah-humbug ways won’t interfere with her work.

Emma finds it’s more than the mistletoe drawing her back to Noah. Whatever they had is clearly not over, but Noah’s kisses can’t protect Emma from a past that won’t leave her alone. As the snow falls and the trees glisten, love will come to Sugar Creek. But will it come in time to make all of Emma’s Christmas dreams come true?


  1. Thanks for reviewing this Rissi!!!
    I'm glad to know that Jenny B. Jones is writing more books.

    1. Also Merry Christmas:)

    2. Me too, Ella! I love that Jenny is now writing again. This is just the first in a new series so yay! Cannot wait. :)

      Merry Christmas to you too, friend. Have a lovely day.

  2. Thanks for reviewing this! I'm so happy that Jenny has decided to write more books again, and this one looks like a wonderful Christmas story. Her fantastic sense of humor does certainly shine through her prose. Can't wait to read this :) Merry Christmas, Rissi!

    1. It does indeed; I love her fun humor. It makes her books always recognizable. Hope you enjoy this one if/when you read it. :)

      Merry Christmas, Jillian! Hope your holiday is wonderful. :)

  3. Merry Christmas, Rissi! This looks very "Sweet"! I love a good story centered around the warmth and light of Christmas! Blessings to you, Net

    1. It is sweet, Net. Jenny has a knack for this genre and writing such charming stories.

      Merry Christmas. Hope you and your family have a blessed holiday. :)

  4. Thanks for the lovely review, Rissi! And thanks, all, for the sweet comments. Made my day!

    1. My pleasure, Jenny. Thank YOU for these awesome stories. This one took me by surprise... I didn't know you had another one (after Can't Let You Go) releasing. Keep 'em coming. :)

  5. Oh, I have to get a copy ASAP!! :)

    1. It's darling, Heather! The first in a new series. :)


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