Little Letters, Edition 16

Friday, June 19, 2015

Dear Arrow,
Remind me again why I waited so long to watch season two?
Ps; #Olicity is only getting cuter.
Dear Astronaut's Wives Club,
You look like vintage, soap opera fun.
Dear Covert Affairs,  

Season five may have been your last mission, but it was quite possibly your best yet.
Only problem is, how could you end on such uncertainty?  

Dear Dad,  

Thanks for being the best. Happy Father’s Day.

Dear Drew,

Have I mentioned how excited I am to return to your world? #WeHeartDrew 

Dear Hardcover Books (with Pretty Printed Covers),  

You. Are. Gorgeous. Why don’t publishers style you like this all the time?

Dear Midi Rings,  

I like you. A lot. Never go out of style. 
Dear Morning Glory's,
You may be beautiful, but right now, you're annoying.
You know what you do.

Dear Pink Dress and Shiny Pumps,  

I really, really like you. I think I’ll keep you. 

Dear Poldark, 

Welcome to America! We’re glad to have you and are happy you are an “old-fashioned,” sweeping, epic and swoon-worthy kind of show. 
Dear Rachelle Rea,
Congrats on your debut, my friend. It truly is beautiful.

Dear Rain,

You may leave. Anytime. Pretty sure good portions of the States are ready for this to be so. 

Dear Rhubarb Bars,  

You were yummy. Thanks for being a tasty alternative to the normal rhubarb recipes! 

Dear To-Be-Read Stack,  

It wouldn’t be a “little letters” post if I didn’t acknowledge you. Slowly I am getting you read. Note to you: I’m so going to win.  

Dear Weekend,  

Welcome. We’re so happy you’re here. You could stay around a little while longer.
Dear Readers,
Happy Friday. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful, restful and fun weekend.
Thank you, as always, for reading.


  1. Great photo! And send the rain to California, we never have enough ;)

    1. I will gladly send you all the rain, Heidi. We go MORE today and are forecasted to have it again Wednesday/Thursday. *sigh* It's time it packed its bags. ;)

  2. Astronaut's Wives Club looks SO cute! Oh my gosh! Is the premiere tonight? I'd love to watch it on Hulu eventually . . . summertime is always so "sad" with my favorite shows on hiatus!

    As always, I love this edition of Little Letters and will hopefully be joining soon :)

    Dance A Real
    walking in the air.

    1. It does, right!? And it premiered Thursday night if I'm not mistaken. I watched it on Friday and loved it. It was exactly what I thought, but at the same time, I think its setting up more interesting stuff to come. Hope if/when you see it, you enjoy, Hannah.

      ...and yay! I'll look forward to your post if you join in. :)

  3. This is so cute! I am hoping the weekend can stick around a little longer too!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

    1. Right!? Pretty please, weekend!? I mean I know it's gone for now, but we could always petition for the coming weekend, right!!? ;)

  4. I love midi rings, too!
    Poldark was soooo good, my only issue with it is I have to wait a whole week for the next... and I've gotten really used to binge-watching, hehe!

    1. They're a really "hot," trendy thing right now and I love it! :)

      I'm glad to hear from someone else who enjoyed Poldark! I hope you continue to enjoy; I've got one or two episodes left and really do need to finish it. Hopefully this week. I'll have to check in with you again and see if you're still enjoying, Lizzie. :)

  5. So with you on midi rings.

    1. They're just awesome. :)

  6. I would be a much bigger fan of the hardback editions if they were only cheaper! *sigh* My poor pocketbook. (But yes, so many awesome covers these days! :)

    Uh-oh, morning glory's, better watch out! I think Rissi's coming for you.

    I'm commenting many weekends after you posted this, but yay for weekends anyway! I love my Saturday's and Sunday's. Only problem is they go way too fast.

    1. In general, I think I almost prefer paperbacks (for reading), but I do love it when hardbacks have printed covers - they are beautiful! In fact, I meant to post a picture of the two I got recently and never have.

      My morning glory's are driving me insane. I guess because we've planted them in the same spot for so many years, they've decided to return year after year. Totally fine if it weren't for the insane number of plants that come up! Ugh. And they keep multiplying even after I thin them out...!

      Weekends rock. Why they don't stick around longer (especially as our weeks sometimes drag) is a mystery. Still, I'm thankful we have them. :)

  7. I read this last week and forgot to comment! *facepalm* I LOVE your 'Little Letters' posts--seriously too fun!!

    YAY for the #Olicity shoutout! They are simply THE BEST. And you finished Covert?! I still haven’t finished the last couple episodes because HOW can it be over?! Haha. ;D LOL at your morning glory’s letter—love em but they certainly have interesting side effects. ;) Rhubarb bars sound super super yummy!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!! :)

    1. Thanks, Bekah - and no worries! You're always welcome to comment whenver, but I totally understand "life." :)

      Watching S2 now (I know, way behind) and these #Olicity feels are getting out of control. So many feelings. Covert Affairs last season MAY be its best yet. I am conflicted about how Annie and Auggie's relationship went (just in terms of them being together the season before then breaking up before the season was over, etc.) but other than that, I think I was happy with the season.

      Morning glory's are beautiful, but annoying too! Ugh. What is wrong with them!?

      The rhubarb recipes I've tried this year have been amazing! I have another bag cut up in the refrigerator, so clearly, I need to pick something else. ;)

      Thank you! You too, Bekah; hope your Monday was great!


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