Morning, Tuesday readers! There's no surprise about the topic that is going to start this week's blog content. Yep, it's more Top Ten Tuesday stuff. (I promise, there are reviews - reviews for some really good stuff in my opinion, tags and hopefully other stuff coming.) Today's topic is the lead in for next week's summer reading list (is anyone else afraid to go back and look at their TTT spring TBR?) with the 2015 releases we're most excited for the rest of the year.

Broke and Bookish topic for June 9th
Top Ten Most Anticipated Releases For the Rest of 2015
(typically when we make this list in December/January each year it's pretty heavy for the first half of the year especially because we don't always have covers for books pubbed later at that point so let's talk about)

Obviously, these are not the only books I'm excited for, but below are ten I'm anticipating. Let's get started, shall we?

1.) To Get to You, by Joanne Bischof
You've heard me gush about this exciting release enough.
(Ps; just you know, go pre-order it. Mine is!)
In stores August 2015
2.) The Wedding Chapel, by Rachel Hauck
Looks beautiful. Sounds beautiful. Clearly a must-read.
In stores November 2015
3.) Falling Like Snowflakes, by Denise Hunter
This year, we get not one but two novels from Denise Hunter.
That's not too shabby.
In stores September 2015

4.) Diamonds are Forever, by Michelle Madow
Excited to see how Michelle's snazzy, drama-filled tale of three sisters and their discovery of a wealthy father plays out. It's been quite a fun trip thus far.
In stores November 2015
5.) Ice Like Fire, by Sara Rasch
Really enjoyed book one, Snow Like Ashes so naturally, I'm curious to see how book two pans out.
In stores October 2015
6.) The Bronte Plot, by Katherine Reay
This one should need no introduction or explanation. Seriously.
All you need to do is go read the synopsis, then hit that pre-order button.
In stores November 2015

7.) The Comeback Season, by Jennifer E. Smith
This one is a re-issue of an oldie Jennifer E. Smith novel.
Basically I want it because um, look at that cover!?
But, really, the real reason is the story. It sounds darling.
In stores October 2015
8.) Through Waters Deep, by Sarah Sundin
Last time I read a novel by Sarah, I was thoroughly enchanted.
I expect with her talent, there will be nothing less than that same sentiment
to enjoy in this novel, the first in her brand-new series.
In stores August 2015

9.) A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, by Beth Vogt
Destination? Check.
Cute cover? Check.
Cute story? Check.
Pretty much anything by Beth has become a must-read and how adorable does this book sound?
In stores June 2015
10.) Love in the Details, by Becky Wade
A novella by Becky is coming to help us deal with our book hangover from Becky's novel,
A Love Like Ours and keep us happy until Dru's story releases nearly a year from now (what!?).
Who else is excited about this?
In stores (on our Kindle) November 2015
That's another edition of Top Ten Tuesday.
As always, the comments are now yours. Do spill!
What books are you anticipating for the rest of the year?
Leave your Top Ten Tuesday links if you joined in the fun. I wanna' see.