TRON: Legacy (2010)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Seeing this sequel film was a total random happening. I was browsing iTunes one day trying to find some newbie movies to watch. Being a Disney film, I figured this was a good bet. The story revolves around 27-year-old Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund). Reckless and living a life secluded from his father’s legacy, Sam’s father mysteriously disappeared when he was a young kid and hasn’t been heard of since. But that hasn’t stopped Sam from sabotaging the attempts to change his father’s vision made by the board members now controlling his father’s company. Then one night, a signal comes from an old warehouse owned by his father. Once there, Sam is catapulted into a world his father’s bed time stories were made of. In this world, a battle for survival is set in motion. There Sam is reunited with his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) and teams up with Quorra (Olivia Wilde), the only hope he might have of escaping the world.  

This film follows the “original” TRON film starring Jeff Bridges and seems to set up a decent story as a follow up to one of Disney’s 80’s era film. I never saw the original however while watching this I was entertained by the story it invented and thought the cast did a nice job adding some layers to an otherwise “robotic” world. From a cinematic perspective, the world is fascinating! I loved the creativeness that went into the making of the computer-program world. The sheer ingenuity that had to go into the thought process is impressive and though it’s a “dark” place, I liked the contrasts and “sleek” designs. The costumes (which supposedly had a very short life-span – i.e. the lit-up trim) and disks (used as a means of defense) to the computer CGI used to give Bridges a younger appearance, the entire film’s effects are splendid albeit obviously computerized. Everything is certainly computer-inspired and for this story (which is driven by technological jargon), it works. It “feels” like we’re living inside some sort of computer program, which is the goal. 
The cast is fabulous, though I really haven’t seen Hedlund (he does star in the upcoming Pan, which looks amazing) in much of anything. Bridges is the veteran talent (along with returning original cast member Bruce Boxleitner) and proves it, and then there is Olivia. I loved how she played Quorra. Her curious wonderment about the world outside of her confining one is sweet and fun to watch. Plus, though very understated the ending ties into that and is really cute. Most films like this are enjoyed merely for the special effects or because the cast makes us gush. This film actually has some poignant, profound kind of moments that aren’t to be missed. Even though it can be hard to justify this world with that of a serious, sacrificial event, Kevin’s sacrifices for his son shouldn’t be brushed aside or thought of any less than it is. It mirrors the best, truest kind of love and what it means to put that into motion. It’s not difficult to see it coming while we’re watching the film, but still it’s an important event and one that means something.   

Basically this film can be summed up as a Huger Games-esque story only it’s set in a virtual world. There is a literal fight for survival with the eyes of an entire arena watching, and a tyrannical villain looking on. There’s not much of a romantic spark, but this is a PG-rated Disney film. If you liked this one or films similar, there’s a sequel in-the-works arriving sometime in the next couple of years. I was glad I rented this one however I wasn’t completely thrilled with the movie for no other reason than it just wasn’t a favorite. It’s impressive and keeps things moving (faster than I anticipated), but somehow on that same token, the film ran overlong. If you like futuristic films or were a fan of the original, I suspect you’ll enjoy this. It has defined, interesting concepts. It’s just not a film I’ll watch over and over again.

Have you seen this one? Did you like it? State your opinion in the comments below.


  1. I'd forgotten about this movie until I saw your review on Pinterest the other day! I haven't seen it, but hopefully someday I will. It sounds like fun for a couple hours mindless entertainment. :)

    1. That's just what it is, Kara! Hope if/when you do watch it, you enjoy. :) :) :)


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