Top (Eight) Books I Will Probably Never Read

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

It's never easy talking about a novel that we didn't like. Firstly because as bloggers, as fellow writers and as readers, we know some small measure of how much work, effort, time, passion and care went into an author's book. I've had conversations with friends about having to get "rid of" books because they just don't suit, and have grown a lot in learning how to be able to review a novel that didn't work for my reading tastes. Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic seems an interesting one because for me, I choose books that I don't think will suit my reading habits. What I do know (particularly the classics!) is they are amazing novels, they would just be a lot of "work" for me, which takes the joy out of reading.
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Ten Books I Will Probably Never Read
#1. Jane Eyre, by Charlotte Bronte
I know. This one is a classic and you all are thinking I'm insane. (I am who I am in my reading habits. More importantly I know my reading likes.) But I've seen a ton of film adaptations and for now, that's as much of the story as I feel a need to know. The movies (in their own rights) are beautiful.

#2. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare

I saw the film adaptation for this one and did enjoy it, but the books... it doesn't seem a "saga" I want to get started on. Plus I've heard Cassandra's other series is far better.

#3. Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens

Since I've been wanting to re-watch my favorite Dickens adaptations, I threw this book on here. I don't see myself easily getting through any Dickens novel because they are such complex, innovative and thought-provoking stories. I'm more of a visual person so the film adaptations are a smarter alternative to experiencing Dickens works in all their richness. That being said, perhaps one day I'll brave an attempt.

#4. Beautiful Creatures, by Kami Garcia
Saw the movie and while I did enjoy it more than anticipated, I just don't see myself picking this one up. I had bought a copy prior to the film being on DVD and never read it, which basically tells me all I need to know.
#5. Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion
If you guessed I added this one to the list because I'd seen the movie, you're right. (Yep, I purposely went with a theme here.) I adored the quirky-ness of the film and the cast's chemistry, but the book? Nope, I don't see myself reading it.
#6. The Host, by Stephanie Meyer
This one is perhaps unfairly added to this list since I did start the book (and was liking it), but then I saw the movie, found out how everything went down and never looked back.

#7. War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy
Why did I add this? Well, because I recently saw the English dubbed version of the newest adaptation and loved it. This totally surprised me. Reading the book is out of the question, but the adaptation really captured what I would guess is the "idea" of the book while creating a beautiful costume drama. Now I'm more excited than ever that a new BBC adaptation is in the works with Lily Collins.
#8. Call the Midwife, by Jennifer Worth
I've bought these as gifts for my aunt, but the TV show is more than enough for me.
What about you? Which books would make your "not likely" reading list? Or as was the case for me: books-I've-seen-as-movies-and-now-refuse-to-read list? Share any and all of your bookish thoughts down below... if you please. Oh, and feel free to tell me I'm crazy to dismiss some of these. If you must.


  1. Hey I'm not going to judge that you don't want to read War and Peace, Great Expectations or Jane Eyre. I've read and don't like anything by Mark Twain and people are like are you insane, no I just don't like them. They are not my cup of tea, :)

    I've read City of Bones and Beautiful Creatures a long time ago like when they first came out I enjoyed them but have not seen the movies. I have recorded them many times and chicken out and deleted them.

    As for the Host I tried to read it but have never finished it, guess I was just done with Meyers after all the Twilight books.

    Great list of never reads, I have tons of books I've never read, don't plan to read or will never finish!

    1. Right on, Shannon! I agree. We are who we are with our book tastes and that's awesome. I don't think there is anything wrong with not caring for the classics. I know they hold wonderful stories, but I also don't want reading to feel like "work." I don't think I've read anything by Mark Twain, but don't love his movie adaptations, so...

      I've heard Cassandra's Infernal Devices series is better, so maybe I'd try those? As for the films of 'City of Bones' and Beautiful Creatures, I liked both better than anticipated. Fans of the books didn't love (in general) the former, but I will admit to being excited about the upcoming ABC Family TV show, Shadowhunters! Sounds good.

      Yeah, I started The Host and couldn't get it finished.

      Right there with you. There are lots of books I'm *never* read (I know we're not supposed to say that...), but hey, there's nothing wrong with that. :D

  2. The Mortal Instruments series was a hot mess. I credit it for pushing me away from YA/paranormal and into more Christian fiction.

