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Monday, August 31, 2015

Hello, fellow Top Ten Tuesday participants, readers and friends. Today's topic was something quite different than the direction I chose to take. Why then am I associating my random-ness with Top Ten Tuesday? Well, my topic today IS about characters, which fits this week's topic plus I so enjoy the Top Ten Tuesday meme and from time to time, we all color outside the weekly subject lines... right!? (Says the girl hoping she's not the only one who does this.)

BLOG POST: Lovebirds of 2013 (TV Couples)

Recently, I've been revisiting past reviews and on occasion, editing and re-formatting them. Because of these on-a-whim trips down memory lane, I came across my blog post from way back in 2013 that spotlighted favorite TV couples. It reminded what great fun I had with that topic, so today I thought I'd do the same. Only this time, there are new, bookish couples to gush about. Putting this one together made me think I should "update" my TV couple list... and perhaps in the near future I will.

Today's official topic is characters we were unable to relate too (paraphrasing here). Thinking without giving much serious thought to it, no one answering to this description came to mind. I am sure there are plenty of characters I didn't much care for or relate to or click with, none immediately came to mind. Hence, the reason I'm being a rebel today - and might be again in a couple of weeks. *shrugs shoulders* What can I say? I'm still having fun... and hope you're okay reading the results of that.

The Broke and Bookish Official September 1st Topic
Ten Characters You Just Didn't Click With

These two were super darling together. Lucky for everyone, their story is in stores today!
Go and pick up a copy. (Review to come Tuesday.)

from Stephanie Perkin's Anna and the French Kiss

Love these two. 'Nuff said.

Ps; if anyone knows the origin of above fan art, let me know! It's darn cute, but I couldn't find its creator.

from Shannon Hale's Austenland
Like a few couples on my list, if we wish to be technical, I only "know" these two from the entertaining film adaptation. But since they were created thanks to Shannon's fabulous imagination, I'm including them (plus I really do intend to read the novel).
FILM REVIEW: Austenland (2013)

from Sarah Sundin's Through Waters Deep
Aw, one of my most favorite recent fictional couples. They're absolutely darling, and have such fabulous fun "on the town" pre WWII.

from Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies
Another movie only introduction, but again... these two! I'm all about the "aww" moments tonight.
FILM REVIEW: Warm Bodies (2013)
from Winston Graham's Ross Poldark
Another only "at the movies" meeting. These two are magical in the ITV miniseries, and I've been told the book is quite good. Another one I have every intention of reading.
TV REVIEW: Poldark (2015)

from Laura Frantz's The Mistress of Tall Acre
Laura is a skilled historical author, of that I have little doubt. But the romance in her latest novel (in stores today) is absolutely breathtaking. Read it.

(Review coming soon-ish.)

from Nicholas Sparks' The Longest Ride
In the book, I loved Sophia and Luke's story. In the film, the roles were reversed and I preferred Ira and Ruth's. But since we're trying to stick with couples who were first met in novel form, I chose the former love story to feature.
from Veronica Roth's Divergent

Love them in the film. Have as yet to attempt the books.

FILM REVIEW: Divergent (2014)

from Becky Wade's Meant to Be Mine
One of my MOST favorite rom-com couples ever.
That's a wrap! Let me know if you guys would like another "ship" feature, only this time it'd be a kind of "update" for the favorite TV couples. Only I couldn't promise a couple like Ross and Demelza wouldn't again show up, I do know there'd be some newbies on the list. I thought it'd be fun, but I also try and create content you'd all like to read.
...back to Top Ten Tuesday talk...
Which characters made your list of unlikable or a character you didn't "click" with? I'd love to chat with you about those characters and as always, if you joined in, leave your blog post links! Visiting YOUR posts and blogs is a favorite thing of mine. 
Happy Tuesday.


