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Friday, July 10, 2015

Today is one of those blogging days that a blogger cannot help but love. Why, you might ask? Because I was able to gush over a novel I sincerely liked. I didn't struggle writing the review (in the sense of trying to find a balance of what I did vs. didn't like - as always, I did find challenges in trying to articulate all the "feels" *smile*) and loved that feeling. As a book blogger, having a chance to feature a book that you found enjoyable is one of the greatest blogging pleasures there is. Today is one of those days. This is why, I'm offering a Kindle copy to one of my readers for the novella collection, Just One Summer.

But, as usual, before we get to the awesome details of the book, let's talk about those boring rules.

The giveaway(s) is open to all readers. I do ask that anyone who leaves a comment under "anonymous," please leave the same name you enter into the widget in your comment - it's not easy to try and match comments when there is no name and in fairness to everyone else, I want to be able to be sure everyone who used the Rafflecopter correctly has a fair chance at winning against those who abuse it - there have been a few people I could not verify. So please, I don't mean to overwhelm, but just keep this in mind when entering future giveaways. I'd sure appreciate it! Winner(s) will have 48 hours to respond to the email notification before another winner is randomly chosen.

To be entered in the giveaway, just enter as much or as little as you like into the Rafflecopter widget.

Just One Summer Synopsis: Four Best Friends. Four Love Stories. Just One Summer.

Four college girls, best friends since childhood, have found one constant in their ever-changing lives--summer. Every June the girls choose a destination to reconnect, only this summer is different. This year, each one must face life's challenges on her own, overcome fear and failure, and learn the beauty of falling in love for the first time.

A Summer Remade by Nicole Deese
Joss Sanders needs an escape, a reminder of a sweeter, simpler, and steadier time. Only her family's cabin isn't exactly how she remembered it as a child, and neither is the charming boy who lives next door. Change is everywhere. If Joss doesn't stop living in the past, she just might miss the promise in her future.

Waves of Summer by Tammy L. Gray
Sydney Andrews wants nothing more than to get away from a controlling ex-boyfriend, find some clarity and enjoy a drama-free vacation. But nothing in Sydney's life is ever that easy. Especially when the sexy bartender she meets at her mother's wedding wants more than just her friendship. He wants the girl she's forgotten how to be.

A Painted Summer by Amy Matayo
Darby Sparks has lived a very sheltered life. A homeschool graduate, a small town resident, and the only child of two over-protective parents. But she's had enough. She wants to see the world and chase her dreams, and that's just what she does...until she runs out of money. With limited options, Darby finds herself working for dangerously hot Lennon Dixon, the owner of a downtown Los Angeles tattoo parlor. To call the job unfamiliar is the world's biggest understatement. And to call her attraction to Lennon unexpected is a very close second.

Wild Heart Summer by Jenny B. Jones
Twenty-one year old Avery Crawford has had to fight for everything in her life, and this summer is no exception. When her culinary internship in a chic restaurant falls through at the last minute, she gets an unexpected offer to work on a dude ranch in the quaint town of Sugar Creek. While Avery's up to her apron in cattle drives, trail rides, and kitchen duty, the cute ranch manager Owen Jackson is determined to sweep her off her feet. Just as Avery finds herself unable to resist Owen's Southern charm, her own family secrets begin to unravel, pushing her away from the ranch--and the love of one handsome cowboy.
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Good luck, everyone! The giveaway runs from now - July 16th.


  1. I'm currently reading a non-fiction book about worrying less. Hopefully it helps me calm down!

    I don't normally read novellas because they just aren't long enough for me but if it is four put together to make a book then it isn't so sad when one ends :)

    1. We all need some help in "worrying less," Denise. Or I know I do. Though I do think as I've gotten older I have - thank, goodness - grow out of that stage to some degree. Hope you find the book helpful.

      ...as for novellas, I'm much the same as you. Though I have read two or three in the past year - plus this one, that I've *really* enjoyed. There's so much new talent out there and they're giving us amazing stories. :)

      Good luck.

  2. I'm currently obsessed with novellas! I love the quick fix they provide. I find myself reading one or two in between longer books now. They are not as memorable as a full-length novel, but I've discovered some authors in novella collections and looked at the other books they've published.

    1. I love that novellas can introduce a series or a reader to a new author, but to be honest, if they're standalones, I often find them too short to be a believable story. I had no problem with these four stories though. They were charming without fault (in my book). Hope if/when you read this one, you enjoy, Heidi! And good luck. :)

  3. I'm not usually a big fan of nocellas, since they can lack story development. But, this one has JENNY B. JONES! So, it must be awesome.;)

    1. You are SO right, Amanda. Anything with Jenny's name has no choice but to be awesome. Because, it's Jenny! :)

    2. I love Jenny B. Jones as well, but I just discovered Tammy L. Gray and she's awesome as well. :-)

    3. Jenny's books never cease to bring a smile to my face. I'm so pleased to know you like Tammy's books as well, Claire. Makes me excited to read MORE by all four of these authors. :)

  4. I haven't read a ton of "new adult" books but Amy Matayo's novella caught my eye because of the home-schooled graduate protagonist. I've never really been satisfying with the most of the home-schooled characters I've encountered in fiction (Christian/Inspirational or general market).

    Zekkaina on rafflecopter

    1. I don't think I have either, Zekkaina. It seems like authors all too often paint homeschool kids as being "held back" because of their education. I don't believe in that, so it's nice when we can find a character who goes against the grain. Best of luck! :)

    2. *satisfied (can I blame my mobile device?) :P

      Yeah, "held back" socially or academically ... I don't deny that's possible, but not for the majority of home-schoolers I know. Definitely going to pick up a copy. :)

    3. *Absolutely. (Didn't even notice.) I do that all the time

      Sure, it is. But I think it's kind of used as a stereotype, sometimes. Which I suppose everything is at some point. Either way, this collection was amazing - and I sure hope you like it!

  5. I just discovered Tammy L. Gray. I'm reading Mercy's Fight right now and loving it!

    1. Awesome! Discovering new books is always an amazing thing! Happy reading, Claire - and best of luck. :)


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