Hello, It's Me (2015)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ever since her days as Catherine Marshall’s plucky heroine, Christy Huddlston (in CBS’ short-lived Christy – a show that was not only a period drama, it was also one of the rare things on television my parents were okay with me watching), I’ve liked Kellie Martin as an actress. She’s since gone on to star in a hit medical drama and other TV projects, but her latest “home” seems to be Hallmark. Tonight’s premiere marks her latest role on the family-orientated network and is hopefully is a preview of more to come. 

Two years ago Annie (Martin) lost the love of her life. Andre died in a boating accident leaving Annie grieving in the wake of the tragedy. She gives up on her dream of opening a bakery and instead throws herself into devoting her time to her two kids Ella and Milo (Erin Pitt, Jack Fulton). After a chance encounter with a stranger, Annie finds herself pulled into the life of James (Kavan Smith), a wealthy businessman who, up until now, has lived out of a suitcase. James is intrigued by Annie and her children, he finds himself wanting to grow roots for possibly the first time in his life. Only he first has to convince Annie there is a future…

Like every one of the films that emerge from this network, Hello, It’s Me is one of a kind. It captures daily, family life and gives us a romance we wish to root for with an uphill battle. This kind of cinematic appeal cannot be captured in the average film you’d pull off of the rental shelf. Instead, those of you sitting down to watch this will experience something that’s heartwarming without wading through murky content and that alone is a delightful thing. This story has reflections of The Color of Rain (also a Hallmark production), but I think I enjoyed this one more so. Why I cannot put my finger on, but I know there is something about this film that somehow “worked” better.

Kellie Martin does a nice job in the lead role. It’s interesting to see her shift into playing a widow and single mother in comparison to the roles I’m most used to seeing her play. (Kavan is of course, a When Calls the Heart alum.) Annie and James’ love story is really cute and I liked her progression to healing from her sorrow and opening again to the possibility of new love. Much of the script takes the typical paths (Ella’s attitude, Annie and James highs and lows) and yet I didn’t mind one iota. There’s something comforting in the familiar and I thought this film was particularly high on that warm and fuzzy feeling good, wholesome entertainment brings. 

There is only one quibble I was a bit “iffy” on and that’s the subtle “touch of the supernatural.” This is one cue I didn’t feel was necessary to have made the movie. But it’s very small and is done in classy taste. If you’ve liked any of Hallmark’s programming, this one is for you. It’s the perfect “cozy movie” to settle in and watch to end your weekend. I know I loved it and will certainly hope to eventually see it on DVD.  

Hello, It’s Me premieres on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries tonight, Sunday the 27th! Don’t forget to tune in.


  1. I pretty much watch anything Kellie Martin is in, I'll probably see this one when it comes out somewhere. did you see 'Dear Viola'? she was in that too and it was kind of fun movie.

    anyway, have a lovely day.

    1. I agree, Lissa. Kellie is one of my favorite returning Hallmark actresses. She always has really fun flicks. And yes! I have seen Dear Viola. It was darling. :)

      Thanks so much for visiting, Lissa. I appreciate you stopping in.

  2. Like you, I've adored Kellie Martin since Christy. I'll probably check this one out. Thanks for the awesome review!! :)

    1. Hope you enjoy, Bekah. It's really sweet. Great story to be sure. :) :) :)


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