  1. I must pick up Austenland! I adored the movie and am a huge Jane Austen fan. Nice list!

    1. I adored the film as well, Alicia. It's darling and one of my all-time favorite chick flicks. Thanks so much for visiting. :)

  2. Awww... your ships were adorable. Love how lovely you make everything here and quite your own. I need to create my own graphics and personalize my blog but oh the time. As I look at my pocketwatch and fall beneath a tree. :)

    The list this week was hard and I had to really search around for characters it seemed, because I overlook faulty characters quickly in favor of ones that I really like anyway. My TTT is a mishmash for sure.

    1. Thanks, Beth; these authors DO create adorable ships, don't they!? :) Graphics are fun to create, but yes, are time-consuming. I was once way ahead, but now I'm not. It's my goal to get back to being 2-3 weeks done, but alas, I'm not there yet.

      I figured this week's topic would be tough. No characters came to the top of my head, so that's why I "bent the rules." But, this was fun. I'll for sure be by to check out your list. :)

  3. I haven't read many of these books, but I do ship Etienne and Anna! My TTT!

    1. Yay for Anna and Etienne! They're an ALWAYS favorite. :)

  4. I love your take on this week's list! I'm reading Mistress of Tall Acres right now and I agree. Seamus and Sophie are sweethearts.

    1. Sophie and Seamus ARE indeed sweethearts. I adore those two together. Thanks for visiting, Dawn. :) :) :)

  5. Great idea. I had a difficult time at first with thinking of characters I don't click with. I love couples :)

    My TTT:

    1. As do I! Soon as I did this, they'll probably be an official TTT with couples. Oh well. I'll just have a "part 2" in that instance. :)

      Thanks for visiting - off to read your meme. :)

  6. LOVE Ty & Celia!!! And Jane and Nobley. My fangirl heart is swooning over your whole list as a matter of fact :) My TTT

    1. Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed the list, Carrie. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Definitely going to be by to read your list. :)

  7. Completely second Julie & R and Ross & Demelza. You've also got me really excited to read Through Waters Deep and The Mistress of Tall Acre. While I love Sara Sundin, the only Laura Frantz book I've actually read cover to cover (multiple times!) is The Frontiersman's Daughter. If Seamus and Sophie are even half as amazing as Ian and Lael, then I will be very happy!

    Anyway, I also couldn't resist sharing just a few of my own beautiful ships:

    Lord Dominick (Bayard) & Alethea (Prelude for a Lord): Bonded by a deep passion for music and shared experiences with PSTD, I loved the intense connection that developed between these two.

    And speaking of PTSD....

    Jake Porter & Lyndie James (A Love Like Ours): Much as I love the banter and swoon-worthyness of Ty and Celia, I adore these two just a little bit more. The devotion, adoration, acceptance and rock-solid love which grew out of a childhood friendship, and written with such intensity and pathos, is incredible. Never get tired of reading this book.

    Bear McKinley & Raegan Walker: I know these two don't technically have their own book yet, but it's definitely the one I’m looking forward to the most. As soon as they were introduced in Three Little Words, I knew they needed to end up together, and From the Start just made me want this pairing even more. They are both as awesome and unique as each other; plus, they just have the best names!

    Piper McKenna & Landon Granger (Silenced): Nothing more to say really...other than that these two were just destined to be together; I LOVE stories that take the Emma/Mr. Knightley trope for their love story, and Dani Pettrey just did it so well!

    Beatrice & Benedick (Much Ado About Nothing): The ultimate warring couple!

    Serafina Trent & Dylan Tremaine (A Lady Trent Mystery): Ok, so I'd wager a bet not too many people have heard of this couple, but they are one of my favourites. Her serious, logical, scientific bent in contrast with his fanciful, romantic and spiritual one; they make the perfect pair!

    Cameron Hayes & Dr. Alex Rostov (Daughter's of Fortune Series): Judith Pella really created a winner with these two, pairing a feisty American woman journalist with a tortured Russian doctor during WW2. One of my earliest ships, the evolution of their love story and what they have to go through to be together, as well as how awesome they are individually, is a fantastic and gripping journey.