    1. YES! I feel good about dismissing that series then. ;) I hear Cassandra's other series is much better. But we'll see if ever I get to that.

  3. Jane Eyre is one of my favorites. I haven't read any of the others either haha

    I wanna see Great Expectations with Jeremy Irvine!!! LOVE him.

    1. I'm glad, Raquel! I've seen so many movie adaptation that I feel quite pleased with the story "as is." :)

      Jeremy's version of Great Expectations is a friend's favorite. I liked it as well as BBC's more recent, and am now reading to watch BOTH again.

  4. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite books, but I can't fault you for any of the others. :) I can't really think of any specific books that I wouldn't read. Except for a number of YA series and stand-alones, or some of those massive fantasy books that are so popular on BookTube right now...

    1. That's awesome, Kristin! I'm glad you like Jane Eyre so well. That's one I shouldn't say I'll *never* read, but right now, I have no interest. I've probably heard but what's your favorite adaptation for Jane Eyre?

      There are a ton of YA titles that are popular I want to read. But sometimes that can affect our opinions too. I think for the most part, I read just to have fun and be transported into a fun world for a bit, so I'm pretty "easy" when it comes to my reading likes. :)

    2. I hope you'll read it at some point. :) I think it's a very readable classic...easier to read than Austen's novels, in a lot of ways. I love getting to get inside Jane's head so much (it's a very introspective book), which is something you don't get to see as much with the adaptations.

      My favorite adaptation is definitely the mini-series with Ruth's perfect! I liked the film version a lot when I first saw it, but the more I watch it the less I like it because the mini-series is just so good. (The only advantage the film has for me is the gorgeous soundtrack, though the cinematography is pretty nice, too.) Actually, seeing Toby Stephens in the BBC Robin Hood lately has made me want to rewatch the mini-series soon. :)

    3. Perhaps I will. It might help if I find a super pretty edition with a pretty cover. Always a great motivation source. ;) Hopefully Jane Eyre is one classic that was treated to a pretty edition.

      The Wilson Adaptation is the one adaptation I have not seen (of the more recent anyway). :) I've seen the 80's miniseries (Timothy Dalton), the '96 and '97 versions as well as the more recent big-screen adaptation (2011 - ?). I've heard time and again Ruth Wilson's is spectacular though, so I'll have to get my hands on a copy. I'll either rent it or buy a copy since I own the others. Thanks for sharing! It's always fun to know what fans of a book think of the adaptations. :)

  5. I HATED Jane Eyre. Mortal Instruments are ones I doubt I'd ever get to. The Host made my list too.

    1. Really? I love the film, but the book... I'm pretty much in your mindset. I just don't see making myself try to read it. :)

      Yay for similar thoughts on these YA titles!

  6. Great list! I would love to read more Dickens, but can't imagine having the time and energy for some of his stories, like Great Expectations.
    Jane Eyre is good, but I like Shirley better.
    I need to see Warm Bodies....

    1. Right!? Dickens books "tire" me just to think about them let alone pick one up at B&N. That being said I do adore the BBC movies adapted from his novels. Makes me curious... but not that ambitious. ;)

      Aw, Warm Bodies is REALLY cute. Hope if you see it, you enjoy. :)

  7. Okay. I'm trying to have an open mind here... ;) I've read Jane Eyre multiple times and the book is so much better than all the movies, but I do know what you mean. And DICKENS!!! He's one of my all-time-favorite classical authors. My favorite of his is David Copperfield. Made me cry and laugh and sigh... I feel like when I read his books that my language and mind improves. But, his books aren't light and I know what you mean about them being complex since they are and full of depth, but also very very good. I have found them to be extremely visual though (just have to throw this in here). I mean the voices and the settings and who the characters are... So much fuller than most books published today. Hopefully one day you'll read one, but I do like the films myself. The rest... Yeah. I don't know that you're missing anything there although I have read several of them.

    1. I know, I know, I'm crazy for giving up on these. ;) But that being said, Kristin (above) is convincing me perhaps I *should* give Jane Eyre a shot. Now all I need is to find a pretty cover art (to tempt me to read it of course) and go from there. ;)

      Yay! I'm so glad you like Dickens. You know, I did forget that one year (during the Winter), I rented the audiobook version of David Copperfield and really enjoyed it. Perhaps someday I will attempt one of his - and I like what you say about improving your mind. I've no doubt that IS true. Especially where these books are concerned. :)


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