Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Heroines

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

When it comes to characters, readers have an endless amount of chatter to share. If they're good characters, we gush about them. If they're villains, there is no end to our dislike of them. If they're wishy-washy, we bemoan the fact that they never do anything. In particular we girls do tend to gush about the leading men - because who doesn't love a good swoon-worthy hero!? But we don't want to forget the lovely heroines who seem to be dominating the book world - particularly the YA market. That is a genre that gives readers countless strong females. We all love a female character that isn't afraid to be kick-butt if need be, but who also knows when to ask for help or is memorable simply for her personality. Here are some of my favorites.

Top Ten Favorite Heroines From Books (Or you could pick movies/tv)
We've done this topic before so you could always do heroines you love since the last time we did this topic,
heroines in a particular genre, etc.
This novel gets a lot of recognition because of its titular character - and a particularly unique kiss, but its heroine shouldn't go unnoticed. She's a great leading lady and I admire her grit and determination to make a life for her family even in such terrible circumstances.

Technically Felicity isn't a book character, but since this was opened up to movies or TV shows and Felicity is a character from a comic book, she totally fits in this meme. I love Felicity's character so much and am hoping in the end she won't be so stubborn as regards her feelings for Oliver.

Finley is a lovely character. She's vulnerable yet much stronger than those around her give her credit for.
Again, Kate is another TV show character but she does have a connection to books. The lead male character on Castle, Richard Castle is an author and the show is so popular that the books he writes as that character are published under the name Richard Castle and in them is a character named Nikki Heat who was inspired by Kate Beckett. So yeah, it goes.
Aside from her foolishness regarding her mother's case - decisions that nearly cost her Castle, I love Kate's character.
One of my favorites always. Love this series and this heroine.

This book is too cute for its own good. Every time I get to one of Lizzie's humorous quips I immediately can picture Ashley's portrayal of her in the video series. Lots of fun.
Definitely a memorable YA character who is not only cool as a person, she has some pretty awesome super powers.

Though we might not have gotten to know her as well as I'd have liked, Rosemarie shows great promise in becoming the kind of leading lady we crave in YA fiction. She's lovely and feminine yet isn't without great strengths that will serve her well in ruling her lands.

Wonderful character. 'Nuff said.

Though she first appeared in the WB TV show, Veronica Mars has now become a book series, written by the TV script writer/creator. I'm very glad since she is a savvy and fabulous female lead.
 There are countless others I could share. But these ten are awesome.
Who would make your list? I'd love to read your Top Ten Tuesday posts, so if you joined the meme, feel free to leave your links, too.
Happy Tuesday.


  1. Felicity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Love her so stinking much.

    Love the way you designed this post! You're so creative. I think you missed an 'e' in Lizzie Bennett's last name, though...

    Great list! I know, or know OF, some of these characters.

    1. Me too, Raquel! She's probably my favorite TV (female) character right now... but then if you ask me tomorrow I might say someone else. Life of a TV addict. ;)

      Thanks! I had fun putting this one together - and thanks for noticing the spelling mishap. I probably did *goes to check* Yep, there it is! As usual, I rushed in putting this together - it gets me every time. ;)

      Glad you visited - and thanks for reading. :)

    2. She is always going to be a favorite of mine... And I'm picky about TV shows haha But I'm a total addict to Arrow. Finishing up the second season right now. I bought the first and second ones on DVD. Love, love, love.

      No worries! We all make mistakes, like my Grandma always says;) Looks great. Keep up the good work. Love your blog.

    3. That's cool then. I'm glad Felicity is an exception in the TV show world. It's good that you're picky about TV shows. I'm watching way too many just now and am lagging with older shows as a result. Arrow is one I'm behind on as result, but it's always a favorite and someday I'll be caught up. :)

  2. Good list!
    Finley is one Jenny B. Jones' greatest main characters.

    1. I agree, Ella! She's a fun character though I do like Katie too... tough decisions. :)

  3. I have yet to see The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, but from all I've heard I feel like I should asap! Same with the Jody Hedlund books. Totally agree with the Felicity and Veronica Mars love and yay for Nym! She's a firecracker. Awesome list, Rissi, your graphics are always amazing. :)

    1. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are way fun and addictive, Bekah! They're now on DVD too and I'm determined to get the set someday... despite the expensive pricing. ;)

      Had such fun putting this list together and Felicity and Veronica are two "always favorite" characters. Though I will admit from what I'm reading about Arrow right now, I am a bit annoyed with Felicity. But it doesn't matter... I still think she's awesome. :)

      Thank you, as always for reading. Appreciate your input. :)

  4. We both share that love of VM! I really should watch Castle, I have seen that on a few lists today!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. We do indeed, Missie - and I can admit I put her on any list I can. ;)

      Yay! Hope you like Castle if you see it. It's such a great crime drama.

  5. My favorite thing about Annalisa is how she is always telling her girls' fairy tales though out the book. Most authors I feel like tend to stray away from the idea of fairy tales (or trying to make them more modern) but Mrs. Hedlund I felt used fairy tales for their original purpose, to remind people that maybe happy ending exist.

    1. That is a sweet aspect. I had forgotten about that, but I agree. It was a nice character addition. There are "happy endings" in life, they just don't always come as the movies portray them. But so long as we realize that, it's okay to indulge in them now and again. :)

  6. I think I need to start watching Veronica Mars, since I have heard so much about it.;)
    Great list!

    1. It's a really fun albeit very "secular" show, Amanda. I guess the good of the characters outweighed the bad for me - plus Kristin Bell is a fun comedic actress. :)

      Thanks for visiting.


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