    Thanks for crafting yet another fun and interesting Top Tuesday post (and the visuals really are great)!

    God Bless,
    Eleanor Rose

    1. Julie and R are likely my big "surprise" like. I didn't anticipate enjoying the movie AT ALL. And I did. They're darling together, so of course, I *had* to add them. (Once you get past R killing her BF, and eating people's brains, theirs is really a wonderful story.) As for Sophie and Seamus, I hope you enjoy their story. I thought theirs was a magical romance. So good.

      Yay! More "ships" gushing. *Eagerly reads above comment*

      Of the ones you mention, I've met Lyndie and Jake. Those two *are* amazing together. How right you are. Like you, I also love Reagan's name, and am anticipating the day when Melissa will craft hers and Bear's story. It's actually kind of fun to follow a couple in the background of everyone else's story, which leads up to their full-length novel. Piper and Landon are one of my favorite McKenna couples as well. Those two were meant to be together from opening pages. (And like you, I adore the Emma/Knightley concept as well.)

      Your ships sound amazing! I'm particularly intrigued by the "Lady Trent" ship. That sounds like a must read. :)

      Thank you so much for commenting and being a reader, Eleanor. Always a pleasure to talk with you. :)

  8. I had so much fun putting this list of ships together, and there were so many I didn't mention; thanks for the opportunity to share the few that I did!!

    The couple which develops in the background of other people's stories is definitely a writing tactic I also really enjoy; one of the best most recent examples I can think of is Kayden and Jake.

    While I personally don't think the Lady Trent books are as well written as some of Gilbert Morris' other series, there is just something about the interactions and chemistry between Serafina and Dylan that captures my emotions. Oh, and I can't forget the little bonus romance with Serafina’s sister which is also quite sweet.

    I think a lot of what made the coupling between R and Julie so believable and cute came down to Nicholas Hoult's acting; it's a very talented person who can persuade you to have a crush on a zombie!

    Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to include this couple, but Rachel and Cole from the O'Malley Family series are also one of my favorites.

    God Bless
    Eleanor Rose

    1. I love that you took the time to share your favorites, Eleanor! I meant to have my "part 2" TV list up today, but well, life kept me too busy. Hopefully I'll finish my prep work for it in the next few days and can have it ready to publish next week. :)

      I agree. Kayden and Jake possibly had more "depth" because their story ran on throughout each novel leading up to theirs. Good to know about the Lady Trent books. I've read very few Gilbert Morris novels, and am sure none of them were related to those you're referring to. If ever I do pick up more of his, those could be intriguing.

      Ditto. I love what you said about R and Julie. Nicholas' acting is amazing, and yes, that's part of the reason theirs is a love story we can easily root for. I think his portrayal was so unique and I liked that he was a zombie who wished he wasn't! Kind of a Beauty and the Beast story with plenty of Romeo and Juliet going on.

      Aw, those O'Malley's are some of my all-time favorite couples and individuals. It's been years since I read the series though. My mom recently re-read them all, so perhaps someday, I should follow suit. :)

  9. Thanks for including Jim & Mary on your list! They were such a fun couple to write!

    1. My pleasure, Sarah. They were a wonderful couple to read about, so I'm glad you enjoyed writing about them. :)

  10. Oh this is too cute! I love the way you did your list today (I always love being a topic rebel myself, so your list makes me extra happy!) and your graphics are gorgeous! I absolutely agree with Julie and R! How sweet is that movie and book?! And Four and Tris of course! Very fun twist on the topic, and great choices- and I'd love to see more ships!!
    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Thanks, Shannon - and yay for fellow Top Ten Tuesday rebels! We must stick together. :)

      Julie and R?! I adore those two. Four and Tris? They've definitely got the romance going on. ;)

      Thanks for all the kind words! I was hoping to get my second "ship" post up today, but alas, life kept me busy. Ah, well. It'll keep 'til next week. :)


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