As a self-diagnosed book addict, I am always adding books to my to-be-read list or at the very least am intrigued by countless concepts. Needless to say, I had an easy time finding some fun looking novels to add to my ever-changing and growing lists of possible reads.

Some of the books are from seasoned authors who recently announced new books, others are upcoming books or random books I had heard of but haven't been too interested in until recent weeks. Below is the result of my "research" for today's Top Ten Tuesday.

Ten Books You Recently Added To Your To-Be-Read List

1.) Red Girl, Blue Boy
I've really enjoyed Bloomsbury's "If Only" line of books, so discovering there were (at least) three more titles to come (one of which I have a review copy of) made me quite happy.
This, the fifth of the "series" sounds insanely cute!
2.) To Get to You
Joanne's books are always on point, which is why I am certain her contemporary debut will also craft a special kind of nostalgia only she can write.
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3.) Velvet Undercover
Not only is the cover snazzy, this one sounds very interesting and I'm always up for something different.

4.) Corroded Thorns
Emma's Beauty and the Beast novella is set to release later this year, and you know, I can never resist a good fairy tale.
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5.) Young Widows Club
This book sounds... unique and kind of unusual to the normal YA market not to mention Alexandra's usual vein of writing. Needless to say, I'm intrigued.
6.) The Murder Complex
Its name notwithstanding (it's kind of creepy, right!?), the more I read about this, the more curious I am. Because of that, I've been eyeing the upcoming paperback release as an excuse to possibly read this book.
7.) You are Here
Jennifer's books look darling, so it'd only made sense that I'd read them. Someday.
8.) Forever Red
Black Widow novel? Yes, please!
9.) Hello, I Love You
This one just sounds like my kind of "perfect" read.
Your turn! Which books recently captured your fancy? Or if you made a Top Ten Tuesday list of your own, let me know! I'd love to visit and chat bookish things with you.
Happy Top Ten Tuesday - and as always, in case I haven't said it lately, thank you all for your continued readership and support.