Blindspot: Episode 1, Pilot (2015)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Every new pilot season, I eagerly read up on all the new shows premiering on television and decide which sound most intriguing as it is those break from habit (DVD binge-watching all the way) and buy the pilot episode. This year, the list may be shorter, but there were still a few that I was interested in and excitedly awaited their entrance into the wonderful world of television. NBC’s latest taunt thriller, Blindspot, was one of them. Below I shall attempt to share my thoughts on the pilot with some semblance of order. 
Times Square is the point of origin for our story. It’s here that a duffle bag is spotted by authorities and it's there where a woman with no identity - a Jane Doe, emerges from the bag. Covered in tattoos, the police are baffled by the unexpected enigma; they are given their first clue with a tattoo on Jane Doe’s back. The name is that of FBI agent, Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton). Following his latest case in Kansas, Kurt is rushed to New York where he is immediately placed as lead agent in charge of the new case.
Jane (Jaimie Alexander) has no idea who she is, where she came from or what her purpose is. Her only clues are the tattoos that cover her body, and when one leads to a potential terrorist attack, the FBI realizes Jane has answers quit latterly written on her. The question is, who did this to her and why?  

I do believe it’s safe to say this is one of the best pilots I’ve seen in recent years. Last year Scorpion was my go-to newbie show of the season. This year, I’ve a feeling that title will fall to this. From the first seconds of the opening frames, this show intrigues like no other has (or not since NBC’s The Blacklist came along). NBC may be the one network that consistently struggles in putting out or finding successes, but let me tell you, if this is indicative of the quality they do run with when they find that one gem among hundreds, I’m game. Blindspot (the ratings were encouraging also) is quite brilliant at the start and will hopefully prove itself to be anything but fluke.  
I don’t intend to be a broken record or to borrow notions from other reviews I read, but at the risk of sounding cliché, I must agree about the chemistry in this show. I’d read about the leads’ chemistry and connection, and in my opinion, it is off the charts good. Their connection is unquestionable. Every touch, face-to-face or moment between them is really electric. They have a deeper chemistry than one might expect meaning the possibilities are endless. This is of course, dependent upon where the writer’s take them. Will they make it a classic kind of love story that builds? Or is it destined to turn into a tension fueled cliché?

(Please, please, let the answer be "no.") 

Reviewers have heralded this as the female Jason Bourne, and it’s not a stretch to believe in that. Jaimie (our favorite forgotten Marvel girl from Thor) and Sullivan are brilliant in their characterizations. Jane’s past is shaping up to be something very like Jason’s story though I wouldn’t mind if the writer’s took the same principle only made it into a unique story all their own. This certainly has that potential and I hope, with time, it becomes better (and better) instead of peaking early and falling in a steady decline to a point it cannot return from. If you like good mysteries or any big-budget action flick, this show is a keeper. I’ve got great hopes for it. One of which is wishing it won’t get bogged down in mediocre writing and pacing because if this is any indication, Blindspot has the potential to be amazingly brilliant.  

(Rated TV14: the camera barely avoids “graphic” nudity a time or two and does in fact show a woman’s tattooed body in far off shots on more than one occasion. There may be one or two minor profanities and some “tense” scenes involving hand-to-hand combat.)


  1. Omg I said the same thing, Rissi! I told my sister to watch it because it was one of the best pilots I've seen since The Blacklist! I am SO excited to see where this show goes. And yes, the chemistry was unreal!! Looking forward to more of your fantastic reviews, Rissi. :)

    1. *High Five* I'm definitely going to try and keep up with this one, Bekah. It's an amazing show and I'd love to see where else the story takes this. Hope you can convince your sister to watch it. :D I have S2 of The Blacklist to watch and like it, I was definitely hooked on Blindspot after ONE episode. Makes me happy to think future episodes might be just as amazing! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Out of all the new shows that have aired so far, Blindspot is the only one to have hooked me so much that I am literally hanging out all week for Tuesday to come around again so I can watch the next episode, and not a one of them has been a disappointment. The dynamic between the whole team is amazing to watch, but I agree, there is just something between Jane and Weller that is especially off the charts magnetic; I cannot wait for episode 9, when they go undercover as an assassin couple.

    I also definitely concur that the characterization work on this show so far has been brilliant; it's been really interesting watching the layers being pulled back on Zapata and Reade, and I am LOVING Patterson and David; geek couples are the best! I also have to admit to very much enjoying Dr. Borden whenever he decides to make an appearance.

    Another particularly cool element is that even their episode titles have hidden meanings! Can't wait to see what other twisty surprises they have in store for us next.

    God Bless
    Eleanor Rose

    1. (Apologies for the reply delay; I'm way behind with comments these days, but as always, I appreciate them.)_

      This comment = SO MUCH YES! :) I agree, Eleanor. Week to week each episode is amazing. Ohmygosh! Jane and Weller are going undercover!? I'm so going to like this as it'll likely bring up some things. I haven't watched last week's or this week's again, but I'm eagerly anticipating it once I can finally see them both.

      The characterization of this show is brilliant. I like how the writer's are telling everyone's stories and even that Patterson has such a prominent role. She's a really likeable and smart character, which I love. (And her boyfriend is geeky cute; here's hoping he pops in now and again.)

      Like you, I'm holding my breath for all that might come next because this show is THAT good (so far). I'm thrilled we're getting a second season too!

      Thanks for fangirling. :)


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