A Wish Come True (2015)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Wish Come True Hallmark

For 25 years, Lindsay Corwin (Megan Park) has made a wish on her birthday. But she doesn’t just make a wish when she blows out the candle, she writes the wishes down. On her 25th birthday, she wishes for the perfect guy to walk into her life, not knowing that her best friend – and now lawyer, Dave (Ben Hollingsworth) has loved her without ever saying a word. Instead he's been the guy she relies on. Nearly five years later and Lindsay is not in the job she’d have wanted, but she has got the perfect guy. Or so she thought. Her 30th birthday is celebrated again with no boyfriend.

Instead something else happens and all of her wishes begin coming true starting with a dream promotion… 

Following through with their tradition (Hallmark, of course) of bringing wholesome and sweet romantic comedies, A Wish Come True is another fabulous film to curl up and watch on a Saturday evening in. I liked a multitude of things about it. One of which is that it’s relatively grounded in reality. Sure, its heroine has some dreams, but they aren’t necessarily unrealistic. What do get marginally hooky are the methods by which Lindsay’s dreams are achieved – some of which do stretch the bounds of believability. That being said, this is all a part of the film’s charm, which is of course, too cute to rag overmuch on.  

Another plus was seeing Ben (Lucky in Love) in something again. I’ve really liked him in the leading man roles he’s played, and Dave is no different, and Megan's Lindsay is a fun heroine. Sprinkled with some pixie dust and elements of the Cinderella story, A Wish Come True is pure sunshine. It does take a quirky detour now and again (crazy side character), but that doesn’t undermine from the fabulous. Plus, the ending is far more complete than most of its peers, that alone proves wishes do come true.  

A Wish Come True premieres on Hallmark Channel tonight, January 31st 
Who else is tuning in to watch this sweet confection?  


  1. I am totally going to watch this -- I'm housesitting at a place with the Hallmark channel for a couple weeks and have been looking forward to seeing this cute movie! I can't wait :)

    walking in the air.

    1. HOW FUN, Hannah! You'll enjoy watching some of their cute-sy stuff. Let me know what you thought of this one. :)


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