Downton Abbey Season Six Promotional Poster + Images

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Just in case, by some weird coincidence, you guys didn't know this, I am a total British drama nerd.

Getting more specific, one of my favorites is Downton Abbey. I adore the show and seeing all of the tweets paying tribute to the end of, what's been, a wonderful six season run (the show will end following the airing of its sixth season), I'll confess to feeling a bit nostalgic. Pile on top of that the reunion between actress Michelle Dockery and Dan Stevens (anyone who has been with the show since the beginning knows the fate of one character played by one of these actors) that's been all over Twitter (via People) and I've been all like, awww... the memories! But, now today the brand-new season six poster was unveiled and I'm all like... yes... this is perfection!

Because I am such a geek for this show, I *had* to share the fun here, on the blog... you know, in case you haven't seen it. Plus, there's a few photos from the upcoming season (it airs in the U.K. this fall and the U.S. beginning in January).

Have a look below.

...and finally...

What would you like to see happen or resolved in season six?
Share your Downton Abbey wish list - or fan-girl moments about these images, down below.


  1. Thanks for sharing these images! I had no idea that they had been released. Michelle Dockery is absolutely rocking the 20s look, she look stunning! :)

    1. Only yesterday, if I'm not mistaken, Lianne. But aren't they beautiful!? I love what you said about Mary; she IS indeed rocking the 20s sophistication. Good for her! :)

  2. I can't wait for the new season! It's even better because since the last season, I've managed to get my parents hooked on the show, too. My mom has been asking me when new episodes are coming. :)

    Though I should know better than to hope for such a thing: I want everything resolved neatly and happy endings for everyone, but especially poor Mr. Bates and Anna. I will be so disappointed if they don't get a happy ending! (Also, *SPOILER* I'll never forgive Mr. Fellowes if Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes don't end up actually married after last season.)

    1. Right there with you, Kristin! Bring on season six... I'm (mostly) ready for it. :) Yay! I love the you got your parents hooked too. That's so fun. My mom and I love watching this, and my dad? Eh, he doesn't really care one way or the other. ;)

      Same here. Giving everyone a happy ending - whatever it may mean for and to them, is a must. To me, it's almost "deserved" for both the viewer and character. If the characters (or those I care about *wink*) don't receive happiness in the end, I'll be one very disappointed fan. Bates and Anna deserve that most of all and as to your spoiler comment, DITTO! :) :) :)


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