Surprised by Love (2015) - A Spontaneous and Sweet Romance from 'Heart of TV' Network

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The “Heart of TV” channel we all love isn’t wasting any time in premiering new flicks in 2015. The first movie to air on Hallmark Channel (one that sets the stage for Saturday night premieres) is both sweet and hilarious

Surprised by Love

Hilarie Burton stars as Josie Mayfield, a driven career woman working at her father’s high-end department store. She’s dating her vision of the perfect man while her parent’s believe Richard is anything but right for her. Then she happens to meet up again with her high school almost-boyfriend, Maxwell (Paul Campbell) and it just so happens to coincide with her parent’s 40th anniversary party – a party they don’t want Richard at. 

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Richard concocts the perfect plan as a result: Josie should bring Maxwell home with her instead. His free-spirited attempts at making a living are in direct contrast with the Mayfield’s, which means that the plan is to make Richard look all the better.  

For a romantic comedy airing on this channel – which can often fall into being formulaic, this film is darling. It moves away from some of the common story cues and uses its own imagination to make things seem more interesting. Sometimes the humor gets a bit “too much” just in the way that it's “physical humor” and as we’re watching we’re wondering how much more can go wrong…! There are baking disasters, hair color snafus and more yet through it all, the script maintains a fun vibe that is anything but boring.  

Aside from the cast (seeing familiar faces like Campbell, Window Wonderland and then Hilarie Burton, White Collar), it was nice to watch the story’s progression. It's not a typical girl-returns-home plot. This one has a twist or two (for one, it's not set in small town USA), something that gives the script more "life." Plus, the story isn’t focused on just its leads. There are a lot of conflicting family dynamics thrown into the story that adds more to the picture than producing merely a romance. I liked Josie’s sister, Mindy and her conflicting emotions. I even liked the silliness of Maxwell’s character. Plus something about the film – or rather certain scenes, puts one in mind of a 40’s era party. True, all this likely was the spontaneous let's-sing-a-song moment and the orchestra music, but... still. 

If you’re looking for a sweet way to end your holiday weekend, Surprised by Love is the perfect bit of spontaneity with which to cap that holiday off. 

Photos: Hallmark Channel / Crown Media Press


  1. I agree with your assessment that it was hilarious! I don't normally laugh out loud while watching Hallmark movies (and often when they try to be comedic, I feel like they fail dismally), but this one really struck my funny bone. I didn't think the romance was particularly strong, but overall it was very enjoyable.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the comedy too, Becky! I thought it was really sweet though like you say, because of this, it maybe suffered a bit in the romance. The balance worked well for me though and makes me curious for whatever else Hallmark brings us in 2015!

  2. I LOVED this Hallmark. BUT, I missed the ending. Our recorder let us down big time with this one. I got to where he was ending and she seemed to not know what to say. Can you PLEASE tell me the ending??? NAN

    1. Oh no! I'm so sorry you missed the ending. usual, it's a Hallmark happy-ever-after complete with a sweet "reunion" scene. She comes after him after they've parted, and it ends (if memory serves) at the park. :)


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