Real Murders, an Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2015)

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries series’ continue with another addition to their book-to-movie adaptations of Aurora Teagarden’s sleuthing. Murder hits close to home for Aurora (Candace Cameron Bure) when one of her murder club member’s wives is found murdered in her own home. The police begin an investigation, but somehow, Ro just cannot leave them be to do their job. No, she has to put her own amateur skills to use. The odd thing is the murder mirrors the cold case the group was going to be discussing that night. This can mean only one thing: the murderer has to be one of the people in her club. But who?

Could it be their newest arrival, the best-selling author – who also happens to be Aurora’s favorite novelist, Robin Daniels (Robin Dunne)? After all, he walked through their doors the same night as the murder. With the help of her best friend (Lexa Doig) and mother (Marilu Henner), Aurora begins to put the pieces together... just in time to unmask a murderer.  

Though the first movie in this series wasn’t my absolute favorite in Hallmark’s line of mystery originals, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The minor tweaks the production team placed into the script made a difference, and everything seemed melded just as it should. I’ve never read the books, and as such, am unaware what they are like. The “cozy mystery” feel in cinematic format, and fun elements Aurora employs in solving her cases make for a fun 90-minute telefilm. Ensuring potential viewers a fun way to end their weekend. Especially to those of us who’ve seen the premiere film.

Speaking of that first film, if you liked the entire cast, one face is absent. The minister, Ro began dating is not back for round two. Instead there is a new leading man she sparks with and we see a bit of a “tease” in their potential relationship. Whether or not, he’ll stick around for any potential future installments is another matter entirely, but I will confess, I’m rooting for it. The interplay that plays out naturally between him and Candace is really terrific – plus they get a few “flirty” bits of banter. Rare though it is. The relationship between Ro and her mother is as typical (and occasionally complicated) as ever, as is the relationship she has with her bestie – and I cannot close without mentioning the love-hate relationship she has with her ex’s wife. It's one of the most hilarious elements this series possesses. Well done to the writer’s and actresses for perfecting that; it adds the perfect indulges of humor.

The mystery itself has some unique markers, keeping us guessing and wondering along with Ro, which among her group is the culprit. All in all, these mysteries are like a nostalgic game of Clue. We wonder, ponder and puzzle, taking Ro’s lead and hoping right along with her the culprit will be caught by days end.

Have you seen these recent Hallmark mysteries? Are you fans of the novels by Charlaine Harris? Sound off below.

Catch the premiere of Real Murders Sunday, July 26th on Hallmark Movie Channel. Until then, have a peek at the movie!


  1. AnonymousJuly 26, 2015

    Thanks for the great review. It's sounds good! :)

  2. Thank you for reading, Katie. This was indeed really cute. :)


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