The Good Witch, Episode Two: “Running Scared” (2015)

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fortunately for us, Saturday nights just became magical with the airing of the new-to-TV series, Good Witch. Tonight, there is a second episode to tune into that sets up a mystery that – oh, dear! – doesn’t get solved by the time the episode wraps. This time around, Cassie (Catherine Bell) comes across a stranger named Ashley whom she invites into Grey House. It’s clear the girl is hiding secrets, but believing that she’s a good person, Cassie gives her space. Brandon (Dan Jeannotte) is taking his job seriously and doesn’t like the idea of the stranger living with his family, which leads him to investigate. Meanwhile Grace (Bailee Madison) is struggling with how to handle being used by Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond) and Sam (James Denton) is being goaded into entering the annual fundraising race Middleton hosts.  

As per usual, the second episode of this ten episode debut season keeps pace with its premiere and brings up fun shenanigans from the magical touches of Cassie Nightingale and her teenage daughter, Grace. Instead of the family taking center stage, the writers are setting up a mystery that will likely span at least through episode three if not longer. Prior series (Cedar Cove, specifically) ran on a two-episode plotline, which keeps us on our toes! With this method of storytelling, I do think it felt like the main characters were jipped to some degree – though I cannot place my finger on why, since they were dealing with plenty of their own issues (more later on) – however, Cassie’s character has always been the one to help people out of a tight spot and that’s what this story is setting up.  

Elsewhere, Grace is trying to figure out how to help Nick (Sam’s son) and finding something that will break him of his bad boy persona. (Yeah, that’s not working.) One of the cutest subplots in this episode is really the way Sam is being pursued by the local café owner. It’s hilarious and makes the viewer question if things are going to turn out how we suspect they will – but then, it’s early days. I think it’s safe to assume nothing. Also nice was seeing more of Brandon though it comes at the expense of Lori and George only being in one scene. Though like always, I am not worried anyone will be forgotten. There is lots of storytelling to come and each of these characters is likely to have their own episode spotlighting something that is bound to confound them.

If you watched and liked the premiere of this show, don’t miss tuning into the followup episode, ‘Running Scared.’ It’s a must see for any fan and I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. It’s another journey that spells all kinds of magic.

Episode two airs tonight on Hallmark Channel.

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