Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Morning, awesome peeps! Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is an interesting one since for my reading perspectives, this "same" topic was just dealt with a couple of weeks ago. That topic asked us to pick our all-time favorite authors. Well, for me, that pretty much also encompasses the authors I'd love to someday meet. I've had the pleasure of working with some of these authors through the INSPYs and if not there, then they've been patient, gracious and willing to chat with their readers on social media. It's been a learning, exciting experience. The chances of me being calm, cool and collected aren't high, but hey, the idea of it is fun.

Broke and Bookish May 12th Topic
Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet
If you'd like to read about the authors I'd like to meet, you can find them in my
"Top Ten Favorite Authors" post.
This Top Ten Tuesday edition features authors Anne Blankman, Joanne Bischof, Kristy Cambron, Lindsay Cummings, Denise Hunter, Melissa Tagg, Becky Wade and so many more. But, that's not where today's entry is ending.
The authors I shamefully did not add to that post deserve more recognition than I gave them in that April 21st post. So with that in mind, here are five additional authors I'd like to meet...
When I joined Twitter, Rachel was possibly the first author to follow my feed and it was made even more fabulous because she tweeted some very encouraging words.

Jody is not only a talented historical author (something I've sadly only recently come to know), she's also a fabulous author to chat with. Thanks to INSPYs and having the pleasure of being on her YA launch team, I can attest to this.

Jenny's fabulous sense of humor from her writing carries over into her social media chatter. She's insanely fun to follow - and chat with.

I love Dani's debut BH series and am so honored to have been a part of her influencer teams. She's a lovely author who is always kind and gracious.

The exact same can be said for Katherine. I've heard podcast interviews with her, had a chance to chat with her via email and of course, there are her books which speak for themselves.
That is my likely-not-complete list of authors. Between the April 21st post and today's, I do hope I made some progress in sharing some of my favorite authors whom I'd enjoy meeting. Really, it all comes down to appreciating what authors do. Writing their stories and being generous enough to share them with all of us. The #AppreciateAnAuthor hashtag was trending on Twitter a while back and I have to say, it was impossible to direct the tweet to any one author. I respect and appreciate so many of the authors whose books have blessed me as a reader.

Your turn. Which authors would you like to meet (if you're like me and haven't met any of them!). Or if you have, share your stories - and of course those Top Ten Tuesday links.

Happy Tuesday lovely people.


  1. Jenny B Jones! How could I forget her? I adore her humor, so I can imagine she is a fun person to talk to.;)
    Katherine Reay is my #12. lol.
    The authors who take the time to reapond or follow back are amazing! It always makes my day to get a comment from an author.;)

    1. Indeed!? How could you. Just kidding. :) No, but seriously she is an author I love to follow. She's got a great sense of humor.

      Yay for Katherine Reay! She's a lovely lady and meeting her would be... well, amazing.

      I agree. Authors don't have to take notice of their readers (on social media), yet so many are kind and generous with their time. It makes for a fun experience. :)

  2. Rachel Hauck, Jenny B. Jones, and Katherine Reay are all favorites of mine and I love following them as well. Jody Hedlund and Dani Pettrey I've had some interactions with and they've been great. I think I'd also have to go with Gail Carriger and Jessica Day George because I have contacted them for read-alongs and had such great conversations with them. Kasie West is another favorite as is Sarah Eden and Julianne Donaldson (if you haven't read Kasie's or Julianne's books you are really missing out - Sarah's are really good too). I've also had good interactions with Lisa T. Bergren. I felt so comfortable with her. There are others of course too. Great topic this week!

    1. *High Five* Great list, Tressa. Those ladies are talented and craft such unique stories in their old genres. Isn't it fun to have some interactions with authors? I think when we approach authors, we're probably a bit "nervous" since it's a new experience, but they're all so personable and generous with their time.

      I am SO ready to read one (or all) of Kasie's books. This summer I need to make that a point - they seem like good, lighthearted summer reads. What a fun comment you shared, Tressa! I forgot Lisa (I knew I'd forget some wonderful authors), too! She is also a great person to chat with. Good to know about Gail. I'm curious about her novels; they sound so inventive! :)

  3. Nice list of authors. I love how you incorporated the April 21st list with this week's list. There's a lot of new authors on your list that I'm going to have to check out!

    1. Fun. Finding new stories and meeting the authors that come with that is always a wonderful experience. Hope you discover some new stories to enjoy, Andrea. :)

  4. I'd love to meet Rachel too!

    1. She's an awesome person and author. :)

  5. Good list Rissi!
    I would especially like to meet Jenny B. Jones.
    I think she would be very fun to talk too:)

    1. Jenny would be a blast to hang out with! She's hilarious on social media, so I'm sure in person she's just as fun and gracious. :) Thank you for visiting and the comment, Ella. Always glad to chat with you.


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