Armchair BEA, Day Three: Character Chatter and Blogging Q&A

Friday, May 29, 2015

Morning, readers! Today’s BEA topics present some fun challenges. For me, this day wasn't so bad since I’ve discussed both of these topics before and yes, if you guessed I would use that, you are right. I am so going to cheat.  
Pull up a chair and your favorite cup of tea or whatever beverage you enjoy and let's get started with day three of Armchair BEA.

There is no question that characters can make or break a novel. I love books that have strong or fleshed out characters. They make me happy. It can be because I relate to a character or simply because I love the character and wish they could be my best friend. Or it could be because either the lead male or female character bring the best out in their counterpart. Either way, good characters aren’t always easy to find.  

To me, a good character should bring out the best in the people around them. They should be likable, but perfectly imperfect – it never hurts if they're trying to figure something out because that is human nature. Then again, characters who struggle with something so intensely that it overwhelms the other characters or the story isn’t always a pro. One of my least favorite clichés in fiction is when the girl is part of a love triangle and she’s wishy-washy. Yeah, that is not my favorite trait.  

Some of my favorite characters are Cole McKenna (Submerged), Nym (Storm Siren), Augustus Waters (The Fault in our Stars), Lara Jean (To All the Boys who Loved Me), Amy and Roger (Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour), and oh-so many more.   

If you’d like to read about more the characters I've liked, you can read any of these posts.  

What do you look for in a good character? Do you have any clichés that bug you? Share thoughts down below.  


Blogging 101 is today’s second topic. It’s yet another one that I’ve shared thoughts on here in another blog post. My journey as a blogger has been interesting. I started a blog just to help along my writing love and hopefully, to use it as a self-teaching tool. Clearly I did not know all that blogging was about or its multifaceted lessons. What I got was so much more. It may sound strange to say blogging is rewarding, but it is. There is lots more to blogging than the obvious. It’s a community that’s hard not to love being able to be a part of. Personally, it’s been my readers who have helped me open up more than I ever thought I would and to enjoy the journey. I’ve loved every second.  

What I’ve learned has been enormous. I’ve learned important things, feel better about reviewing something I might have to carefully consider because the book just didn't click and conquered some things I didn’t know anything about in the beginning. One of my goals in the last year has been to write more “personal” or discussion driven posts. The reason being, it’s good to challenge oneself as a writer and secondly, because I enjoy a good discussion. Readers here seem to engage in some great conversation, which, as a blogger, I selfishly enjoy. It’s always nice to get feedback and read what fellow bloggers or readers have to say.  

Moving onto thoughts on designs. I’ve come a long way with that. Right now, I’m really into the “minimalist” look. When it comes to design, I’m all about “less is more.” Perhaps that’s because I’m really serious about blogging right now and that seems to be what people in the know recommend. Sometimes I’m inspired by other designs, other times it’s maybe a color palette or a new font. There’s definitely inspiration everywhere. 

As for recommendations or advice, I think using social media is a smart move. If you are concerned with boasting page views or getting into programs that might require that, that’s one option. I would also recommend you not visit blogs purely for the purpose of promoting your blog. On that same token, don’t be afraid to jump into whatever community you want to better know. Just join in the conversations! I cannot speak for other blogging communities but the book community is awesome. Everyone is willing to help. Also, be as interactive in your blogging as you can. I know we all have lives outside of blogging and that’s exactly as it should be, but if you can respond to comments or visit blogs you admire or enjoy reading, that’s a nice gesture. It says a lot, plus you get to interact with many like-minded people, which is never a negative thing.  The blogs I spend time visiting are ones I want to read.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, don’t forget, we’re all still learning. Don’t be afraid to share what you think, but also be considerate while doing so. It’s important that we never stop learning and realize that sometimes we might not have everything together, and that’s okay. Find what your niche is in blogging and go for it. If you’re not writing about something you care about or have an interest in, then it might not be interesting to someone else. If you want to be a beauty or fashion blogger, pursue that avenue. If you like to do the meme tags that randomly appear in the blogosphere, that’s fun reading. If you love books, welcome to the club.
If you’d like to read more about things I’ve learned in blogging, find more ramblings in this post.  

What advice do you have for bloggers? What would you say to new or potential bloggers? You’re invited to sound off down below.
Thanks for reading.


  1. It is fun seeing who everyone's favorite characters are. I write a weekly blogging tips post so I skipped that topic today. Girl Who Reads

    1. That it is, Donna! I always enjoy reading about characters - they are a HUGE part of any fictional world. Thank you for visiting and commenting. :)

  2. I was struggling with the favorite characters topic, but here you have several posts on the topic already! You=awesome.
    Also, loving your design

    1. Thanks to Top Ten Tuesday and you know, just random posts. I know I never pick all of my favorites, but sometimes it's fun to look at my bookshelf and feature some of my favorites. :)

      Thanks, Alyssa! I always have fun with the design aspect. One of the best things about blogging. :)

  3. I love Augustus :)) The book blogging community is definitely a great community to be apart of. Great post!

    Cierra @ Books Ahoy

    1. Me too! He's a fabulous character. :)

      Ditto. Love this community. Thank you for reading, Cierra and visiting. Always glad to meet fellow book bloggers. :)

  4. I really like how you explain which characters your like. I agree with you on all points. I liked Augustus too. He was one of my favorite parts of The Fault in Our Stars. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

    1. Thanks, Jenni! I appreciate the blogging feedback. :)

      Augustus is a wonderful male lead. I really, really like him. :)

      You're very welcome - thank you for stopping by here and the comment. Always glad to meet new bloggers.

  5. AnonymousMay 31, 2015

    All very good points. The thing with both blogging and the book industry itself, it is always evolving, so we never stop learning. I think that keeps it interesting.

    1. Well said, Suzi. I agree. This industry is always changing. No matter what we pursue, I think continuing to learn and pursue new ideas is always a winner. If we quite wanting to learn, we get "stuck" and that's never helpful. :)


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