Month in Review: June 2015

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Hello, readers. Feels as if it was just yesterday that found me working up a "month in review." We've reached that day on the calendar. Here we have month six's "review," "rewind" or what have you, a compiling of... stuff. Basically it's a monthly post I throw together that recaps some of the blog's content and various other random things - for example, things I've found on the interwebs or me babbling about my latest TV obsession and the books I've read. We're marking the seventh-month date of this new year (what!?). Without further ado, let's get this month in review started.
1.) The Astronauts Wives Club: This advertised so much leading up to its premiere (June 18th), I figured maybe it wouldn't be something I'd particularly like. Fortunately, I was oh-so-wrong. Turns out I loved this premiere and am unsure why I've not yet watched the second episode. I mean, it's downloaded on my iTunes account and everything. Must remedy that this week.

2.) Catching up with Family: It's always fun to see family, and when my cousin and I finally were able to meet to catch up this past weekend, we pretty much talked about everything from what's new with our families to movies. Always fun times.

3.) Hilary Duff's Breathe In, Breathe Out: Picked this up the week it came out and I'm really enjoying it. It's just nice to have some new music from Hilary, especially since I kind of "grew up" watching her tween rom-coms.

4.) Pitch Perfect 2: My mom took me to see this (she's the best - and thanks, mom!) and as usual, I loved it. Sure, it's not the "best" movie if you're looking for clean humor, but still... I love the characters and stories.

5.) Surprise Book Mail: Getting book mail I didn't expect? Brilliant! (Jennifer E. Smith's new book and Young Widows Club.)

6.) Twitter Conversations: It's always fun to have Twitter conversations with friends and let me tell you, Amber, Courtney, Kara and I get into quite a few of them. What can I say, they're #BookBesties.
...Blog Favorites... 

blog posts that were some of my favorite to write or put together.

1.) Jupiter Ascending: Once in a while, watching a silly, over-the-top film is necessary. This one might be a bit too "out there" to be taken any kind of serious, but I had FUN watching it.

2.) Mr. Selfridge, Season Three: Basically, I just love talking about period drama.

3.) The Sound of Diamonds by Rachelle Rea:  This debut is beautiful. If you've not read the book, please do.

4.) Top (Nine) Books on my Summer Reading List: Always fun to put these TTT topics together.

...Most Popular Posts...

June 2015 (Month)

1.) Minions Just Wanna' Have Fun!*
2.) Top Ten Anticipated Releases of 2015
3.) Cover Candy, Edition 26
4.) Death Comes to Pemberley (Miniseries Review)
5.) A Broken Kind of Beautiful by Katie Ganshert

The week of June 23rd - 30th

1.) Minions Just Wanna' Have Fun!
2.) Cover Candy, Edition 27
3.) When Calls the Heart, Season Two Episode Seven
4.) Married 'til Monday by Denise Hunter
5.) A Country Wedding (2015)

...Books I Read This Month...
 ...Around the Interwebs...

INSPYs 2015: In case you missed it, the 2015 INSPY Award winners were announced this past Sunday. Another year for this program has come and gone. Wow. Seems impossible.

Silver Petticoat: This past month I got to review ABC's summer show The Astronauts Wives Club (which I gushed about above). I'll try not to say too much more about it except that it is quite fun! Let me know if you've seen it and what you thought.

What else was I up to on Silver Petticoat? I spotlighted Jack and Elizabeth's romance from When Calls the Heart in the latest "Romantic Moment of the Week" article; shared Five Reasons you should be watching Call the Midwife and Seven Reasons Why Mr. Selfridge is a Must-See; finally I reviewed Tim Burton's film Big Eyes, ABC Family's Stitchers and the YA book, Snow Like Ashes.
That's the month in review here at Dreaming Under the Same Moon.

 Have any thoughts or favorite finds from the month? Share if you'd like.

Happy July, dear readers. Wishing you a terrific Independence Day weekend. *There isn't a single post that's going to de-throne the Minions from their "most popular" gig. Or so it would seem.


  1. I'm watching The Astronauts Wifes Club also. It's a slow paced show but good. However that one wife drives me insane if she doesn't show emotion soon I think she might crack. I love the wife you have pictured and Annie Glenn. They way he stood behind her and didn't care about his career, heart swoon moment! :)

    I have Young Widows Club, I can't wait to dive into it. Since it comes out in November and no reviews posted till a month before or later I guess it will be my first go to October/ late September book.

    I love surprise book mail it's so great. I got a couple of fun middle grade books and I'm laughing so hard while reading them right now.

    Have a wonderful and safe 4th

    1. forgot to add I wish I had their wardrobe all the adorable dresses! :) I love vintage 50's early 60's dresses. I even love some of the wild 60's minis.

    2. Aw, now I'm even more excited to catch up on "Wives," Shannon. You make it sound even sweeter than its pilot. I really like JoAnna's character too (or what I saw of her) and am excited to learn more about Annie - seems like she's got a lot of fun potential.

      The dresses in the show... you are right. They are fantastic. Gotta' love those styles. :)

      Good idea! I'm planning on reading it soon-ish and will just write my review in preparation for its release month. If I can, I like to get ahead. Surprise book mail is THE best. Always love it.

      Same to you. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Independence Day! :)

    3. That's a great idea I need to do that, read, write and schedule the reviews. I use to do that a long time ago.

      I'm getting the book from the library that the show The Astronaut Wives Club is based on. It should arrive today. Just in time for a holiday weekend.

    4. I used to be WAY better than I am now as well, Shannon. But the goal is to get back to that, hence I've not been requesting books like I used to. At least not until I get past my current review TBR and feel better about that reading.

      As for your holiday reading, what a fun read! I'll be anxious to hear what you think. :)

      Happy Independence Day, Shannon. Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love the look of Hello, I Love You! Must look for that one!

    1. Hello, I Love You is charming and good fun, Deb. Hope if/when you read it, you enjoy. :)

  3. June was gone in a blink for me. I'm hoping July will go a little slower and I'll get some great reading in. I like reading these. I had always planned on doing the same thing for my blog when I first started and then it turned into a year and then two years... Probably won't ever happen. You had a great month! Hope July is great too!! :)

    1. Hi, Tressa. Thanks for your feedback. Some months I think it's not worth putting these together, but then I always do. They're fun to do and it's interesting to me to have a look at what's popular/what's not, plus I added my books this time. I didn't think I'd read as many as I did... even though it was only five, for me, that's a lot. Wishing you a wonderful July and happy reading month. Like you, I'll hope July is slower (please, July!) and we both enjoy some terrific reads. :)


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