When Calls the Heart, Season Two - "Trials of the Heart," Episode One (2015)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Last spring a television series made a grand debut for young and old audiences alike. It was When Calls the Heart. Based off of the best-selling novels by inspirational author Janette Oke, the series was a rousing success for the network Hallmark Channel, and was renewed for a follow up season in short order. If season one left girls swoon-y over a certain Mountie, season two gets off to an even better start.  

Things in Coal Valley are still in unrest. The town is set to hold the trial to disprove that Noah Stanton had anything to do with the mine explosion. Abigail (Lori Loughlin) is not about to give up her stand to clear her husband’s name in this case, and with forensic investigator Bill Avery (Jack Wagner) at her side, a young lawyer is brought in to represent the widows. Coinciding with the challenges Coal Valley is confronting, Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) receives a telegram with news that her mother is ill. This sends Elizabeth preparing to return to her high society lifestyle and the Mountie she loves – Jack (Daniel Lissing), insistent he accompany her back to Hamilton. Once there, Jack begins to pull away from Elizabeth as he sees the contrast in his life and hers. His family life consists of a brother who cannot get his act together and hers has a family already prejudiced against him without even making an effort to get to know him.  

The highs and lows of season one were met with approval when, in the finale, the writers gave shippers what they’d been waiting for: a Jack and Elizabeth kiss. Unfortunately, as nearly all shows are prone to, our favorite couple is presented with situations that could nip their young, budding romance before it has a chance to blossom. This will disappoint some fans whereas I have to confess to liking the idea of seeing Elizabeth in Hamilton. It offers a chance for some fresh storytelling plus in spite of a rocky beginning (between her and I), I admired the fact her mother nudged Elizabeth to go after what she wants. It was a good moment for mother and daughter as well as the audience.  

Beyond the romance (which I get is the important thing *smile*), there’s a lot going on in the two-hour premiere. Everything from the trial's conclusion for Coal Valley’s case to Abigail’s disappointment in the misguided trust she placed in Bill. (Sadly, she might be more justified than we thought in this.) The change in locations was way more fun than anticipated. Even with their different personalities (and Viola’s snippy attitude), I enjoyed seeing Elizabeth’s interaction with her sisters (and seeing the flighty Julie again is always an adventure). From their spontaneous meeting with Jack and his brother on the street to their humorous family dinner, the sequence made me ridiculously happy.  

It all comes down to this. If you were a fan of season one, you’re going to love this premiere, minor setback (for the characters) or not. There’s more to enjoy, laugh and cry over, and of course, more tension and romance between Jack and Elizabeth. The primary cast and characters are back ready to regale us with another set of stories that will be full of wholesome romance, mischievous shenanigans and some good old-fashioned fun. 
Watch 'Trials of the Heart." 

Season two premieres tonight, Saturday April 25th on Hallmark Channel. Until then, share what you anticipate most from this episode or come back and let me know what you think.  


  1. Has it already been a year since I first started watching this show? Definitely looking forward to season 2! I don't have Hallmark (*sad face*), so I'm hoping they'll put it on Amazon Instant like they did season 1. (Please?)
    But until I find that out, I do have all of season one and plan to revisit some with Elizabeth, Jack, and the others of Coal Valley today. :-D

    1. It has been (if counting by when it debuted on TV anyway!). Hard to believe, right!?

      I don't see it on Amazon (*sad face*), but there are two options for you to see this one. In May, there is going to be a DVD release that will have the 2-hour season premiere (and it looks like that pattern will follow suit - they'll be DVD releases with each two episodes on them) and iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/when-calls-the-heart-season-2/id983049003) also has the second season. Hope you can watch this season!

      ...if you liked Jack, Elizabeth and Co.'s first season adventures, you'll love this season. :)

  2. I'm absolutely DYING to see this!!!!!!!! I love the show so much and can't wait to see more, though sadly I'll have to wait for it to come out on dvd, so it'll be a little bit. =)
    Thanks for reviewing it! ♥

    1. Yay! Cannot wait to know what you think, Kara. :)

      As for viewing options, on May 26th, a DVD will release with the 2-hour season premiere (with DVD releases holding each 2 episodes to follow) and also you can buy the episodes on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/when-calls-the-heart-season-2/id983049003) for a per episode (or season) price. Hope you can see it soon! :)


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