A Country Wedding (2015) - A Texas Second Chance

Saturday, June 27, 2015

With their race to the alter for a June wedding extravaganza, Hallmark’s third and final original movie airs tonight. Though I didn’t have a chance to see the other two movies (in this promotion), this one is pretty darn cute. Oh yeah, and this love story will appeal to any of you who cannot resist a cowboy of a hero. 

This story is all about Bradley Suttons (Jesse Metcalfe). Since Bradley’s debut album, there's been nothing like it causing such a buzz in the country music scene. He's making headlines again of a different variety with the news he’s about to marry his Hollywood girlfriend Catherine (Laura Menell). But first, Bradley has one thing to do. He has to see his first “wife”again. 

This sends him home to Texas again, where memories await him. Once there, he encounters his childhood friend, Sarah (Autumn Reeser). Sarah was once a 13-year-old girl in braids whom he “married.” Now she's become comfortable in her surroundings and despite Bradley’s wonderment that she stayed, she loves calling her family house, “home.” When being home stirs up memories for Bradley, he begins to believe there’s no more perfect place than on Sarah’s farm for his wedding location. But first, he’ll have to convince his high-strung bride of the location.

Another “season” (wedding) means another legitimate reason for Hallmark to roll out a series of new originals. I’m certainly glad they took advantage of this. This film puts a familiar face in the role of leading lady (Autumn Reeser), and gives us a story that is all small-town charm. Though familiar, I enjoyed the story and would definitely buy a copy should it ever arrive to DVD. 

The film’s message is to be admired. It's about reconnecting with your past, which is finding that place where happiness is more than a feeling; rather to remember what it feels like to truly come back to the place you experience happiness for more than a fleeting moment of fame. Bradley’s past makes it tough to surrender his protective (emotional) shields, and that means his journey is all the more poignant to watch. True, contained in these 90 minutes is a story ripe with tradition and a sweet script, but it does dig a little deeper and that is always worth a whole lot of fabulous. 

Two of my favorite things about the film is the wedding dress shopping trip (of course!) and Autumn’s performance. She does a fantastic job with Sarah and her acting is wonderful. Then there is Jesse’s debut in a role that requires singing. Yes, that’s right he sings the three songs exclusive to this film. And let me tell you, his voice is quite good. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this actor in something; he stars in TNT’s Dallas and also the cute romcom The Other End of the LineRegardless Jesse is really perfect for the role. 

Basically, if you tune into this, you'll see plenty of cute romantics between our leading couple. Fans of the cast or Hallmark films should make a date with this original movie. It sparkles with old-fashioned charisma and doesn’t mind showing us a good time to boot. Make sure to save the date for A Country Wedding. If you do, you'll find characters with values, a wholesome story and be swept up in a romance that begins with childhood sweethearts saying "I Do" in the haven of a barn.

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Tell me, are you planning on watching A Country Wedding? Or have you seen either of the other two June Wedding movies? Share your favorite...

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  1. Hmm I love Jesse Metcalfe (he's a cutie!) so I might have to convince my sisters to watch this one with me. Plus he sings too?! ;) Thanks for the fantastic review, Rissi! :)

    1. He DOES sing, Bekah! And quite well I might add - who wouldn't like him in that cowboy hat!? :)

      Thank you - as always for reading and commenting, happy convincing! :)


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